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Stop Medical discrimination.org (April) Sign The Petition

Stop Medical discrimination.org (April) Sign The Petition -> Check our news post and find out about a petition gaining popularity everywhere in the world. Be the part of the petition now!

Have you heard about discrimination in the medical field? Do you know how does it happen? Are you aware of the forceful experimental vaccines? If not, you are at the right place. In this news post, we will help you know everything about medical discrimination and how to stop it with the assistance of stop medical discrimination.org.

This is a website that is mainly formed for ending the discrimination that takes place in the medical world in the name of experimental vaccines. In this article, we will also talk about protecting medical privacy worldwide.

Let’s have a look at the recent update.

What is the website all about?

Stop medical discrimination is a website that is solely formed to stop the forced experimental vacancies going on in the medical world. It is a petition which people from all over the world is signing to safeguard their medical privacy. Follow stop medical discrimination.org to know details.

The website is made aware of the equality and privacy you deserve for your health conditions, and you should know that no one can violate it. It would help if you did not allow your employer, hospital representative, or even government bodies to break it.

What actions is SMD going to take?

According to the petition, no one should be pressured to take the experimental vaccine. This pressure is seen to be put by government bodies on a large scale or even by schools, airlines, and other prominent institutions.

The website is made for taking strict actions against those who will compel you to take the vaccine. This petition is gaining popularity worldwide because of the cause for which it stands.

So, it’s an ample opportunity for those who want to protect themselves from such a forceful act, leading to their death in an extreme case.

What are the responses on stop medical discrimination.org?

Great responses till date have been seen after the petition was made. Most of the people are getting awareness and they are signing the petition to stand against medical discrimination.

Currently, 163824 people have signed the petition and the number is growing at an alarming rate. A page on Instagram has been created and around 4k followers are there. As the petition is for a good cause, more people are showing interest. 

Many people got cognizance regarding the motive behind the petition. Vaccine without your concern is risky, so make sure nobody forces you for that.


At last, we would like to end by saying that you should follow stop medical discrimination.org and understand the cause. You should be aware of your rights and never get influenced by any huge authoritative body. It’s a life and death call, so never get pressurized by forceful experimental vaccine.

So, by being the part of this petition, you can stop medical discrimination everywhere in the world.

602 thoughts on “Stop Medical discrimination.org (April) Sign The Petition

  1. I do not believe people who refuse to take experimental wuhan or covid 19 viris virus vaccination should be discriminated against

    1. I don’t want these vaccines. I don’t want anything that has Luciferine injected into my body . Or a drug that’s got no idea of the allergy reactions to this now or later on if I take other daily medications or that could make me catch covid-19 and I just believe it’s not tested enough for me to want it.

  2. Where is the petition to sign? Can not find it. I would like to sign it and pass it on but cannot find it on this website.

  3. This has been an eye opener for me. Advice on my 43 year old son fighting stage 4 cancer. Should he take vaccine or how do we get rx for hydro? or any other drug we can keep on hand for symptoms China virus? God bless your work and bless America. Clarice

  4. I will not take this experimental vaccine when there are other medical treatment options and because the survival rate is better than 99%.

  5. Finally people taking a stand, with the actual science behind the China virus and the experimental vaccine!

    1. I don’t want these vaccines ty for helping us refuse by our legal rights to decwhst we put in our bodies.

  6. I strongly oppose anyone or anything infringing on my rights and force me to put things I. My body I don’t want.

  7. I only have the ability to leave my name and email address the video shows more information like address , age and gender

  8. Thank you Dr. Simone Gold for your research and your statement of “You know when you are hearing the truth….you can feel it”. I have felt this way since April of 2020. I was influenced by the fear until that point, until I realized we were a bunch of sheep being led off the cliff. Problem is I am not articulate enough to get my point across. I will share this video with my email list. I pray people will watch it and sign your petition. Thank you and GOD BLESS you.
    Terri J. Lyskawa

  9. thank you this has just proven everything i have with the governments wat to weed out the populations of eaters that is what the elites consider us thank you I will do all i can to forward this information

  10. To mandate a vaccine that is experimental is gross incompetence. If you need to experiment on a group of people vaccinate all the members of Congress, the Senate, all the lobbyists and anyone that comes into contact with the white house, including the president and his staff.

