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Solia Kpop {Aug} Are You Interested To Know, Go Ahead!

This article provides all details about the fastest disbandment ever of a band called Solia Kpop.

Have you heard about the newly-formed K-pop band that is now known to be the band that disbanded the quickest in history? Do you want to know the reason behind their public disbandment? If yes, then look through this entire article to find out all about Solia Kpop.

This K-pop band quickly gained attention in the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesiahowever, fans were shocked to see what took place after a few days!

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What is Solia?

Solia stood for ‘Special Our Light Influence Artist’ and came under the popular label of Space music. They were also known as ‘ISOM’ and ‘About Me’ before their debut. The five members of this band were Soree, Soyeon, Suna, Eunbi, and Hayeon. Solia marked its debut on 17th August 2021 with their first Korean song called ‘Dream.’ However, it shocked everyone when they announced that Solia Kpop has officially disbanded just five days after their debut single came out!

What was the reason for their disbandment?

The company Space Music announced the official statement of Solia’s disbandment through an Instagram post conveying that the company can no longer head their team due to its circumstances, and the band had a long conversation with the company but has eventually been disbanded. They also expressed their sorry to the few fans that supported and loved the band. Lastly, they wrote that if people want to support the band members, they can do so by following them individually. 

Fans’ reactions towards Solia Kpop:

Fans were really sad and felt sorry for the girls when the news was announced; most of them expressed that the girls must have worked and trained so hard, yet they didn’t even receive their deserved recognition. They also said that their song was good, and it was unfair for them to become a public joke due to the company’s irresponsibility. Many fans also showed frustration and anger towards the company for giving the girls false hopes and even debuting them despite bad financial circumstances. 

What is their future?

Now that the girls of Solia Kpop have infamously gained the attention of many people due to their sad stories, everyone is reaching out to them and supporting them in their bad times. But, on the other hand, people feel disheartened about this incident and ask other companies to manage them as they deserve to go forward. Hence, even after making the news for the wrong reasons, they have been getting a lot of love and support and might be recognized by better companies from now on.

Final thoughts:

We want to conclude our article by saying that everyone reading this should support the five girls of Solia Kpop and their hard work by appreciating their music in the future. If we continue to cover their story, they will get recognition and maybe even better company management in the future. If you want to read the official announcement by the company and leave views on it, you can check out Solia’s instagram handle.  

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