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Squiggly Line NFT {Jan} Explore Working, Statistics Here

Read about a newly launched NFT with the simple concept of showcasing artwork in the form of lines. Review Squiggly Line NFT in this article.

Squiggly Line DAO is in the news as an anonymous buyer has purchased Squiggly Line DAO for a whooping Ξ1,362, which is approximately $4 million. The purchase saw Squiggle #7583 for Ξ922.5 and Squiggle #2855 for Ξ420. The founder of Squiggly Line DAO had made 13 Ringers, 3 Fidenzas and 14 Squiggles and included secondary Archetypes and Subscapes.

The sale of Squiggly Line DAO made headlines in India and the United States. So, let us review Squiggly Line NFT.

What is Squiggly Line?

Squiggly Line is a native currency and a gate pass in the Squiggly Line DAO multiverse. It is a digital art-form of lines drawn in rainbow colors depicting a fluctuating trend line. 

Squiggly Lines artwork does not depict any data but showcases artwork in unique lines based on the color spectrum, direction, etc. All the trails of a single Squiggly Line contribute to its rarity and value. It is a form of pop art motif. 

How does Squiggly Line NFT work?

  • Sotheby, an establishment well known to deal with NFTs, had taken up Chromie Squiggles as its biggest in-house NFT project.
  • The highest bidder of Squiggly Line DAO will be getting ten random generators.
  • Only ten Squiggly Line DAO are auctioned in the initial stages of the project. 
  • Squiggly Line DAO is a community-driven project.
  • Squiggly Line DAO can be sold in the future to get more profits.

Founders of Squiggly Line:

Snowfro is the founder of Squiggly Line DAO from Houston. Snowfro is an artist with more than 10 years of experience.

Squiggly Line NFT Price stats:

  • Units Sold Last 7 Days— 29
  • Trading Volume Last 7 Days— $508k
  • Average Price Last 7 Days— $17.5k
  • Floor Price— Ξ5.69
  • Total Supply Number Of Tokens— 9,271
  • Owners Number Of Owners— 2,240
  • 10th Percentile Price Last 7 Days— $13.4k
  • Median Price Last 7 Days— $15k
  • 90th Percentile Price Last 7 Days— $22.2k
  • All-Time High Average— On 10th December 2021 At $99,332.794
  • All-Time Lowest Average Price— On 28th December 2021 At $13,469.539

Squiggly Line Predictions:

The price predictions of Squiggly Line DAO are currently unavailable and awaited from market experts.


  1. What is the contract address to buy Squiggly Line NFT?

Ans. The seller’s address differs based on the specific Squiggly Line DAO you want to purchase.

  1. On which exchanges Squiggly Line DAO is listed?

Ans. Squiggly Line is listed on OpenSea.

How to buy Squiggly Line?

  1. Install MetaMask and login
  2. Buy ETH on MetaMask
  3. Login to OpenSea
  4. Link your MetalMask to OpenSea
  5. Trade Squiggly Line on OpenSea in exchange for ETH


Squiggly Line DAO was recently launched NFT  in October 2021. However, it got well established in the market, with many famous institutions buying it at a high price. With the investments from institutions, it is clear that Squiggly Line NFT is highly prospective. However, we advise you to research more before investment as RoI and price predictions are unavailable.

Were Squiggly Line reviews informative? Please comment below about Squiggly Line.

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