  11. I believe that everyone who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is indwelled by the Holy Spirit. The H.S. communicates with our revealing to us that which is true and that which is false enabling us to know when we hear the truth. Frontline Doctors speaks and doctors on the right make up Frontline Doctors and I would bet most of them are Christians which means the H.S. is speaking His truth through them to all of us that need to know what you all know about this virus and the so-called vaccines…which I instinctively distrust big time. I am 73 and wondering if I should get the shingles vaccine and regular flu vaccines and pneumonia vaccines? I do get two of them but so far, not the shingles one. Thank you for your service to humanity. The left and doctors on the left are basically just liars because they are minions of their father the Devil, who is the Father of Lies, the prime deceiver, and the destroyer of all life. This is a battle with those evil spiritual forces in high places (Eph 6) that are controlling all who are lost. As we know, we all had our manner of life (Eph 2) under the Devil’s control when we were spiritually dead, without Christ in this world.

  12. I’m against being forced to be vaccinated by anyone, any airline, cruise line or any other organization, employer or business.

  13. After watching Dr. Simone Gold this afternoon, I came to this site to sign the petition. I plan on shouting it from the mountain top to everyone that will hear me, to come to this site and sign the petition as well.
    Thank God for the information and for all the people responsible for this website and for the American Frontline Doctors.

  14. Stop forced experimental vaccines! I am 68 years old and take 0 meds. I will always take the alternative
    route with my health!! Blessings and Love

  15. Inoculations should be a voluntary choice. Vaccines and any medical care or treatment should not be mandated by businesses.

  16. I recovered from this virus months ago. I am not contagious, nor am I at risk. I do not need this experimental vaccine, nor will I take it, as millions of other Americans will not take it. Do not mandate a vaccination policy. It is not necessary, more risky than curing, and very un-American.

  17. Ourfirstright.org Was Given to U.S. from GOD , Through Our Founding Fathers and Tacticalcivics.com Has Brought it Forward to U.S.A. to Beat the Evil in DC Today !

  18. OK, My Wife and I used to fly about twice a year. We are both in out seventies, and will not take the Covid 19 shot. We have had several friends who have received the injection, and have had sever reactions to it. I would think, that any airlines who decide to restrict us from traveling on a airlines because we do not have, or taken the shots are going against our freedoms.

  19. kicking knowledge. White people do not know about what the white American medical system has done to black people.

  20. I do not want to be mandated to take an experimental drug and have my travel hinging on taking the vaccine or not. This is a big civil rights issue!

  21. Where is the “Discrimination” ??? schools, airlines, and other prominent institutions are asking EVERYBODY to be vaccinated; EVERYBODY to wear a mask! This is ENFORCED MEDICAL TERROR! by non-medical entities!

  22. No way I or my husband will ever take that vaccine. I can’t even take the flu shot without getting deathly ill. I’m sure not rolling the dice on an experimental drug!

  23. I came to sign the stop medical discrimination petition but actually don’t see the form. I will leave my name and email address consider that as my signing this petition.

  24. Thank you for this valuable information. I live in an independant adult community of people from mid 60’s to 105 years old, literally. Almost everyone here has signed on to get the vaccine, except me and this 105 year old woman who has never taken a vaccine in her life! Every time I take a flu vaccine, I get very ill, so I’m staying away from this one for sure. I am 76 years old, in very good physical condition, except for psycho motor epilepsy and a little arthritis. So your information has instilled a greater reason not to take this vaccine.

  25. MY BODY!!! MY CHOICE!!! This applies when talk of vaccines are possibly going to be mandated! I should be in charge of what I put in my body and I should not be penalized in any sort of way if I choose not vaccinate! If someone is scared and wants to vaccinate, fine! They should not be scared of those who don’t vaccinate. If they are scared, then they are admitting the vaccine is not protecting them.

  26. As a practicing dentist too would like to help stop the lies that are being speed about corona virus lethality.

  27. Thank you for your making known the ramifications of pressure being being brought upon the population to be vacinated with these experimental drugs.

  28. We live in a free country and this is a human rights issue. We should not be forced to be a part of a biomedical experiment.

  29. Until this is no longer an experimental vaccine & more data is collected about future health ramifications I am against any mandate injecting a biological agent.

  30. I believe these experimental vaccines should never be mandated for any reason to anyone .
    I will not use any business that mandates the use .

  31. We have been skeptical of the vaccine from the start especially anything that Dr. Fauci or Gates has to do with….

  32. I would like to see people like Tucker Carlson, Hannity ect. with Fox News and Newsmax to receive these videos

  33. People should not be forced to take experimental vaccines. More studies to be done . Each person has an individual should make their own decision.

