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Sparklingme Reviews [April] You Must Read Before Order

Sparklingme Reviews [April] You Must Read Before Order >> Reading this post will be an eye opener as there are many facts about this website in our post. Read first and then go for placing any order!

In this period of quarantine, almost the whole world is a lockdown, and most of them are placing an order from an online store. There are lots of online shops over the internet offering discounts and offers. Few of them are providing free shipping, so we would like to introduce to you sparklingme.com, which is an online shopping store for women.

In this quarantine, home delivery is the best option to be safe; after all, no one needs to bother to go out and purchase. But what if you place your order on heavy credit from any website and received nothing because someone scams you? So, it is essential to act like a concerned citizen and be an aware person.

Billions of websites are doing fraud, few are banned, and most of them are still running their website. They are running because of foolish people. The government always warn people not to invest in any fishy or suspicious activities. For sparklingme.com, many people wanted to know that whether it is a scam or legit.

There is no article available who can confirm the exact information, and sparklingme reviews and all the articles available are confusing. But we will provide the information which is legit and without confusing readers.

What is sparklingme.com?

It is an ordinary online e-commerce website dedicated to women products like designer tops, floral printed top, jeans, one-piece, and women accessories like rings, anklets, and many more. All these products are surprisingly available at very cheap cost; if you compare their cost price of a product with the retail market price of the United State, you will find a vast difference between them.

Moreover, it very common that several websites provide massive discounts and offer to attract consumers and to reach maximum people. This marketing strategy always works to gain maximum capital over the market. But the company will provide offers and discounts to certain limits; they always calculate the market price, production cost, and profit. Then they pursue discounts and other attracting marketing strategies like a flash sale.

Sparklingme.com is a women-centric shop which is having different ranges of clothes and fashionable products. Time to time, they also run flash sales where consumers can take advantage of buy one and get one type of offer. According to the sparklingme reviews, those customers who place their order has not received any items yet. Very few customers received items, and that too is not worth it because of poor quality or because of getting the wrong size product although the site is now closed.

Most of the scam site creates women-centric websites so that they can trap them easily. It is easy to scam women than men because there are several ranges of products are available for women, only like apparel, jewelry, and other accessories. And they also quickly got trap into the free items or on flash sale type’s strategies.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of sparklingme.com)

Pros of Sparklingme.com

  • The website is a women-centric online store who provide a flat 30% discount on all women accessories
  • You can get up to 70% discount depends upon the product
  • If you buy any two products then you will get the third product at a 50% discount, if you buy three products, then you’ll get a fourth product at a 70% discount.
  • On purchase of 4 products, you’ll get 5th product for free with free shipping
  • Free shipping applies to products over $50.
  • They wide varieties of designer shoes, tops, and innerwear for women
  • The company is giving 30 days return time if you don’t like the item

Cons of Sparklingme.com

  • There is no address available on the website of sparklingme.com; each e-commerce site should have their registered physical address.
  • Social media is crucial to attracting consumers, but sparklingme.com has no page or account in any social media.
  • Sparklingme.com don’t have their domain server they are used gmail.com for interacting consumers
  • They don’t have any external links of the website

Return and Exchange Policy

  • The company will not accept inner wears 
  • You can return the product within 30 days, but the company will not allow that product, which are tempered or damaged by any means.
  • Free shipping is only available to those whose purchasing bill is over $50
  • The refund process may take some time, like 15 to 20 days; if still not receive, then you should take concern about it with your bank. Or you can email directly to the company for any queries.


The information is based on the facts available over the internet and sparklingme reviews by the consumers. This website is no longer available for customer and are closed. We provided you an unbiased review only for the public interest.

0 thoughts on “Sparklingme Reviews [April] You Must Read Before Order

    1. I also made a order for 5 day delivery, this is the 7th day and nothing, emailed and still no response. Hopefully I will hear something soon. But I feel I’ve been stolen from

      1. I emailed them and said that if they scammed me then I’m reporting them to the bank the bbb and telling all my friends to do the same. They responded back saying it could take up to 4 weeks due to the covid outbreak and if I want a refund they can do that also. So we shall see. If I don’t get my stuff I’m getting my refund

    2. Yeah I made two purchases and I need help I did it one on April 6th and another on April 8th because I thought it was great deal for only paying 16.99 shipping now I’m scared . I have no tracking and have emailed them numerous times . I threatened them too that I be reporting this . As a social media person I hate this it’s not good at all . Anyone with any information to help me out here I be grateful

      1. Same here! Two orders, no tracking, now NO WEBSITE! Please, if any of you get your order let us know… I understand mail, Especially out of China will be delayed. But to have no tracking. And now the site is Gone. 😡
        I did not Realize the company was in China or Shipped out of …. Stupid on my part!
        I sent email to

    3. Did you ever recieve your order? I placed mine and haven’t recieved it and it has been over 10 days

  1. Me too and everything was free with $18.95 shipping for 5 days. I clicked on like EVERYTHING too.

  2. I just spent $20 and I’m supposed to receive my stuff in 10 days .. so it isn’t a scam at all??

  3. I placed an order march 30th and it was 5 day shipping and still haven’t got anything yet. i’m very upset.. I hope this isn’t a scam

    1. I placed an order on the 30th of March too and haven’t recieved anything from them yet…. they have until the end of this week or I’ll get my money back

  4. It says everything is free so I chose many items. It had me pay $18 for shipping. They texted me saying my order has been shipped. I emailed and asked for a tracking number and they responded saying it takes 1 week to process and 4-6 weeks to ship. I feel this is definitely a scam. I wonder if I should just save myself time and dispute it with my bank now.

  5. Ordered from here March 30yh and NEVER received anything I sent an email and still nothing not even a reply so I’d say definitely a scam and you should dispute it with your bank

  6. Damn i cant even get my money back because i used a gift card but i had a heavy feeling it was a scam but yet i spent $18.00 anyway i feel so stupid because i knew this was a scam.

  7. Ordered mine April 9. Paid $18 to receive it in 5 days. Still nothing, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt because of Covid. But we will see.

  8. Guys i can’t access the website, it serms like it was taken down. Does anyone have the email for the website

    1. Same here I can’t get it and I ordered stuff twice . I have not heard a thing and as everyone else been saying because of this virus I’m giving it time but not to hear anything and bern emailing them several times . They need to give me my money back

  9. I’m thinking it’s just one big scam and they need to be reported because they keep changing their name too as I hear .

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