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Sponelle site Reviews (July) Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Sponelle site Reviews (July) Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, we are informing about a website that sells ribbons.

Are you searching for the best quality ribbon for your fantastic surprise idea? Then, you must have a look at this online portal Sponelle that has its office in the United States

It becomes essential to do a background check of the websites because recently there has been a massive number of fraudulent websites making rounds in the USA. So, when we stumble upon this website, we thought of writing an unbiased Sponelle site Reviews for the readers.

We understand how important it has been to cherish the inner art and choose the perfect craft products for the same. This brand-new website seems to care for your talent as it claims to provide the best quality ribbon. But should we trust Sponelle? Or Is Sponelle Legit? 

You must check the answer before purchasing it from any site. A brand-new site could have several unseen suspicious features that might be problematic. Thus, it is vital to check the legitimacy of Sponelle before giving your personal details on the site. 

What is Sponelle? 

Sponelle is an e-store that is selling ribbons for the people of the United States. The website looks quite incomplete but has a user-friendly interface. Apart from that, you may also notice that the site is having a limited collection of ribbons. This online portal is having several policies as well as information for its customers. 

It is also selling the ribbons with a high range. Sponelle also provides free shipping to allure the public. 

Specifications of Sponelle

  • The company URL https://www.sponelle.site/
  • The company address is 25 Fifield St, Watertown, MA 02472 United States. 
  • The company official mail address is support@sponelle.site, and its contact number is (209) 518- 7896
  • You will get the product at your doorsteps in 7-10 business days.
  • It provides a free shipping offer on all products worldwide. 
  • It provides a valid return, exchange, and refund policy.
  • It accepts payment via PayPal only. 

Pros of Sponelle

  • The website runs with a valid HTTPS connection and SSL certification.
  • It is having a good return and exchange policy.
  • Any website does not blacklist the domain.
  • It has worldwide free shipping.
  • It has a beautiful collection of products and uses a secure payment gateway.

Cons of Sponelle 

  • The website has a new domain registration on 13.07.20(before 17 days). 
  • It is having low traffic and no domain information on WHOIS.
  • It has no social media accounts or promotional posts. 
  • It has a suspicious TLD in its domain name.
  • McAfee does not give protection to it.

Is Sponelle Legit? 

The most frequent question about Sponelle is ‘Is Sponelle Legit?and the answer is NO. Sponelle is a SCAM site as there is no information about its domain. You will also find many suspicious things such as free shipping worldwide, new domain, low popularity, and the list goes on.

The business is not even available on the Google business list, and it has a very no rank in terms of revenue. In this Sponelle site Reviews, we found several things that claim it’s fraudulent. 

What are people talking about Sponelle? 

The website does not provide any space for people to give their valuable feedback. It means either Sponelle wants to hide customers’ harrowing experience or it has a low/no traffic.

Apart from that, the business does not have any social media handle, so it is hard to find a public perception of Sponelle. There are no comments on different websites checking its legitimacy through their Sponelle site Reviews. 

It indicates that people are currently not aware of Sponelle or do not found it trustworthy. 

Final Verdict 

This article discusses every factor of Sponelle, and according to the study, the site is a SCAM site. We advise our readers to stay away from any site, which is not even six months old. Such brand-new websites have the chance of inheriting fishy features and influence people to waste their money. 

The website does not bother to have customer feedback that might let them clear all their drawbacks. There is no security for your personal information which also means your bank details are not safe with the site. 

All said and done; we respect the fact that you took your precious time to learn about this new website before purchasing ribbons from it. It also means that you have a smart mind when it comes to online shopping. So we leave your choice of purchase for you. We also request you to write your experience in our comment section if you have already purchased Sponelle. Your single comment can help many people to decide the authenticity of Sponelle. 

0 thoughts on “Sponelle site Reviews (July) Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

  1. I am so thankful to see this article. I liteally just about poured $90 into this Crap website. A 3 piece patio chairs and table set that was priced so generously.
    Dissapointed,But Without your article,I’m Sure I’d Still be staring at the Checkout page

  2. If you do not sell air conditioners, then this is NOT a legit website. I ran across your website as a sponsored seller on Best Buy website. I ordered a air conditioner and now can’t get any further information about the transaction. When i call the # provided the mail box is full. I guess nobody can be trusted any more.

  3. Yep they scammed me. They had a grill posted for $99 and I was stupid enough to fall for it. As soon as I paid with PayPal the payee address what a hotmail address. I reported them and got my money refunded and Capital One took back The money from them. Site has been removed now. Lesson learned.

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