  34. We rushed into the Middle East to “change hearts and minds.” We were shocked, frightened and angry after the towers went down on 9/11. It was a rush to judgement. No logic . Fear and rage led the way. It has cost us billions of dollars
    We cannot let fear force us into another catastrophic decision. This time it may cost us our most precious asset, our people.

  35. Heavenly Father protect the truth of all matters! Bring our leaders unto you and you alone and help them turn from sin. Amen.

  36. I do not want to be forced to take any vaccine. It is my God given right to choose.
    I will not support any company that enforces this mandate to shop in their stores,
    fly on their planes, etc.

  37. I’ve done a lot of studying and some people think I am nuts but I believe this shot and masks are about controlling people. Ever since Covid. I have not been afraid I told people to wash their hands and when sick stay home, just common sense to me. I’ve had a lot of teacher friends who simply took the shot from pressure and a lot got certificates because they were so proud. I tried to warn people but it simply didn’t help a lot of people. My family has not taken the shot nor do we want it. There’s a lot of money to be made from shots and the masks that really don’t help at all in my opinion. Thanks for standing up for the right

  38. I agree, and I will not be taking this experimental drug that is meant to be used for controlling people not helping people.

  39. Can we agree on just one thing and that is to S T O P saying that ” this is a Democracy” we are a Republic and there is a Huge difference. Let the left socialist’s say it because Socialism and Democracy are twin sisters. Please Please and you can not marry the two its a contradiction and unless we understand and believe this we have not yet begun to fight back!!!!! David

  40. As an RN of 42 years, I recognize the dangers of taking experimental drugs that have not had years of testing for safety and effectiveness. They should not be mandated.

  41. This is my signature to stop this vaccine! I should have a choice. Thank you doctors for all this information!!


  43. The people of our free country will not be required to take an Experimental Biological Agent that has known side effects such as Antibody dependent enhancement reaction, it has damaging effects on fertility and woman’s placenta and can cause Auto immune disease. People who are taking the experimental agent are unaware that they are in a tracking system for two years. There is a clear socialist political agenda behind the agent.

  44. Thank you for the video, I think it’s a little for many for those who have taken it. Bill Gates said we will de-populate the earth through Vaccines.

  45. I’m against mandated vaccinations! Thank you for your research & for making us aware of what’s really happening in the medical field.

  46. I am in good health for my age and do not want to take a vaccine that does not have a proven track record.
    3 of my 4 children (adults) have autoimmune diseases and are not taking either.

  47. I strongly support this petition to stop medical discrimination by any organization that is even considering mandating this experimental biological agent.
    Dorothy Pongracz

  48. I need information about the infusion of antibodies they want to give 65 or older people who come down with Covid.

  49. I hope this goes to Canada and other places in the world too. I never have vaccines, I do not trust them and I have many allergies.

  50. Trial Experimental Agents👎
    Rt- PCR False Positives 👎
    CT’s manipulated 👎
    Masks 👎
    mRNA 👎
    Non-existent Animal or Human Trials👎
    Etc., Etc., Etc.

  51. Thank God for Hydroxychloroquine it saved my life 6’3” 400lbs 71 years old still have lung issues but feel fine.
    My Daughter in NJ is a Phd Psychologist the mother of my two granddaughters is trying to blackmail me into seeing my grandchildren I must take the vaccine.

  52. I am grateful for the risk this organization is taking to protect the general public from these insidious encroachments on our freedoms. Thank you for your time and energies to make this vital information public. May God bless you and protect you in this battle for truth.

  53. No one should be forced to receive a vaccination, especially when the vaccine is still in the stages of being studied. Many have died from this vaccine and it still has not actually been tested for enhanced reactions and not to mention the danger it may present to women in child bearing age. When did our country turn into a communist regime.

  54. Where do I sign the petition? How do I get the HCQ Hydroxychloroquine? And the other medicine you have mentioned?

    Thank You Very Much,
    Vernon Mudd

  55. It’s extremely alarming to witness the control our government has implemented with the outbreak of Covid 19. I am not against all vaccines, but do not plan to get this experimental vaccine. It’s alarming to think that it might become mandatory.

  56. Thank you for saving Humanity. Will ask all friends to sign the petition. Life is given by the Lord, our God. Human Beings cannot take Life, they did not create Life.

  57. I believe in having the right to choose when it comes to putting something in my body that is a fly by night experiment and there has been as much controversy over as this vaccine. The fact that this virus has been used as a weapon by the government both as biological and economic warfare in my opinion and a means with which to control and restrain the people’s way of life. I believe it is also being used as population control because we known nothing of side effects in the near future or on down the road. This is a man made pandemic and released by those who care nothing for humanity only agreed, power and control. Look at the big money people who backs the vaccine. Look where it was released from and look at who is in the White House…. China Joe!

