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Solis Discord Bot Scam {Oct 2021} Read Updated Details!

This article is about Solis Discord Bot Scam to help users know its facts and the details of a bot to prevent their online games from scambots.

Are you suspicious about the Solis scam? Despite Solis appearing for a few users as a scam, many individuals across the United States and worldwide were curious if it was a genuine Discord message or a hoax. 

They could not message due to non-availability on any of their servers, making it suspicious. Users are also curious to know if anyone else has received it or not. 

This article will provide you with complete details associated with Solis Discord Bot Scam and find out if the news was true.

What is Solis Discord Bot?

Solis Discord Bot is known to be the best Bot launched ever or created. It has more than 30 commands with a system to educate you and has a system of education that leads to a degree and, ultimately, a job.

It helps you learn about several ways to make money, including stealing, begging, working, fishing, hunting, and more! For bank/ wallet, there are both server and global leaderboards. 

Recently, Solis Discord Bot has been accused of being a scam and was the most heated topic over online social media platforms.

Is Solis Discord Bot Scam?

Some bots may have the words “fake” or “scam” in their names; since they are forbidden and banned, Discord mods change their names to notify people about fakes. You can see bots with similar names as Solis, but they are not the authentic ones.

Hence, you must check the official website as it helps users determine which servers they share with a specific discord bit, allowing them to figure out where and how the spam is arriving from.

What are the unique features of the Solis Discord Bot?

Check out if it is a Solis Discord Bot Scam before trying. Its features include the following:

  • Limits for Roles that can be customized
  • Channel deletion/ creation.
  • Kicks, bans, and Deletion/ Creation.
  • Logs channel that can be customized.
  • To allowlist users and bots, use the whitelist feature.
  • When someone exceeds a limit, the punishment can be customized.
  • Adding bots that haven’t been allowed to your server will result in a penalty.

How to prevent Discord bot Scams?

The objective of SCAMELON, the Scam Protection Network, is for larger developer and discord communities across the United States and worldwide, particularly the games available over Steam and struggle with several scambots including Solis Discord Bot Scam.

Many people deal with scammers who constantly try to steal users’ data over Steam quite often.

Hence, the developers came up with creating a bot that specializes in solving scam issues.

Final Verdict:

Many scmabots frequently occur in online games, specifically Steam games, where users struggle with scams and scambots issues.

However, the discord developers have created Scamelon to help users prevent scambots. You may check this bot over the official platform and try whenever you struggle with scambots while playing your favorite games. 

Also, find out more about Solis Discord Bot Scam and additional facts of Solis Discord Bot. 

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