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Spectrier Smogon (Jan 2021) Speedy Pokemon!

Spectrier Smogon (Jan 2021) Speedy Pokemon!>> Do you want to know about Specterier? Then check out the article till the end.

Spectrier Smogon: If you want to know about Spectrier, this is the right platform. Take a look at the given information to clarify the Pokémon is one of the most popular games worldwide

Let’s have a look at some basic things about Specter. So keep reading the article and get answers to your questions. The latest ghost legendary horse is launched in Pokémon’s Sword and shield’s second content in the 8th generation. 

An overview

It is a genderless ghost type that retains in the core stats including HP 100, Attack 65, 60 for safety, For special attack 145, and 80 for specia security and speed 130

This is the immune system for fighting, poison, and this very dangerous for the weak ghost. It is the most effective or string ghost that can’t be touch in standard type due to dark resisted.

What is new in this?

Spectrier Smogon: The Spectier Is the ghost horse that is fast as well as strong attackers. This is quite similar to mega gender, and there is no ability to tangle the opponent in this field. 

This is the ginger movepool of the game. Everyone is aware of the fact that there is quite a limited movepool in Pokémon. And these movepools are best to handle any of the damage as there are the signature ability and way for the nasty platform and relaxed mind.

Diverse Sets operate by Pokemon.

There the three sets that can be run by this Pokemon. Let’s explore these sies of Spectrier Smogon 

  • The first moveset 

In this set- in any particular attack there will be IVS 252, and the same for the speed and the security it will be in 4. It will be Timid as per nature. Some particular items are the same as the Selected specs or scarf, mud shot, shadow ball, dark pulse, and so on.

If you are willing to have an outstanding safety for the enemy’s target, you must go with the shadow ball. This is considered perfect for beginning harm on the Pokémon. 

Through the mud shot, you can decrease the speed on the base enemy. Through this, you can also kill the defensive heatrean. There are also chances to increase the fire attack.

  • Second moveset 

In the second moveset, you will find the IVS set of an offensive boost set during 252 attacks and 252 for speed, for defence only 4. This set’s nature is timid with the items nasty plot, alternatives, Hex ball, and disable.

In this set of Spectrier Smogon, you need the best method to burden the bulky type. It can be played on the physical side to harm with hex. You can also use the alternatives on the attackers to attain the boost for free by staying cool and calm. If you are willing to add the special attack to your soar in defence, you can do so.

  • Third moveset

This is timid by nature, and it also includes shadow ball, mud shoot, nasty plot, and so on. But you can switch your moves without being worried about the plot. This is the main advantage of this set. You can enjoy the same plot without losing a life.

Final words

The Spectrier Smogon is the Pokemon or ghost horse with limited movepool. And you can deal with many impressive ghosts type harm if you are not ready for the 

same. It is loved worldwide by multiple people, but they must be aware of some threads regarding this spectrier. So, before taking this, do self-research about it.

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