    1. I am a healthcare worker and a United States citizen. I have chosen not to be vaccinated against COVID 19! There is NOT enough proof that this vaccine is necessary, nor have the long term & short term results been proven to help or prevent spread of virus. For a virus that has over a 99% survival rate, if an individual is affected….then why are they even vaccinating. No American should ever be subjected to a mandatory vaccine. Our children & grandchildren should NEVER be subjected to this vaccine.!! The only right that has been taken away from us, is the right to be treated with hydroxychloroquine!! I am signing petition against mandatory COVID 19 vaccines that would require a vaccine prior to any type of travel, going to work, school, church, any form of entertainment (sports/music/etc.) or any social gathering. Our rights should be taken away in a free country.

  58. I agree that people should not be forced to take an experimental vaccine for covid 19 that has no testing to back up if it works or not. And what are the potential side effects long term and short term. Dr Fauci has said they do not know if this experimental vaccine works or not. I do not want it to be mandated that everyone must be vaccinated with this experimental vaccine to board an airplane to go on a holiday. I do not agree to be mandated to take this experimental vaccine to go to work, to a restaurant, grocery store, any public place. I do not consent to this experimental vaccine being mandated and forced upon on any human being in the world ever

  59. This vaccine should NEVER be made mandatory for any reason including travel, etc. We all have a right
    To free choice!

  60. I am blown over with this doctor/lawyer and how she compiled this info and schooled us on this absolutely illegal and fraudulent information we all been handed. Such lies from our government. We need President Trump back for another 4 years. Thank you Dr. Gold.

  61. I do not want to be forced to take a vaccine that has not been vetted and I would rather drive than fly if I have to take a vaccine.

  62. Stop medical discrimination against all people. I believe the covid-19 vaccine is an experimental vaccine. I believe all people should have the right to decide their own medical issues.

  63. Thank you, Dr. Simone Gold and others, for your bravery and all you are doing to keep individuals medically free!

  64. I’m a 59 year old Australian male and do not have any major desire to travel outside of my own country and even if I do there is no way will I be having any vaccine of any type for any reason whatsoever as its my long term belief we are being controlled way to much.

  65. We have RIGHTS!!!! We are Americans and this forcing of vaccines is unacceptable and wrong on many levels.

  66. To mandate that we have to have a vaccine or wear a mask anywhere takes away our rights as free American people. Enough is enough. Give me back my God given rights.

  67. I want to make my own choices, I don’t want government or CEO’S making decisions about my personal health.

  68. I agree, and my opinion the vaccine is dangerous, and applaud the 2 doctors who took a stand to warn the American people the dangers of this vaccine.
    These are true doctors who care.
    Thank you,

  69. I refuse to be forced to take a vaccine that hasn’t been approved by the FDA to travel on airlines and cruise ships it violates my constitution rights, please fight for us we the people on this. Thank you

  70. I saw another video about the covid vaccine that I was very impressed with and wanted to sign your petition. the video above is very hard to understand for me with her accent.
    I cant find the petition?

  71. I Believe that WE, The American People”, along with all other Countries should be allowed to MAKE THIS DECISION OURSELVES.
    NO GOVERNMENT ANYWHERE should be allowed to tell you what to do with your body or your children’s.
    They don’t know our bodies or what’s best for any of us.
    Only WE should be making that decision

  72. I want medical discrimination stopped and NO mandates for the COVID-19 “vaccine”….freedom of choice. Thank you for all you do.

  73. These vaccines are dangerous and contain human DNA.
    I refuse to take them.
    I’ve heard the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is safer but my immune system is 100% safe. I’ll stay with letting my immune system fight off any virus I get. I’m 62 years old and have been a nurse for 28 years.
    No vaccine should be forced on the public, especially these most recent vaccines.

  74. I am not for making people take vaccinations in order to go about t heir daily lives whether it is working, eating in restaurants or travelling–especially when 95% of just about any group lives through this virus. I think the vaccine is still experimental.

  75. The option to sign the petition goes away after she quits talking. Had to start over in order to sign.
    I listened again and the option to sign comes up several times. I click on it and nothing happens. I want to sign.

  76. I don’t want to be forced to take an experimental vaccine or any other forced medicines or procedures.
    Lee Beauregard

  77. I hereby sign the petition to object to laws prohibiting discriminations against having to be vaccinated for covid 19 as it is only an experimental vaccine.

