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Spelesy Boutique Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Spelesy Boutique Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> This article is all about a website that is offering various styles of clothes for ladies and girls. So, we are going to get into the site to get a better understanding.

Want to buy something for either for a night out or brunch on Sundays? Searching for something up to date? Do not worry; here we are going to plan reviewing the site that is providing all types of clothes as per your wishes as well as taste. Get all the desired products around the world at your doorstep in the United State.

It becomes the order of the day to grab the products from online shopping websites rather than locally available products due to a wide range of choices available and also accessible at availability. 

Here, we are exploring the site in-depth to know whether it is Spelesy Boutique legit or not. The buyers may also have some questions in their minds that need clearance and also provide some additional info that they have to know before proceeding further for placing an order.  

Let us have a look at Spelesy Boutique Reviews

What exactly Spelesy.com is?

As it is hinted on the official website, it is an online e-commerce shopping store that is availing fashionable and trendy clothes to girls and ladies. All these products are available for delivery across diverse regions of the globe, including the United State, Canada, and the United Kingdom

All hottest and newly introduced trendy looks are available on the site, and you can choose the style that you want to wear.  

This is just a short intro of Spelesy.com. Let us gets into the Spelesy Boutique Reviews.

What kind of products is displayed on Spelesy?

A wide range of clothing products are offered by Spelesy.com, which are of premium quality and meet the requirements of fashionista ladies who want to keep in trend. Here is the list of products that are available on the site, which are mentioned below. Let us take a look below. 

  • Cozy Top
  • Jogger pants
  • Sweatshirt
  • Denim Jumper
  • Balloon Sleeve Top
  • Pocket Rompers
  • Print T-shirt
  • Ruffles Dress

It has different options available for spring as well as summer collections, and it becomes easy to choose the one that you like the most.   

What are the payment modes that are available on the site? 

To make payment of the products, you can do make the payment through PayPal account only.  

What ‘s more?

When you have finalized all the clothes that you want to buy from Spelesy.com, then this is the time to place an order. Moreover, it is providing a limited-time offer where you can save some bucks, and you have to grab the deals as soon as possible. Some running suggestions are given below. 

  • Get $10 off on orders above $49 with Code SAVE10.
  • Get $20 off on orders above $89 with Code SAVE20.
  • Get $30 off on orders above $139+ with code SAVE30. 

Pros of purchasing items from Spelesy.com

  • The Highlighted part of this site is pocket-friendliness.  
  • Comparison over prices can be made easily.
  • It is convenient as you can access such sites from your devices directly
  • Varieties of products are available
  • No requirement to commute to the local market and get the shopping done
  • Fulfill the desire of acquiring designer and trendy clothes
  • A different pattern of clothes are available 

What are the loopholes of Spelesy.com?

Although Spelesy.com is providing all types of fashionable clothes at a very cost-effective price and it has SSL integration that protects all ways of payment over this site. But still, the website has loopholes that they need to cover up.

  • There is no external link available for the promotion and marketing of products proffered over the website. Every business needs to grow and popularize their website among potential customers over the net. 
  • No email server is available, and no info related to the owner is displayed on the site.

Maintain distance from such scam sites as these are online stores that only want to gain money through such modes, and the product delivery is quite unsure.  

Final Words 

To encapsulate, the site is providing designer stuff for women at an affordable price, but some shortcomings of the site is quite disappointing.

Do you have any doubts or questions related to this site? Want to discuss something? Then get in touch with us now. If you have any experience with the products available on this site, then we appreciate your honest feedback too.

0 thoughts on “Spelesy Boutique Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. Are the products as described and shown, do they take your money and run you don’t get the product or the product received is of lesser quality — should you not order from this company?

    1. Ordered on April 19th. Money taken out of my account. Emailed them today (05-13-2020) to ask where my order is. Received an email back saying they didn’t receive my order. No phone number to speak to a human being. I’ve been robbed. Beware!!!!

    2. It’s been over a month and I have as yet to receive my items ! I have contacted customer service and they have repeatedly giving me a tracking number which gives me no info at all… The last update was April 17 and Has not updatedSince then! This is a scam and I will report them… So if you were thinking of ordering from them please don’t!

        1. I ordered May 31/2020. No product received no response from my continuous emails to them. Total rip off. Beware

      1. This site is total scam. They will not refund me and are saying they don’t have that order number or email on file. I forwarded email w the exact order number they sent me as well as proof of purchase from PayPal and they keep asking for Perot of purchase after i sent it 3 times. I need to take action.

    3. Ordered on April 6th, here it is May 28th and I still have not received my order, tracking update continuing to display “not yet shipped.” Contacted customer service, which is only an e-mail, requesting a refund and cancellation of my order. No response. Two weeks later, I emailed again. My e-mail had been blocked. I reported the company to the Federal Trade Commission. Do NOT order from them.

