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Solar Opposites Reddit (May) Check Out the Post!

Solar Opposites Reddit (May) Check Out the Post! >> This article is consists of about the plot of the show Solar opposite, What makes this Show different from others, Favourite Characters of the writers Justin and Mike, and How many episodes of series is Solar Opposite.

The solar opposite is an American cartoon show; the plot of the cartoon show is how the alien family crashed on earth after escaping from their planet. The Solar opposite is a series of eight episodes that will go on air from the 8th of May, 2020. The show is full of entertainment, and especially kids will enjoy the show as per the Solar Opposites Reddit team.

The plot of the Solar Opposites show

The plot is like there is a family of five-member name Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, Pupa, and mischief Jesse. These four characters land on earth in the middle of America, after an apocalypse on their planet name Shlorp. The family escaped from the havoc and crashed on earth in their spaceship.

After reaching the earth, the episode was fast-forwarded and took us after one year where they get settled on earth and started adjusting like normal humans. Still, suddenly things changed when Jesse and Yumyulack go to school, Jesse is a mischief character in the show, and she unintentionally does the crazy stuff and ends up with a mess.

So, the story continues, one classmate bullied Jesse, she then uses her Shlorpian power and shrinks the girl who bullies her and spills the soda over her brain. Korvo, on the other side, busy in his scientific approaches. He believes that they can make this world the same as their planet that is Shlorp.

The story takes curves when Jesse and Yumyulack utilize their power and use it at everyone who annoys them like their teacher and classmates. So, what happens when they turn the whole city in Shlorp? Do watch the episodes to know more.

What makes this show different from others?

After the success of Rick and Morty form the Hulu Originals, the writers Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan come up with the all-new story of Solar Opposite. As reported to the Solar Opposites Reddit team Justin and Mike were busy writing about the characters of the Solar Opposite. 

They were thinking of coming up with the new story, avoiding the same theme as we are experiencing from our childhood. Mike says that “they were writing the character of terry and korvo from the time of Rick and Morty. People will relate the characters with the Rick and Morty sci-fi universe. But it is a new concept of how the family escae and trying their effort to make the difference in this world.”

Favorite Characters of the writers Justin and Mike?

Mike says that Pupa is the character what he loves the most, Pupa is a mixed character of an adorable dog with the brain of supercomputer and a baby who never utters a word but express out loudly. Mike says that when I was writing about the character, I kept in mind that the figure should be mysterious but be adore y everyone.

Justin’s favorite character is Yumyulack; he says, “What he loves most about the character is its curiosity of enjoying the life of the young boys like a cool dude who can make girlfriends and do lots of cool stuff”. Justin says that it will be interesting to watch how Yumyulack got stuck between the young ages and adult age, and how he compared the life of Shlorpian is far good from human life.

How the serialization of the episode goes?

According to Mike, when they were working on the project rick and Morty, they knew that they would create a buzz so that it can be serialized. They never did it before, like in Solar opposite one of the mystery that will make everyone curious is that what Jesse will do with those shrink humans, which he keeps them in a bottle.

How many episodes of the series is Solar Opposite?

The show is a series of eight-episode where the seventh episode will be the turning point, and it will drag you to the eight-episode, which is the final part of the show, as reported by the Solar Opposites Reddit team.

The eight-episode which will go on air are:

  1. The Matter Transfer Array
  2. The Unstable Grey Hole
  3. The Quantum Ring
  4. The Booster Manifold
  5. The Lavatic Reactor
  6. The P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A. Device
  7. Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear
  8. Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer 

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