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Soliz Bag Reviews (Jan) Carry All Essentials-Safe Buy?

Soliz Bag Reviews (Jan) Carry All Essentials-Safe Buy? >> Here is a helpful guide on the new women’s phone bag to help consumers make the right buying decision. 

Soliz Bag Reviews: Are you frustrated with the clutter inside your handbag? Do you want to carry your cards, phone, and currency in an organized way? Buy Soliz Bag, the ultimate, simple, and sleek crossbody bag for women. It lets you carry all your belongings in an organized way. 

Available in different colour options, Soliz Bag is the best women’s phone bag made out of solid leather. Versatile and small Soliz Bag allows you to carry all your essentials securely. 

Designed by experts in the United States, Soliz Bag is ultra-spacious and suitable for all occasions. Let’s check Is Soliz Bag Legit or a scam.   

What is Soliz Bag?

Soliz Bag is the women’s phone carrying bag available in crossbody style. The phone bag is available in multiple colour choices, ranging from pink to yellow, black, and purple. The phone bag is small and versatile, and the bag’s size is enough for carrying all your essentials. The product is shipped across the United States

Soliz Bag can be used as a cross-body bag or as a handbag for carrying your phone and other belongings. The phone bag offers ultimate protection and safety of your essentials as it comes with a leather outer shell and microfiber liner inside. It ensures the highest protection for your belongings against splash, bump, scratch, dirt, and dust. 

As per the Soliz Bag Reviews, the Soliz Bag features a dual pocket inside in open pocket design where you can store keys, cards, headphones, cash, and even lipsticks. The dual pock design makes it a perfect amalgamation of the cell phone case and wallet.

The high-quality leather texture with robust stitching makes it ultra-durable and strong. The unique colour scheme of the bag makes it the right choice for multiple occasions.


  • Martial – Textured Leather
  • Dimension – 10×17×5 cm 
  • Strap Length – 50 inches
  • Weight – 0.28 lbs
  • Cross-Body Strap – Adjustable
  • Compatibility – All Smartphone models
  • Suitability – Napkin paper, cards, keys, coins, lipstick, mascara, and small items
  • Inner Material – Microfiber Liner, as per the Soliz Bag Reviews
  • Protection against – Dirt, dust, splash, bumps, and scratch 
  • Colours – Pink, Red, Purple, Gray, and Black 

Pros of Soliz Bag

  • Simple and sleek crossbody style
  • Suitable for carrying all essentials and phone in an organized way
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Ultra spacious for carrying all small items
  • Dual open pocket inside
  • Leather exterior and microfiber liner inside
  • Quality stitching
  • Many reviews available on seller’s website  

Cons of Soliz Bag

  • The product comes with a shipping charge of $4.95 per unit and not free
  • No information available other than the seller’s website
  • Suitable for standard Smartphone models only
  • The domain of the seller is only 18 days old, which creates suspicion  

Is Soliz Bag Legit?

We have analyzed the product and researched it thoroughly. We found that the seller’s domain age is only 18 days, and there are no reviews or information about the product available online other than the seller’s website. 

The reviews on the seller’s websites and specifications are not enough to confirm the legitimacy of Soliz Bag. So, it is essential to research the product to learn about its legitimacy. 

It would be best to browse online to find more customer reviews based on which the buying decision must be taken. You must not always rely on the reviews and information available on the seller’s website to confirm its legitimacy. 

Instead, please browse online and research deeply to come to a conclusion and make a wise buying decision.    

Soliz Bag Reviews from Consumers

We have only found reviews and testimonials on the seller’s website. Besides the information and reviews on the seller’s site, we have not found any relevant details online. The product seems to be new as the domain of the seller was registered only 18 days ago. So, it would be too early to confirm its legitimacy and find online reviews.

Based on the reviews on the seller’s website, the product is easy to carry and beautiful in design. The reviews confirm that it is easy to use as a handbag or as a cross-body bag to carry all the essentials. 

Consumers must not always believe in the Soliz Bag Reviews on the seller’s site and do research deeply online to make an informed buying decision. 


Soliz Bag is a beautiful yet compact phone bag for women available in cross-body design. The bag size is enough for carrying all your essentials in an organized way. However, the product lacks online reviews from consumers, and there is no feedback available online other than the seller’s website. 

So, we urge all consumers to research Soliz Bag and find more reliable reviews to make wise buying decisions and confirm its legitimacy.   

If you have anything to share about the handbag or the Soliz Bag Reviews, please write it down in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Soliz Bag Reviews (Jan) Carry All Essentials-Safe Buy?

  1. I ordered a bag and did receive confirmation and i checked because i have not yet got it and it said allow 1 additional week but ot has been more than that. Has anyone actually got it?

    1. I did get mine. It took MANY weeks. It took so long I was beginning to think I had been scammed. In addition, I swear I ordered pink but got a black one. Regardless, I am happy I got it and I actually love it.

  2. I ordered this purse, Solis bag, around December 26, 2020. I thought it took about 5 days to receive it. I would like to know where it is please. My confirmation number is solizbag.com17946

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