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Soul Dogs NFT {Jan} Find Its Working, Buying Details!

Have you heard about Soul Dogs NFT? If yes, find the complete details here and know what’s new in this NFT, including the buying guide.

Do you want to invest in NFTs? Non-fungible tokens are unique and non-interchangeable units stored on the blockchain. Also, it comes with only one owner at a time who can modify its records. So, if you want to try your hands in NFT, find the new tokens circulating in the United States and United Kingdom that cost you less and probably help you earn passive income. 

On the internet, you will find lots of new tokens to invest in.Soul Dogs NFT is the new launch in the market that comes with a 9,999 collection. Let’s read more. 

Table of Contents

What is a Soul Dog?

Soul Dogs are non-fungible tokens that own, acquire and discover the initial virtual city of Solana. It has a collection of 9,999 high-quality, retro-inspired, and 3D soul dogs. The soul dog’s city was designed to be born out of the desire with an aim to inspire the people and create a new digital asset in the world.

It is randomly generated by misfits, dreamers, rebels, and Solana blockchain that are inspired by music, cinema, and fashion. You can buy 3D art with a blend of fun. So, check the website today and find the unique Soul Dogs NFT for you. 

How does Soul City work?

Soul do city was designed to inspire people and explore the new and funny digital arts in the world. The Soul city works in three modules such as:

  1. Own- Buy high-quality 3D Soul dogs minted under the Solana blockchain, creating unforgettable records of ownership. 
  2. Earn- Earn income by yielding more and more soul dogs to work and rent out in native currency. This generates $BONES.
  3. Explore- Find the interactive and impressive virtual city experience in the web3 browser. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check Soul Dogs City now!

Soul Dogs NFT Statistics

Soul dogs is a new NFT that sold in the last seven days. Here, you can find the current stats. 

  • NFT sold- 0
  • Trading volume- $0
  • Average price- $0
  • Floor price- 0.05
  • Total supply- 21
  • Owners- 2

How to buy Soul Dogs?

Currently, soul dogs are available on Solana as it is a fast, secure, and scalable platform to invest in. If you want to get up on Solana, you will need to set up a Solana account first then a wallet to trade in NFTs. Make sure to invest in the Phantom wallet, as it gives you easy access to Soul Dogs NFT.

Get a video tutorial here if you don’t know how to invest in NFT

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will Soul dogs be on pre-sale?

Yes, they will be soon. However, to participate in the pre-sale, you must have mintpass. 

Q2. How to get mintpass?

If you are among the first 500 members of discord, you will receive mintpass automatically. Otherwise, you need to buy it.

The Bottom Line

With the above detail, we can conclude that Soul Dogs is a new NFT token that does not have enough value right now. But soon it will become the best as per predictions. So, if you want to invest the best, get the help of your expert mentor and know Soul Dogs NFT investment plan.

What’s your opinion on this NFT? Share your thoughts with us.

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