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Statuehome.com Reviews {Dec 2021} Check If It Is Legit?

This article describes the Statuehome.com Reviews, its trustworthiness and is it worth investing your money in it or not.

In the world of materials and where people are moving towards worldly things, we need some peaceful moments in our life. But, as people move away from the spiritual life, inner peace is lost somewhere. However, some new inventions claim to provide products in the United States to help people gain some confidence, love and gratitude. 

So, we are here to provide you with some Statuehome.com Reviews

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What is Statuehome.com? 

It is an online portal that provides products to increase confidence, love, and gratitude. It helps you focus on yourself and other subordinates to move towards the spiritual path. You can move towards the spiritual path by dragging away from yourself and wandering to the new approach. The crystals guide you to move back to the course and stick to that path. 

Each crystal has a unique feature in both metaphysical and physical ways. There are a variety of shapes, stones, colours and beautiful stones that create an unbelievable environment in residence. People have doubts about “Is Statuehome.com Legit” or not. 


  • Type of website: Online Ecommerce website. 
  • Type of Products: Crystals for home décor. 
  • URL: https://statuehome.com/
  • Domain name: statuehome.com
  • Domain Age: It is less than one year old. 
  • Email ID: Not Available
  • Address: Not Available
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Shipping Policy: It takes around 15-25 days for shipping. 
  • Return Policy: Contact the website authority within 48 hours. 
  • Refund Policy: It does not mention the refund policy. 
  • Certification: HTTPS certification. 
  • Payment Policy: All types of online payment. 
  • Social Media Presence: It does not have any social media presence. 
  • Reviews: Not available. 

Positives of Statuehome.com: 

  • As per Statuehome.com Reviewsthe crystals have a beautiful texture for the home décor.
  • It accepts all types of payments to make a convenient transaction. 
  • It has HTTPS certification for security of privacy. 
  • There are wide collections of crystals for the consumers. 

Negatives of Statutehome.com: 

  • It does not have consumer reviews about the website. Therefore, people do not have the option to gain knowledge about the website through studies. 
  • The owner’s identity is absent, and various policy details are missing from the website. 
  • The website also does not have any social media presence, and therefore it is not a good sign. 

Is Statuehome.com Legit

  • The domain age of the website is less than one year. It was created on 27th July 2021; we cannot get the available information about the old and certified websites. Therefore, we do not have any strong proof about its legitimacy. 
  • There is no consumer review available about the website. Therefore, we cannot gauge the website’s legitimacy through the reviews. 
  • There is no social media presence on the website, and therefore we cannot get updates about the website on various portals. As the media presence is absent, we cannot see the consumers interacting. 
  • As per Statuehome.com Reviewsthe website has a low trust score. It merely describes a 14.9% trust score.
  • The website popularity is zero, which is not a good score for the website. 
  • Various policies are missing from the official website. Information like the return and refund policy is unclear on the website. 
  • There is HTTPS certification, but we cannot rely on this factor to justify its legitimacy. 
  • We could not find the Alexa ranking about the website and its popularity. 
  • There is no information about the contact details on its official website to connect with the users. So, the website does not seem to be legitimate. 

What are Statuehome.com Reviews

After our thorough research about the website, we could not find the reviews about the website operating in the United States. As there is no social media presence and no consumer reviews, we cannot justify the website’s legitimacy. 

So, even after getting thorough information about the website’s specifications, we cannot say that the website is legitimate. Various loopholes are required to be modified to gain its strengths. In addition to this, learn the tricks to acquiring your money back in PayPal scams

Final Verdict: 

Various factors are required to be considered while discussing the website’s legitimacy. We hope you are clear with Statuehome.com Reviews. Multiple sites provide peacefulness to the mins, which is necessary for the human mind. You can share your comments regarding your favourite technique to get away from stress. Moreover, you can also learn more about Credit Card scams here.

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