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Spotify Icebergify {June} Check Relevant Details Here!

If you do not know about Spotify Icebergify, then you should look at the article. And please keep connected with us for more interesting articles and blogs. 

Do you love to listen to songs on Spotify? Do you have any idea what Icebergify is? Have you heard of the term before? Icebergify is a tool that helps you create your favourite songs and artists on Spotify as an “Iceberg” pattern chart. Isn’t it so cool? If you do have not any idea about this, then we will request you to follow the article on Spotify Icebergify. Listeners from Spain, Brazil, the United States, and Portugal are already starting to use this feature. 

Information about the Icebergify:

Akshay Raj was the developer of Icebergify. It is an example of an open-source application that was powered by Spotify Web API. Monetization is not their intention. If you choose this app, you must agree with their collection policy. The information the app will collect from you will be limited only to your Spotify username, account ID, and the top 50 songs and artists over the last few years. 

About Spotify Stats:

To know about your chart, you need to view your most played songs, artists and genres. Between three different time zones, users can switch. Approximately every day, your data will be updated.

Then you need to compare your ranking to your last visit. Looking at the arrows, you will notice if your ranking is going upward or downward. 

Then the users need to create a playlist from their music chart. After that, go to the Spotify app and listen to the songs. Don’t forget to check your recently listened songs. 

How to see Spotify Listening History on the phone?

If you want to listen to your previously played tracks, you can visit the search history of Spotify because the app keeps your previously played tracks. 

If you use Spotify on your phone, then first click on the “Home” button in the bottom bar of Spotify. After clicking the “Home” button, you need to click on the “broken clock” logo, which means the recently played option from the right corner of the top bar. Then a “Recently Played” page will open, and now you can enjoy the songs. 

How to check Spotify Artist Stats?

Are you an artist or a listener? It doesn’t matter because everyone can check how often a song is played. If you are a listener, just visit any of the artist’s Spotify pages and check the “Popular” option to see which are the most popular songs of that particular artist. And if you are an artist and want to check how many times your songs get played, then you just need to sign up and log into Spotify For Artists. 

Last Words:

This is it for today. We hope that today’s article on Spotify Icebergify will help you to understand the features of Spotify. Those who are still confused can click on the below-mentioned link if you want more information about Spotify.

Are you a Spotify user? Do you enjoy listening to songs on Spotify? Please comment below your valuable feedback with us. 

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