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Sportecentral Com Reviews [June] Should you Trust It?

Sportecentral Com Reviews [June] Should you Trust It? -> In this article, you will read about a website selling appliances.

Do you require new appliances? The Sportecentral Com Reviews will give you an instance of the Sport Central website where you will find various devices and tools.

Purchasing online has become a trend now. People surf the websites and applications on their cell phones and PCs and order what they like. They have been shopping for all sorts of products, from clothes and appliances to groceries. What matters the most to the people is the quality of the product and payment security.

Sport Central has been serving the people of the United States by providing a variety of appliances, though many are wondering if the site is reliable and legit. To clear such thoughts, we are here with this article to dig deep into what this website is and how trustworthy it is. Read further for the same.

What is Sportecentral?

Sport Central is a website that has a variety of appliances for sale from different brands. Sportecentral Com Reviews exclaim that they have got the tools and machines at low prices under top brands. They provide free delivery on all the orders and give a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. Also, they render 24/7 customer service for the 365 days in a year and the security of payment. 

The company tailors its business as per the customer’s wants and needs, which makes them stand apart from the other companies in the United States. Their entire business model revolves around their customers and makes it easier and comfortable for their customers to shop with them.

Sport Central Reviews reveal that they give a comprehensive guide and information to the products purchased by the customers. They also have a YouTube channel consisting of all the information regarding the appliances.

However, the reliability depends upon the reviews of the customers and the kind of website it is. Let us find out more about it. 

Specifications of Sportecentral

  • Website link: https://sportecentral.com/
  • Website type: A website selling appliances
  • Shipping time: Within 2-3 days after placement of order
  • Delivery time: Within 3-5 business days, depends upon the location
  • Cancellation: Not mentioned on the website
  • Exchange/ Return: Within 30 days
  • Refund: Within 5-10 days
  • Shipping cost: Free delivery
  • Company location: 34374 EW 1330 Maud, OK 74854 United States
  • Email id: Support@sportecentral.com
  • Contact: (503)-653-0131
  • Mode of payment: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Stripe, Cash on Delivery

Who is Sportecentral for

Sport Central is for anyone willing to buy appliances online. The affordable prices make this website attract customers. Devices include Photo Printers, Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers, Vacuums, Blenders, Headphones, Thermostat, Retro Gaming, Instant Film Cameras, Scooters, Oral Care, and Ice Cream Makers.

Let us now see the pros and cons of this website.

Pros of Sportecentral

  • They have the facility to pay in cash on delivery.
  • The shipping is free throughout the world.
  • They provide 30 days money-back guarantee.

Cons of Sportecentral

  • The links to social networking sites are invalid.
  • Some of the categories are empty on the website.
  • They do not guarantee the exact delivery date.

What are the reviews about Sportecentral

It is better to know about a website before dealing with it.

Providing an option of cash on delivery to the customers is a big deal. They have made this deal along with rendering a 100% money-back guarantee. They have a 24/7 customer service that guides you throughout until the appliance is set up.

On the other hand, the reviews of this website are not available on their page as they do not have a review section. And the reports present on the different platforms are not so promising. 

Moreover, the customers find it convenient to connect with the company through social networking sites. But, this website does not provide any valid links on their page. By clicking on the links, the customer reaches the home page automatically. 


After digging into the website, it cannot be said if this website is legit or not. The information on the website makes it look trustworthy. However, there are no reviews on the site, and the ones present on the other platforms for this company calls this site unreliable.

Nonetheless, we have provided sufficient information about the company here above for our readers to make a wise decision regarding shopping with them. 

Have you ordered anything recently from here? Have you been looking forward to ordering something from their website? Express your views and share what you know about this site in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Sportecentral Com Reviews [June] Should you Trust It?

  1. I just ordered a 65” TV, that seemed unusually inexpensive. It’s on order as of yesterday. I’ll check back and update if I get it and it’s in order. Used my credit card in case have to dispute the charge.

  2. It is very interesting to me Alex, that this “review” of yours which comes across as trying to sound objective and neutral just so happens to show up on the exact same day this website seems to suddenly show up. I only say that because i have been shopping daily looking for a sale on an expensive appliance online. This site with its 50% less AND free shipping has not once showed up! I would LOVE IT TO BE REAL! How long has this company and website been around? Why is a “Sport shop” selling appliances and other off industry items? Also, what about YOU? Are you related or affiliated to the company or website? Can you state your qualifications to be a “reviewer”? It seems like you tried to copy the format of some legitimate qualified reviewers but left out key facts (like how long website has been up and validity of claimed physical location and your efforts and results of making actual contact with staff – something basic called DUE DILIGENCE …) for example?? Just wondering… so we can give your opinion any weight credit or well …. anything at all? Can you fill in blanks? Thx so much!

