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Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021 {Oct} Know the facts!

This article elaborates on all the details regarding Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021 and the latest news about him.

Spotemgottem is becoming increasingly popular for his talent in the rap game. People are curious about Spotemgottem’s net worth after hearing about the tragic incident, and many want to know details about his income sources, career, and other interesting facts. So, stay tuned with us till the end of this article while we disclose everything regarding Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021

We will also shed some light on the recent hardship faced by this rapper from the United States. Now, firstly we will give you a brief knowledge about Spotemgottem!

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Who is Spotemgottem?

Spotemgottem, born as Nehemiah Lamar Harden on 19th October 2001, is an American songwriter and rapper. His first rise to fame was ‘Beatbox’ which ranked number 12 in the Billboard Hot 100. After that, his songs like Freestyle, My Legacy, Attic, and many more remixes of Beatbox got him more and more listeners. People worldwide and labels like Rebel Music, Interscope Records, and Geffen Records hugely appreciated his talent in the genres of hip-hop, drill, and trap music. So, Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021 has been steeply rising over the past few years.

What happened to Spotemgottem recently?

On 17th September 2021, Spotemgottem was driving his Dodge Charger on the I-95 highway in the United States while heading to Miami. Early in the morning, his car was hit by reckless gunfire, leaving 22 bullet holes on its driver’s side exterior, and 5 of them even ended up in the hips and legs of Spotemgottem and another passenger. His lawyer confirmed that they are both alive even though they are in critical condition. He also reassured the media that this was a drive-by shooting and not a shootout.

Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021s

His current net worth is $500,000 at 19, which solely depends on his talent. His current net worth was 25 times his net worth in 2016, so we can see that he is a talented musician with a bright future.

So, where does his income come from?

His legitimate income of 100,000 dollars per year mostly comes from his YouTube salary and paid promotions. While researching Spotemgottem Net Worth, we have also found that his involvement in criminal activity could cost him a lot as he already lost $18,500 in July as a bond to stand trial.

After listening to this tragic incident, people were curious about his Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021 and wondered if he was involved in any crime scenes for his income. This is because he is a convicted felon, and not long ago, he was also alleged for involvement in crimes like possessing a firearm, aggravated assault, and hooliganism.

Note – these all facts are part of research available on the internet. We are just mentioning it.


The conclusion is that Spotemgottem should focus on expanding his music and social media empire because he could make a lot more with his talent. But, his criminal activities could end him up in jail or worse, as we have seen in the case of many other rappers. If you liked our article about Spotemgottem Net Worth 2021, please share your comments.

You can read more about Spotemgottem here.

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