    4. The clothes are really poorly made and overpriced. Do not purchase. No way to return – don’t be fooled!!!!

      1. Took a month and a half to receive my order. When I finally did, I receive an incorrect item. I have emailed their only form of contact, email, three times and have not received a response. Ever. Would NEVER order from them again. Ever.

    5. I’m trying to get a refund on item I ordered in May and never received. First I received an email stating item shipped, then they couldn’t find my order, then they said they re-shipped order! It’s a scam!!! I’ve contacted PayPAL and reporting this business as fraud. Hopefully I will get refund. They post a USA flag on site, but they are in China.

  2. Ordered from Spelesy Boutique about a month ago. They debited my bank account immediately, but did not send my item.

    1. Same. I ordered almost a month ago. They still have not shipped it. I have emailed them and first they told me it was in transit. Now they say it will be shipped soon. Thinking it’s a scam.

      1. Same here…Ordered 6 weeks ago and I haven’t received my order and it continues to display in transit. Stay away from this site. Based on my experience and what I’ve read from others, I think it’s a scam…

      2. Same here…Ordered 6 weeks ago and I haven’t received my order and it continues to display in transit. Based on my experience and what I’ve read from others, I think it’s a scam… DO NOT BUY FROM SPELESY!

        1. Don’t order from these guys!! I need to return my items, but have gotten no response. Super frustrating!! They are a joke! What kind of business is this anyways!? Not good people.

      3. This company is a scam… I ordered from them and luckily paid through PayPal!!! It took over a month for items to arrive and they came direct from China… they don’t tell you that. The clothes were nothing like the picture so I contacted them to return.. guess what … no one responds . I made a dispute they PayPal then they responded and gave me a return address to send items back.. the address was a fake address… no such person or business at that address. Pay pal saved the day and I got my refund.. Do not order from them !

      1. I have tried to get a mailing label and return form, 4 tries, the fit is terrible on jogging pants
        cannot get my payment back, they are definitely a scam, buyer beware!

    2. Me too. Ordered 3/27/20. Debited , tracking on website states in Pensacola since 4/22/20 , updated on 5/1/20 still in Pensacola emailed them and no response and no product as of 5/8/20. Thinking trash and scam

  3. I ordered and when received item Customer Service asked me a million questions About item and still can’t get them to refund my money. Don’t buy from here!

  4. I ordered from Spelesy almost 90 days ago and I was tracking my package online. The last status update on the tracking page was that the item had cleared customs in the U.S. and that was on March 23. I reached out to them vial the email address on their website to get an update on the status of my order and they sent me back a note saying that my order was on its way and sent me tracking information for someone else’s order. I responded saying that the tracking info was not for my order (I live in NY and this order was going to SC), and the responded…again saying my order was on its way and sending back the tracking info for that same (wrong) order. Then they just stopped responding to me on email, so I tried to message them via Facebook. The exact same thing happened, with them sending info saying this time that my order had been delivered and sending a screenshot of tracking information for an order going to California (again, not my order). I responded back clarifying that the info they sent was for someone else’s order and they responded again, with the exact same message as the first one….with tracking info for the California order. Highly frustrating as they have my money and there is no indication that I will ever see the product. Does anyone have any advice or know of any recourse I have? They don’t have a phone number and responding in writing to email and on FB is clearly not working.

  5. I ordered a pair of pants from Spelesy and they were so cheap and hardly resembled the picture. When I asked for a refund I was told to ship my pants back to an address in Brooklyn, and when I provided the tracking number they would give me a refund. I shipped them back right away and contacted them with the tracking number, at which point they said they would have to receive the item and inspect it first before giving me a refund. Well a few days later I checked on the tracking number to find out they REFUSED the package so they wouldn’t have to give me a refund. I ended up having to go through PayPal to get my money back. Fortunately PayPal has a good resolution center and forced them to give me a refund. Such a DISHONEST seller! I highly recommend not buying anything from them ever. Also, they state that they are in Brooklyn but it was obvious from the language in the emails that they are not based in the United States. Such a frustrating terrible experience.

  6. They take your money and run. I ordered an item, didn’t like it and they refused to accept the package return. It’s NOT legit. Buyer beware. Horrible experience! So sad in a time when so many are in crisis.

  7. I ordered from this company weeks ago anticipating my order to wear on an upcoming trip. After waiting weeks my package arrived. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. The clothes were horrible. The material is cheaper than dollar store clothing, the sizes were not as described, and the clothes have a horrible odor that can be spelt when you walk in the room. I am furious at these online boutiques who take our money and lie about the quality of clothes. FYI, one item that was a “sweatshirt” is a velour shirt and do short my 11 year old granddaughter couldn’t wear. Ugh!!! Do not order from them!!!!!!!!

