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Stcoat Reviews [June] – Is It a Legit Seller Or Not?

Stcoat Reviews [June] – Is It a Legit Seller Or Not? -> In this article, we get a clear view of the site selling clothing online.

Are you the one who loves to shop a lot of styles? Well, you can get this quickly if you want to by using this site.

Everyone wants to shop a lot of clothes for themselves, be it summer or winter. The Stcoat keeps in view the needs of the customers and brings out and online store through which the customers can buy the styles easily.

According to Stcoat Reviews, we find that the site is active in the United States. The site provides users with several styles that they can shop easily. They can get these styles delivered efficiently at their place.

The developers of the site focus on the development of the site in such a way that the users can get all the styles and trends that they want to.

Stcoat Website showcases a lot of clothing attires and products that will impress the customers, and they can buy those easily for themselves as well as can gift them to others.

Before we see the specifications of the site, let us know what Stcoat is?

What is Stcoat?

The site is an online portal which helps the users to connect with the site and get several trends quickly at their place.

The users can shop, order and get those styles delivered at their doorstep. The users will love the methods that it offers and the affordable range. 

The developers focus on creating products which are unique and have the right quality products.

We feel that it is essential for the customers to go through the entire site before they develop any decisions.

What is so unique about Stcoat?

The site provides its users access to several options just on one single page. They get access to buying a lot of apparels and designs only by a single click.

The site promises to deliver the products quickly to its users well on time and very efficiently. The customers will not be able to resist themselves from buying products after going through the site.

The customers can easily choose and buy whatever they like, add it to the cart, proceed for the payment option and carry out the procedure ahead.

The customers can select the location of delivery as per their choice and can choose between the different online payments options that are available.


  • Product: Clothing
  • Email: Not given
  • Web site: http://stcoat.com/
  • Address: No information
  • Contact: Not mentioned
  • Delivery: Not clear
  • Returns: No details

Pros of buying through Stcoat:

Cons of buying through Stcoat:

  • No information on delivery and shipping
  • No details on the internet
  • No reviews found
  • No connection with social media

Customer feedback on Stcoat:

By going through the site and the information, we get we think that this is truly a fake site. The site is new and does not have appropriate content that can be trusted by the users to carry out further purchases.

It is found that the site does not open in a lot of cases that is not at all a good sign. Also, we see that the site is not active on any of the social media sites. We do not find any information regarding the location on the internet and no reviews too.

The customers feel suspicious about the content of the site. The site is not worth trusting as it does not bring up any valid information that can be trusted by the users.

Final verdict:

The site is not at all a valid location and does not have any lawful content. We feel that the site is a scam and should not be trusted by the users to buy any products. 

The site does not have any valid information, does not have an SSL certificate. We do not find any traffic on the site, which means that very fewer users view or use the site. This is not a good sign. Also, the site is not secure and might risk the details of the customers.

The site is a fraud site and might risk the details of the customers. The customers should be aware of such sites and should use after going through the reviews.

The customers are advised not to use any site of such sort about which they do not have any surety.

Thus, we will not recommend this site for our users as we cannot trust it.

20 thoughts on “Stcoat Reviews [June] – Is It a Legit Seller Or Not?

  1. Went on the site to get a lawn mower and it sent me a tracking number and the number just keep saying it’s over in China

    1. I also ordered a lawn mower it said it was finally delivered today and i received face masks with the same tracking number as the lawn mower

      1. I went through PayPal and I got a refund. They offered to send the right item but if it took another 45 days then no refund available.

    2. I ordered a pressure washer and they sent me 5 masks. Good thing I went though PayPal. I am getting my money back. STCoat contacted me after PayPal contacted them and they offered the right thing I ordered but I told them no

    1. Visit the official website and know the company terms and conditions…thanks for being in touch…

      1. I ordered a pressure washer and said it was delivered yesterday. I got 5 paper face masks. Going through BBB and PayPal to get my money back. I hope I can get it back.
        Do not buy from. Total scam

    2. Even when they offer to do the right thing, they delay or lose the shipping item and then offer a partial refund or a credit to other stores. This site is a total scam!!! sooo angry.

  2. Ordered a lawn mower at a too good price and got nothing but 5 face masks from China. I was suprised to see the masks and then it hit me. They think they were making good their rip-off by sending me masks. The site keeps coming up on Google Chrome under different names.

    1. I ordered a pressure washer and said it was delivered yesterday. I got 5 paper face masks. Going through BBB and PayPal to get my money back. I hope I can get it back.
      Do not buy from. Total scam

  3. That’s crazy, I also ordered a lawn mower. Got a tracking number and they actually sent me something, some freakin masks. They robbing people.

  4. I ordered a pressure washer and said it was delivered yesterday. I got 5 paper face masks. Going through BBB and PayPal to get my money back. I hope I can get it back.
    Do not buy from. Total scam

  5. I ordered a weed eater they sent me 5 paper face masks. trying to get my money back from pay pal no luck so far.
    If pay pal lets me down i will never use them again.

  6. Same thing here! Ordered mower. To good to be true price. Which showed up in google. Week went by, got tracking number…. waited….waited… ih its in the air from china… waited. Oh it in my town. Oh its delivered! its a small package. Face masks! Emailed them immediatley no response yet!!! It says its in ohio on website… also i saw a tennase address too. Total scam, had to take a chance for a lawn mower at that price!!!

    How do we. Report website to feds or google or to whom? And how?

  7. Orderd a pressure washer got a pack of 20 face mask. Then they said they resent my washer and then when I tracked it says it was lost in transport then they say they shipped another one says attempted delivery yesterday nope nothing SCAM SCAM SCAM

  8. ordered batteries for weedeater abd they said shipped wrong would resend…nothing. been going on with for 4 months over 60 bucks. scam company offered 75% refund after their first off of 50% was told to shove up there ass, still aint finished with these idiots

  9. This site is a rip off. I have been battling with them to send me a weed wacker for over 6 months now. I would report them to the BBB but they are out of China.
    The tracking site is fake.

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