  3. Their prices are to good to be true and I’m more concerned about not having reviews or social media site as back up

    1. I Ordered the TV June 13 I have not heard or Saw the TV yet I have called number and that’s messages on the phone and still no one has get back with me Makes me Believe that this is not a real copy please get back and let me know something thank you

  4. This website is a joke. I ordered a tv but when I tried to find a tracking number there was none. I called the contact number but of course no one answers. I left a message but no one returned my call. I called seven times. Then I noticed the number I called was a Portland Oregon number the company says they are in Oklahoma.I was lucky and stopped payment on my card. They don’t even spell their name the same sometimes it’s Sport and sometimes it’s Sporte . Stay away!!

  5. Beware Of Sportecentral.com: The price seemed too good to be true, but I couldn’t resist, so I placed the order and entered my credit card. When no email came confirming my order, I called and the phone rings busy repeatedly. I then checked for complaints about them and found that: 1. their location is in the middle of nowhere, not even a street; 2. Their social media links take you back to the company website – no presence on social media; 3. My email to them canceling the order and disallowing charge has not received a response. Based on this experience, either they are incompetent or they are fraudulent.

  6. Well, I decided to be the guinea pig and ordered a product for $22.50 and toh ordering process was pretty normal. I completed the checkout process.
    It has been a couple of hours and still no email confirmation nor is there a pending transaction on my bank account. I did use an account that I only use on occasion for online shopping and only transferred enough money to that account to pay for the item ordered.
    I did some digging and I did find out that the address on their website is a residence in the middle of nowhere, Maud, OK and the number goes to a phone in Oregon and the voicemail is a female and does not appear to be a business. I did email their support team about an hour ago and have not received a reply.

    I am sure that this is not a legitimate company and I will absolutely come back and update this as time goes bye…
    Lonnie Keller

  7. Just ordered two mini-fridges for 80 dollars each. I hope this isn’t a scam. I will be taking this fraud to the full extent of the law if it is so i better get 2 brand new fully functional working 3.0 cu mini fridges as I’ve ordered.

  8. I ordered a refrigerator and stove for our new house on 6/10/20. I have the same issue as everyone above. No response to voicemails or email (though I just sent the email late Friday night). I haven’t received an email confirmation beyond the one placing the order yet. So at this point I am skeptical.

  9. I placed an ordered today and it was only after I placed that order that my curiosity got the best of me because of the item I had purchased was an item that was priced too good and some of the stores had it as out of stock. Now, when I had googled this item, it came across together with another website which is the maker of the item I purchased. Google: Schwinn IC4 and it comes up and uses SportsCenter as a comparison right on that same page??? Anyway, Schwinn has this item at $799.99 and Sport Central at $399.50??? Got so excited, been wanting this bic for my husband as a Fathers Day gift that I did not hesitate to chick on that link and I did get a confirmation on my email. But, like I said I decided after the fact to check this out and as many of you mentioned here, I tried calling that number and get a woman voice and I left two messages so far and I emailed them from the actual confirmation email that that sent and I am waiting.

  10. I ordered a very low priced Samsung 43″ smart TV from the site yesterday, without performing any checking on this terrible clunky wordpress designed web site. Initially, received an email that my order had been placed and was being processed. I used a credit card for the purchase. I have just read in another review where a woman purchased something and noticed the same thing I did, that the transaction didn’t show up within her online transaction activity. This site is a SCAM!. I have proactively LOCKED my credit card avoiding any further transactions and requested a replacement credit card from my bank.



  11. Hi, ordered, smoothie blender today, then listen to my intuition ,this sound this sounds fishy what I’m reading from other people is it’s a scam so just a heads up for you before you deal into this card game

  12. Ordered a mini fridge paid with credit card. Same story for me- no confirmation email, no reply to email or messages left on what appears to be a women’s personal cell phone. Ordered on 6/11/20 3-5 day delivery. 6/18/20 still not received

  13. I had just seen your alert and a number of other alerts about sportsecentral.com. I had checked Google’s Safe Browsing Site which reported the content was safe and ordered a Roku Streaming Stick + 4K Streaming Media Player with Voice TV Controls for $21.20. The price was about 1/3 – 1/2 lower than other legitimate sites, so I rationalized that they must have had a large inventory that they needed to get rid of.

    I now realize I wasn’t as thorough in my due diligence as I could/should have. Their location is in the middle of nowhere with no buildings or major roadways. I called the number which was to a person, and I left a voice message and asked for a return call. I have not heard back after 2 days.

    I had contacted my bank, but the transaction has not been made yet. They need to have the charge hit first before I can file a report. They have not charged my credit card 3 days after my purchase.

    So, I am thinking I got scammed. I will post more when I get more information.

  14. That website is no longer accessible. Its certificate is now associated with kinadepot.com, increasing the likelihood that it’s not legitimate.

    10 Sherwood Dr Salinas, CA 93901 USA
    +1 (831) 424-5644


  16. Made an order. No reply, no receipt. Within hours my card number was stolen. Their phone is disconnected and no response to emails.
    Total scam! Avoid at all cost!

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