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Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Legit?

The guide shares Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews to help consumers understand the worth of buying the motocross racer bike.

Do you love watching motocross racing? Are you passionate about motocross bikes? Then, there is good news for you as Barcelona-based Motorbike Company has launched a new electric-powered motocross racing bike, Stark Varg, which is available for pre-order. 

Stark Varg is the all-new electric motocross racing bike that claims to surpass the performance of traditional combustion engineered rivals in all manners. Designed and developed by a motocross race bike manufacturer in the outskirts of Barcelona, Stark Varg is claimed to be the strong wolf

Many racers in the United States are attracted and want to read the Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews.    

What is Stark Varg?

Stark Varg is the all-new powerful electric motocross racing bike designed by a Swedish-born motorbike company in Barcelona. The company manufactures innovative motocross bikes that are popular in the United States.  

The new electric motocross bike produces an 80hp power with 938Nm of wheel torque. It is lightweight and weighs only 110KG. Since it is an electric-powered motocross bike, it lasts for 6 hours when fully charged. 

The manufacturer claims that it can complete a full moto at the MXGP intensity after charging it for 1-2 hours. As per Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews, it comes with KYB suspension with the capacity of 310mm travel rear and front, easy-to-move bodywork, carbon and aluminum fiber chassis, and Brembo braking system.   


  • Product Category – Electric Motocross Racer Bike 
  • Estimated Delivery – 25th Nov 2022
  • Pre-Order Booking Amount – $100
  • Price – $11900
  • Power – STD 60HP and Alpha 80HP
  • Wheel – 19 inches 
  • Suspension – 65-70KG/143-154 LBS
  • Brake – Hand Brake and Foot Brake System
  • Color – Stark red, Forest Grey and Snow White
  • Wheel Torque – 938Nm
  • Range – 6 Hours with Charging of 1-2 Hours
  • Ride Modes – Over 100 Modes
  • Adjustability – Traction Control, Flywheel Effect, Engine Braking, Power Curve 

Pros of Stark Varg 

Before jumping to the Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews section, let us check some of the benefits of the motocross racer. 

  • Endless performance 
  • 450CC four-stroke engine
  • 30% more power than a traditional motocross racer
  • Delivers a peak performance of 80HP
  • Remarkable and impressive 938Nm torque 
  • Power on your fingertips
  • Great range of 6 hours with 1-2 hours of charging
  • Patent-pending battery case structure 
  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Carbon fiber electric motor to generate higher performance  

Cons of Stark Varg 

  • Not yet launched as only pre-order is available now
  • There are no reviews or comments from professionals 
  • Charging is needed frequently after 6 hours of range 

Is Stark Varg Legit or Scam?

Since there are no Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews available, people want to know its legitimacy before pre-ordering the motocross racer bike. After evaluating, we have found a few crucial things worth mentioning.

  • The domain of the seller’s website was registered on 08th June 2021, and it is only 190 days old. 
  • The domain is valid till 08/06/2023.
  • The trust index of the company of only 33%, and you should be wary before pre-ordering. You must research further to conclude your decision.
  • The trust rank of the website is 64.3/100.
  • There are no reviews available on Stark Varg. But we found a few reviews from customers about the company on Trustpilot with a 3.8-star rating. 

So, research more about the product and company before pre-ordering it. 

What are the Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews?

As mentioned, Stark Varg is only available for pre-ordering now; we found no reviews from consumers online. Until and unless the motocross racing bike is available for ordering, no customers have hands-on experience. Without practical experiences of riding the bike, no customers would share any reviews online.

So, consumers have to wait until any pre-order review or comment is shared over the internet. We only found a few reviews from consumers about the brand behind Stark Varg. They are favorable but have nothing to do with the product.       

So, we urge our readers to wait for the Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews from consumers before ordering their motocross racer. It will help them make the right buying decision and understand the Product’s Legitimacy.


Stark Varg is the new electric motocross racer bike that claims to surpass the expectations and performance of traditional combustion engineered motocross racer bikes. 

However, the motocross racer is not released yet and is available only for pre-ordering. Customers eager to buy this electric-powered motocross racer search online for reviews and comments before pre-ordering.     

But there are no Stark Varg Pre Order Reviews found, and customers have to wait until any comment is shared. 

Do you have any updates about Stark Varg? Then, please share it in the comment section. You may read more details here about the founder and the bike.

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