  8. I ordered a shirt April 18th. PayPal receipt was received. I never received confirmation from Spelesy Boutique and I have yet to receive my shirt.

  9. I ordered from an ad on Instagram:
    4/24- Paid thru PayPal.
    4:25- When tracking package it says shipped from Shenghai, China (?!!) .
    4/29 – arrived in airport destination Los Angeles
    Haven’t received yet and will update once I do (hopefully)

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  11. Like the rest of the posts, I abandoned all common sense and was looking for something specific that only Spelesy had in stock. Big mistake. The product comes directly from China (took three weeks to get here) and when it arrived, it was in used-looking, plastic zip lock style bags. There were NO tags whatsoever in the joggers/sweatpants (ie. none of the labelling as required by US law), the material was awful (felt like coated canvas but without tags, who knows?), fit was terrible (tight in some places, loose in others and I’m a pretty average size in all brands), and when I reached out to request a return for a refund per their T&C’s on their web site, they only responded on Facebook. I had sent 4 emails over a 10 day period- not one response, but they reached out to me on Facebook which was odd in itself. The Spelesy- Facebook message provided me an address to send the return (at my cost and insured) and then they denied the package and turned off my ability to message them further about the order. I will be reaching out to PayPal for some sort of resolution.

  12. BEWARE!! There are more and more scams like this recently..I had 3 similar problems recently so thought I would look at the reviews before I purchased…I would not take a chance unless you pay through PayPal or a Credit Card company that will protect you.

  13. I ordered my camo joggers back in March. They came today and like the other reviewers they are cheaply made and fit terrible. No tags at all on the joggers. After reading the other reviews I am not sure I am going to try to get a refund since it seems pointless. Don’t waste your money on these cheap products.

  14. Just like several other reviews, I ordered two shirts from this company and when I received them they were no where near true to size. I contacted them to return the items for a refund and was provided an address for a warehouse in New York City. I immediately returned the items at a shipping cost of $12. Ten days later I got the package back because they refused To accept the package. I have requested a refund to no avail. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

  15. Wish I would have researched the company before I purchased. Seen this blog at least… I ordered a pair of Cami sweatpants that claimed to be very soft and trendy. I also ordered a leopard print sweatshirt and jogger set. In the picture they look high quality and the patten subdued. Received my order a month or so later. (At least I received mine!) The fabric was NOT soft and comfy. Stiff and cheap! No tags on items. The items look like hand sewn articles I made in home-ec. The fit was awkward. The pieces do not look like the pictures. The leopard print is purple in person and not subdued! Unfortunately I can not return them because they do not accept items just because you don’t like them. After reading other reviews it would probably be useless anyways. I was had.

  16. Totally scam only received 3 out of 4 items. Contacted several times and tried to do resolution through PayPal. AWFUL QUALITY!!!! Avoid at all costs.

    1. Just like most of u I ordered via a fb post, have emailed 4 times- no response, no pants- I ordered 3 pair. This sucks.

  17. These people disabled the comments on Instagram. Their five star reviews on the website are all two lines long and clearly written by the same person. Scam.

  18. does anyone have the return address to send items back? they are not responding to my emails.

  19. Horrible Scam! Ordered a sweatshirt that looked so cute online .. It’s velour and no tags ! Terrible quality! Don’t order from them !! So disappointed!

  20. They are total scam artists. My order wasn’t what was pictured and fit and material horrible! They say easy returns but that’s a lie too. No one emails you back with return information. I did get a coupon from them for 25% off my next order. Joke. There’s a name on it Liz Fenn and it’s from Belinda Fashions with spelesy email address. So they are under different names. This is fraud and someone needs to shut these foreigners down. Live and learn. Pay pal has to know these companies aren’t legit

  21. CLOTHING TAKES AT LEAST 2 months to arrive (be patient- it finally arrives) but as said before, clothes are made of poor material which is uncomfortable.
    Good thing I was just on the COVID-isolation high. WILL NEVER buy from this brand AGAIN.

  22. I had a similar experience in that I ordered 3 items, took a month to get them. Was totally unsatisfied with the quality of the merchandise. Reached out to them via email got the same canned email response, paid to have them returned to Brooklyn. Tracked return saw was refused and have yet to receive back (package was refused on 5/14/2020). Got another email this morning with apologies and could I give them the order number. The order number was in the subject line of the email, duh!!! I have filed a claim with Visa and have attempted to file a dispute with PayPal but because I used a guest sign-in with them have not been able to pursue. I will never again order anything from an Instagram ad.

  23. I agree!!! Completely & totally scam artists. I haven’t received my order that was placed back on 5/11. I too got a coupon from them for 25% off my next order. Same name on mine as well, Liz Fenn and it’s from Belinda Fashions with spelesy email address. Emailed customer service re: my order & the email returns back to me. So mad that I fell for this crap. This is FRAUD and someone needs to shut these foreigners down. I AGREE, Pay pal has to know these companies aren’t legit!!! I want Pay Pal to step up & refund my money. Totally disappointed with this company & Pay Pal seems to be useless too, there a joke as well.

