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Sports Winter Paralympics 2022 {March} Games List, Time!

This article goes over the Sports Winter Paralympics 2022 and helps you learn fascinating details about the event.

In many ways, the Paralympics celebrate the human spirit and excel in the face of adversities. This year is no different as participants from Nigeria, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and many more go through various hurdles for nine days. 

Fans from all over the globe are tuning in to see their role models participate in the Sports Winter Paralympics 2022. Much drama unfolding and exciting developments make it a riveting watch for everyone. This article will help you learn everything there is to know about the Olympic event. 

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About Winter Paralympics

The roots of Paralympics games go back to World War 2 when many soldiers had severe disabilities due to the ills of the battlefield. They wanted to feel part of society and be at the forefront of athleticism. Eventually, getting an opportunity to participate in the 1948 Olympics, which had a special wheelchair racing category. It immediately caught the attention and appreciation of everyone leading to the formation of the modern Paralympics.

What can you expect from Sports Winter Paralympics 2022?

This is one of the biggest Paralympics events, with more than 564 athletes participating in 78 events. Here is a list of the six sports that the viewers can enjoy while sitting at home or living in Beijing, China. 

  • Cross-country skiing 
  • Ice sledge hockey
  • Alpine skiing
  • Snowboarding 
  • Nordic skiing
  • Wheelchair curling  
  • Biathlon 

The opening event was supposed to be done on 3rd March; however, they later changed it to 4th March. The closing ceremony will take place on 13th March, and the Paralympics flag will be handed over to the mayor of Millan. 

What was the bidding procedure for  Sports Winter Paralympics 2022?

This event has been in the making for the past seven years as many countries hosted the games. Eventually, it came down to Almaty and Beijing, providing strong proposals to get their cities selected. 

Almaty had previously hosted 2011 Asian Winter sports and hosted the 2017 Winter Universiade. Beijing has had a long tradition of hosting various Olympics, such as the 2008 summer Olympics. China, Even though it doesn’t have enough snow, they managed to create many artificial ones just for this proposal.

Eventually, Beijing managed to win the proposal by 44 votes over Almaty, winning only 40 votes to host Sports Winter Paralympics 2022.

What is the mascot for this year’s game?   

Every game has a mascot representing the host’s cultural representation, and this year China’s model is Bing Dwen Dwen. It is a cute panda that represents the spirit of loving winter sports and health.  They have released many cute stickers and animated GIF of them all over the world.


Millions of people with severe disabilities struggle daily, and for them, these games are one of hope and inspiration. Athleticism is something that everyone can get into and is crucial to people. It’s time to get yourself in the spirit for Sports Winter Paralympics 2022 and cheer for your country.

Learn more about the history of the winter Paralympics by clicking this article. 

Are you a sporting fan and want to learn more about the winter sports for the Paralympics? Slide down the comment section and give us your opinions on the future of sports.

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