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Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong {Dec} Find Fixings!

In this post, we have discussed the Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong issue and how to fix the problem.

Are you facing issues with your Spotify Wrapped application? Would you like to know a fix to solve the problem? If yes, then hook on to this article. 

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here, but many people Worldwide are facing issues with it. So, they want to know a potential fix to solve the problems. So, in this post, we will discuss Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong and how to fix it. 

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What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is a promotional campaign started by the music streaming service Spotify. It allows users to explore a collection of information about their behavior on Spotify over the previous year as part of the campaign, urging the users to post the information on social media accounts. 

The five performers a user had played the most, the tracks they’ve played the most, plus their favorite music genres are included within the Spotify Wrapped. Every year, millions of individuals promote Spotify across their social media profiles due to the Spotify Wrapped campaign.

Before knowing more about Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong, let us discuss how to access its playlist.

How to access the Spotify Wrapped song list?

Open the Spotify app on your phone.

To launch the Spotify Wrapped collection, click on the Your 2021 Wrapped header on the start menu. If you cannot locate the poster, type Wrapped into the search window, and the poster should appear.

When you tap on the graphic, you’ll be taken to the Spotify Wrapped Story tab. You’ll be able to see your personalized Spotify analytics here.

If you would like to share the information among your family and friends through social media websites, you can do so by clicking the share this story option.

Why is it showing Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong?

Music lovers look forward to Spotify Wrapped every December, but it is becoming a little tricky to find this year. 

It seems that the Spotify Wrapped feature is not working. Whenever users are trying to access the Spotify Wrapped playlist, the app shows Something Went Wrong.

However, some users are unable to use the feature for some unknown reasons. And no official explanation has been given by Spotify regarding this issue.

How to Fix the Spotify Wrapped Issue of Something Went Wrong? 

For the customers who are experiencing the Spotify Wrapped crash, some workarounds can assist them in resolving the Spotify Wrapped Something Went Wrong issue.

First and foremost, if users are unable to view the Wrapped Story tab even after shutting the app completely, check for updates. Users may update the application using their phone’s app store or perhaps the settings menu if any system upgrade is necessary. 

Cleaning cache & data from the device’s account settings is another alternative. Clearing the cache helps to clear up space by removing temporary files. If indeed the issue with the crash continues, consider deleting & reinstalling the Spotify application.


Spotify Wrapped is an annual occasion among Spotify users, but due to some issues, users can not access it. We hope our fix helps them. Visit this News website to know more.  

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