  24. SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY……placed an order, money taken out via PayPal, a month later received an email stating ‘we see your items were delivered’ and when I tried to communicate via email to this merchant, I was blocked from communicating with them.
    The tracking shows some package delivered to another state and when inquiry done on this package it seems the ‘tracking’ they gave me was fictitious and was not even my package.
    Had to file a case with PayPal. COMPLETE SCAM AND FRAUD.

  25. Everyone should file a complaint with the BBB about this company — https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started. I unfortunately ordered from them on May 20 and still haven’t even seen a shipping date. I have asked to cancel the shipment and that they refund my money. Of course I haven’t heard from them but that won’t stop me from reporting them formally via the BBB, disputing the charge via my credit card and PayPal, and potentially seeking an attorney to file criminal/civil charges to shut them down. It is unacceptable to have this scam artist taking money and treating people like garbage.

  26. I have the same issue. I ordered on April 30th and have yet to receive my merchandise. The package had cleared customs on my 5/15 and no tracking was available for almost 10 days until I e-mailed them this past week and all of a sudden the tracking status updated. They keep assuring me my package is on its way and that due to Covid the package was delayed. I have also requested a refund and they are ignoring that part of my e-mail. I can understand some delay but it has been over a month!

  27. Terrible quality, terrible customer service! Ordered original product in early April didn’t receive until mid-May. Didn’t fit due to poor quality materials, so emailed requesting an exchange, to which they immediately charged my card and sent me a new order # for a replacement item but still have not responded to my emails for return shipping information nor the requested return label, as website states free returns. Will never buy from them or any seemingly reputable Facebook ad again!

  28. I ordered and did receive my goods. The quality wasn’t what I wanted and the fabrics were cheap. The website doesn’t tell you how to return, so reached out and received an e-mail asking why I wanted to return. When my answer satisfied, they gave me an address and a link to their return policy. I returned (at my own expense) only to receive the goods back from UPS because Spelesy rejected them. I responded back to the company only to be told that in order for the goods to be accepted that I needed to send them the UPS tracking number in advance. So, tried again. Just got a call from the UPS store that they were again rejected. I will never buy from this company again and suggest that you don’t either. At this point, I am out the cost of what I bought and the cost of two failed return shipments.

  29. Took my order 3 months to get delivered from Jamaica, New York. Poor product. Product doesn’t fit and I cant find any info on returning. No one replies to emails.

  30. Awful! Just awful!!
    Awful!! Just awful!! I love shopping on line, however I have never received such poor customer service from anywhere!! I asked for a refund the same day that I received my 2 clothing items and they will not provide a shipping address to return the clothes, nor will they refund my money. They have responded to one email saying they will “look into this”! Buyer beware!! They also do not provide a phone number for their customers to contact them. They should not be allowed to be in business!!

  31. BUYER BEWARE!! TOOK $ out of my account ! This place is based in China and will not speak with you . May take a while but working on getting them removed completely!

  32. Spelesy boutique is a scam they take your money no order received no way to contact them and get an answer

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  34. SCAM! Preface: they filter any negative comments off of FB. I ordered 4/26. They “shipped” on 5/4. Tracking showed that it was in my city. Then, 2 days later (after complaining about how long it took) my package was back in California! It got stuck in Indiana for 6 days. They stopped responding to e-mail or FB messenger, so I disputed through PayPal. Then they finally were responding. I received the items today. Not as described, horrible quality. It doesn’t matter, after 46 days in “shipping” I wouldn’t keep the items anyway. Can’t wait to see what a return mess this is going to be… STAY FAR AWAY!

    1. I disputed through PayPal too and they didn’t help me at all. I couldn’t get the company to even respond to any of my emails to give me the address to mail the items back to. This whole thing is such a scam!’ Sorry for your situation too

  35. This company is a complete scam! I received 4 items in the mail and none of them fit or resembled the pictures online. I emailed Spelesy 9 times to ask for the mailing address to return the items for a refund and they will not respond to me. I contacted PayPal resolution center to assist me with me the matter but they were of no help!! Spelesy responded to PayPal through the dispute but refused to allow me to return the items for a refund and again refused to respond to me. This company is a complete joke and just taking your money and running with it. I was extremely disappointed with PayPals response as well as they only would speak with me through messages and I could never get an actual person to talk to me about the situation. So frustrating!!!! DO NOT ORDER from this company.

  36. Does anyone have the address that they mailed their items back to???
    I can’t even get them to respond to My emails to give me that information!!

  37. this company is a SCAM do not waste your money. pictures on site do not represent actual poor made product.

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