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[Update] Stats For Spotify .Com: Check Spotify Wrapped Story, Why Spotify Wrapped 2022 Not Showing Yet, Is There Any Specific Date For It

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Stats for Spotify .com for the details on generating stats for your Spotify listening habits.

It has become a trend on social media to share anything and everything to show that a person is actively using social media and is happy with his lifestyle. A part of such a trend in the United States is to share personal music listening habits. There are several advantages to it. The users tend to socialize more with people with similar listening habits and come to know more about the artists, similar genres, etc. Let’s check about Stats for Spotify .com.

About Stats for Spotify.com:

Spotify has a collection of the highest number of music albums, with its presence in more than 184 countries, supporting music tracks from different languages and 62 language user interfaces. At the end of each year, Spotify relaunches Spotify Wrapped pages on its website and mobile applications. The Spotify Wrapped gives an insight into the top tracks listened to for the year, the type of music genres, artists, and a graphical representation of the number of times the tracks were played.

In November 2022, Spotify announced it would soon relaunch Wrapped, but Spotify Wrapped 2022 Not Showing. However, the exact date was not provided. On 1st December 2022, the https://www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/ page was launched. However, the page specified that Spotify Wrapped is only available on iOS and Android apps.

Since the mid of 2022, the InstaFest.app has gained popularity as it generates similar stats compared to Spotify Wrapped. InstaFest.app took over the internet by storm as it was accessible any time of the year, unlike Spotify Wrapped, accessible only at the end of the year. Like Spotify Wrapped, the InstaFest.app report can be shared on social media with more customizable options!


About Stats for Spotify.com

Spotify Wrapped Story:

Millions of Spotify users eagerly awaited the Wrapped pages. But, to their disappointment, the Wrapped is not available on web browsers this year. As a second alternative, the users can still check their top tracks by 

  1. Logging in to Spotify.com from a web browser, 
  2. Clicking on their profile towards the upper right-hand side corner,
  3. Scroll down to the middle of the profile page, which shows the top ten music tracks they had listened to this year,
  4. To populate more tracks, the users can click on See All option at the right-hand side corner,
  5. It will list all the tracks users have listened to this year. 

Stats for Spotify .com links:

Spotify Wapped

Spotify Android app

Spotify iOS app

Alternative Spotify Stats



Several users were trying to access Wrapped via web browsers and could not find it. Spotify Wrapped is now available on iOS and Android platforms only. It is logical as most social media apps are installed on iOS and Android devices with user credentials. Hence, sharing the Wrapped report via mobile apps becomes easier than sharing it via the web browser. 

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Stats for Spotify .com – FAQ

Q.1  Why are people obsessed with Spotify Wrapped?

Because Spotify users want to share their music preferences, artists they listen to, and top tracks on social media.

Q.2  What is the alternate app where Spotify users can check their Spotify stats?

InstaFest.app, statsforspotify.com, etc., are alternate websites for Spotify Stats. 

Q.3  Why do several users not prefer InstaFest.app?

Because, in addition to Spotify, the users need to access InstaFest.app separately, which is a tedious process.

Q.4  Since when is Spotify Wrapped available for the year 2022?

The 2022 Stats for Spotify .com was launched on 1st December 2022.

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