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Star Wars Anime Studios (Aug 2021) Complete Details Now!

Star Wars Anime Studios (Aug 2021) Complete Details Now! >> This article discusses the upcoming association of an American multimedia franchise and Japanese animated studios. Read here to know more. 

Are you a die heart fan of anime? Do you want to know about the upcoming Japanese anime series? If that’s the case, you should read this article.

Anime fans worldwide, especially in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom, are excited about the upcoming Star War project and know more about Star Wars Anime Studios. In this article, We will discuss the Upcoming anime series Star War: Vision.

What is Star War: Vision?

Star Wars: Visions is a new Japanese anime anthology series based on Star War by George Lucas and is produced by Lucasfilm Animation. The series is expected to release on 22 September 2021 through the American streaming platform Disney+. 

The new Star War project is a collection of animated short films that give a fresh and diverse cultural viewpoint on Star Wars and are shown through the prism of the world’s finest anime studios. To know more about What Studios Are Working on Star Wars Visions, keep on reading.

Studios behind Star War: Vision

Disney+ unveiled the identities of the seven Japanese anime companies providing their distinct artistry and perspective to Star Wars: Vision, an animated series of short films from Lucasfilm Animation that will stream only on Disney+ and gave fans an exclusive glimpse. Each studio has developed short films using their signature animation and narrative approaches. The seven studios have different perspectives towards Star War Galaxy, and they have constructed the films in their vision. 

A list of the episode developed by these studios and What Studios Are Working on Star Wars Visions is given below:

  • The Duel (“Dyueru”) – Directed by Takanobu Mizuno and animated by Kamikaze Douga.
  • Lop and Ochō (“Norausa Roppu to Hiō Ochō”) – Directed by Yuki Igarashi and animated by Geno Studios.
  • Tatooine Rhap (“Tatuīn Rapusodi”) – Directed by Taku Kimura and animated by Studio Colorido.
  • The Twins (“Tsuinzu”) – Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and animated by Studio Trigger.
  • The Elder (“Erudā”) – Directed by Masahiko Otsuka and animated by Studio Trigger.
  • The Village Bride (“Mura no Hanayome”) – Directed by Hitoshi Haga and animated by Kinema Citrus.
  • Akakiri – Directed by Eunyoung Choi and animated by Science Saru.
  • T0-B1 – Directed by Abel Góngora and animated by Science Saru.

About Star Wars Anime Studios

Lucasfilm has collaborated with the Japanese best anime studio, Star Wars: Visions. Each short film has a distinctly Japanese aesthetic blended with the tone and spirit of the Star Wars narrative. Japanese mythology and Akira Kurosawa’s films have influenced Star Wars stories since the beginning of the series. 


The post, Star War: Vision is a collaboration between two cultures and anime fans globally, mostly the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom, eagerly await the series. For additional information about Star War: Vision, checkout.

Are you excited about this Star War and anime collaboration? If yes, then comment below your thoughts about Star Wars Anime Studios.

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