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Snowbirds Canadian Crash {Aug 2022} Check The Facts!

This is a report of the Snowbirds Canadian Crash when Snowbirds Aircraft crashed in a residential area due to bird ingestion in the engine. 

How far can the flight of civilian pride and upliftment fly? What constitutes as safe when faced with the challenge of tradition with evolving state of the art?

A Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds aircraft crashed shortly after take-off in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The loss of an accomplished person like Captain Jennifer Casey will continue to sting. The Snowbirds Canadian Crash had resulted in one casualty and one person being seriously injured. So, let’s read more about the crash.

Plane crash details:

On May 18, 2020, the CF-114 Tutor jet was used by the Snowbirds for ‘Operation Strike’ as a plan to raise the country’s spirits due to COVID-19. However, on take-off, a bird crashed into the engine, causing the pilot and the passenger to resort to ejection landing from the aircraft. Unfortunately, the passenger’s ejection craft failed to remove itself from the aircraft timely. 

A public official, Capt. Jennifer Casey, was reported to be deceased in the Snowbirds Canadian Crash. The pilot of the Snowbirds aircraft, Captain Richard MacDougall, observed some severe injuries. Video evidence showcase at least one aircraft to be ejecting before the whole CF-114 Tutor jet hit the ground in a suburban area near Glenview Avenue and Schreiner Street. 

The bird strike was not the only factor in the crash. The damage caused by the crash was insufficient to result in a catastrophic default. Instead, it resulted in a compressor stall that was never cleared. Continue reading to discover Canadian incident’s details.

A sad loss of intelligent life due to Snowbirds Canadian Crash:

Captain Jennifer Casey was a producer, anchor, and a broadcast radio reporter in Ontario, Belleville, Nova Scotia and , Halifax before she joined Canada’s Armed Forces in 2014 through a direct entry. Her peers remembered her positively as someone who motivated others to work harder and lifted their general mood. 

The future of Snowbird during emergencies:

The RCAF published a report soon, stating recommendations for future emergency ejection procedures. They suggest extensive training of the pilots, flying near residential areas, flight recorders that survive crashes, and an ejection system that needs to work in tandem with the 57-year-old CF-114 Tutor jet. 

However, a safer option is always available in the current state of the art. Snowbirds Canadian Crash shall serve as an experience to learn and improve from. Aviation experts say there is no fault in the current ejection system in the Snowbirds aircraft. 

Read RCAF’s statement here. You can check more information about the crash on the web. 


The unfortunate crashing of the aircraft suggests that there needs to be prudence treading with honour and the bedrock of safety is quite unpredictable when the technology variable is involved.  However, the Canadian spirit grieves this loss and celebrates the service she has done for the country. 

Do you have any more national heroes in mind that strike similar to the one in Snowbirds Canadian Crash? Tell us in the comment box below.  

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