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Spectrum Error Gen-1016 {June} What Is It? Read Here!

The article, Spectrum Error Gen-1016, provides precise information about the error codes and some minor steps to resolve the problems.

Do you love watching films with a handful of popcorn and lying on the couch? But have you ever faced errors in between the streams? The Spectrum TV app is an emerging online video streaming service in the United States. This is the article that gives you the tips to resolve Spectrum Error Gen-1016

Error codes

Spectrum TV app is one of the best online video streaming services, where they share excellent quality videos. This app can be seen on smart TVs or smartphones. But while watching the videos, sometimes people may face some errors in displaying the codes on the screen that affect the app services. 

Error gen1016 is one of the common codes, which means that the Spectrum TV app cannot connect with the DVR (digital video recorder) to launch the application on the TV. In, addition; the application might not correctly manage the DVR due to compatibility issues.

Spectrum Reference Code Gen-1016

This reference code error is mostly related to the digital video recorder problems because each smart TV has its type of DVR design. The DVR should be more compatible to accept the application. If not, then the app will not be launched on TV.

 So to resolve these issues, people can exchange the old DVR system for a newer one suitable for the app to launch and work. The DVR can be exchanged in the local spectrum stores.


  • People can also select the “on-demand button” on the TV.
  • Then press channel number 1000 or the blue b option.
  • Can manually enter the details.

List of error codes

The Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes List helps users troubleshoot the errors. The spectrum is also provides cable TV services other than streaming apps.

The error codes and the problems

  • DUI, DMI – No signal
  • DI- Availability of updates regarding program guides
  • Ec220, e220- Cable connection trying buy or receive the HD programs on a television/receiver
  • Errors 1, 5, and 7 – the cable box is not working.
  • E14- Problem in receiver start-up
  • E09- battery life was over, or memory failed to work.
  • E208 or E211- not able to access some video-on-demand services.

Fixation of error codes

Spectrum Error Gen-1016, this error code can be easily rectified by changing the DVR. But users shouldn’t confuse the error codes of the Spectrum TV application and its cable box. The cable box is for the television to broadcast all the channels. They even provide many spectrum TV channel packages. One of the basic ways to fix the errors is to

  • To reboot the cable using the remote and receiver
  • Users can reboot their cables via the internet or an application.
  • Resetting the cable connections

But the troubleshooting process is different for resolving the application services issues.


The article, Spectrum Error Gen-1016, provided the real cause of the problem. Spectrum TV is managed by the Charter Communications team and competes with well-known OTT players by offering multichannel videos, numerous channels, and mobile apps. In addition, the customer support system is always palpable, so it helps the users to resolve the errors.

For resolving the error codes. 

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