  78. I have not been able to sign the petition. My name is Theresa Bryan. Please add my name or send me the link to sign the actual petition.

  79. Somewhat informational……albeit no hyperlink or method of signing your petition. I do agree and would like to partake in the prevention of discrimination, but your site is lame.
    Hopefully, somebody will read my response and allow viewers to open the “stop medical discrimination “ video……and indeed sign the petition.

  80. I have severe allergies and can not take the vaccine. I do not want to be restricted from travel, shopping, etc.

    I do not feel the vaccine should be mandatory.

    Considering all that I have read, I do not believe long term possible side effects have been eliminated…because it hasn’t been long term. The style of vaccine is a genetic experiment.

    1. I sign the petition to stop the madate making it madatory to be injected with the China virus experimental vaccination.

  81. I refuse to take medication that has not been FDA approved which takes years nor will I allow the use of fetal cells be injected into me

  82. I refuse to perpetuate this hoax…its a flu…we’ll have another one next year
    Plannedemic Election infection

  83. I’m sorry, I WON’T be getting vaccinated by an experimental drug without known side effects. I want something secured. Even then, I’m not sure I would take it bc, I don’t even due flu shots. Especially if its being made or paid for by someone who believes we need to reduce our population. No thanks…

  84. I refuse the vaccine and pleased to find other feel the same way.
    I love my freedom and I love our Republic and Nation and our freedom.

  85. I don’t feel that this vaccine is safe at this time. I don’t trust our government to be in charge of anything in my life much less medical decisions. Our schools have been having in school classes since September 2020. I wish the statistics were equal in all areas and someone would be keeping stats on states that have had open schools, businesses, etc. What about the homeless population. I have not found any information on how this virus has affected the homeless who have no masks, no social distancing and other means of protection. I see this as a way for our government to gain control in areas that they have not had in the past.

    Sorry, don’t mean to rant but there is so much more!

  86. My doctor is aggressively insisting I take the vaccine because I am over weight, 75, have diabetes… I have strange responses to medications and I have been watching the reactions of some to the vaccine. I refuse to risk my health on the experiment.

  87. I have never trusted the government, and now I trust them even less !!! This whole thing is about control ! Also, they want to get rid of as many people on SS as possible to keep the money we put in there all of our working days !

  88. Mandatory vaccines is taking my right to make my own decision.
    I do not want this Covid-19 vaccine. I believe it is harmful to my health!!!

  89. We will not comply and we will not allow the government or private businesses to impose their fear based policies on us.

  90. We will not be taking vaccines!!! Thanks for fighting for us to fly …. we love to travel and hate the whole mask thing that doesn’t work

  91. Thank you so much for the information that was needed to be said to the public. We all need to stop MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION now. We tend to be sheep and with American Frontline Doctors forming a group getting the messages out to the people will eventually turn the herd around.

  92. I do not want them using humans for their tests on any virus………WHY would they have anything in there that could sterilized anyone in their childbearing years???
    Bill Gates is involved with this vaccine………HE HAS NO MEDICAL TRAINING……..but he does want TO DECREASE THE POPULATION OF THE EARTH!!!

  93. I don’t feel we should be forced to take vaccines. I’m 70 yrs old and haven’t had a flu shot in 10 years and haven’t had even a cold in 3 yrs. I’m in good health and take my chances which have been very good for decades

  94. I am 64 years old I have a compromised immune system from motorcycle wreck I
    broke my neck, I have lots of questions about this virus whether or not I should get this vaccine

  95. It’s not right ta force people ta take an experimental vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested. It should always be a choice anyway.

  96. I would love to sign the petition, as I do not believe everything the medical, government, or tech delight or trying to do to this country.

  97. Thank you for advocating for the freedom of choice of the people, the misinformed people of the world that are being fooled to fear this virus by parties of government that have zero medical expertise and hidden motives behind this experimental vaccine and others to come. Thank you!!! You are courageous, you are being heard and do not let anyone stand in your way. We can fight this together!!!

  98. The vaccine should be stopped know one I don’t care who they are should never be forced to take a vaccine and know one should
    be told that they can’t fly anywhere or take a cruise anywhere.

  99. I have tried to tell many people the REAL truth is out there regarding that toxic vaccination. But sadly to say they only want to believe the main stream media.

  100. As an American citizen who served my country in Vietnam, and then spent 31 years of service to the citizens of this great nation as a registered nurse in ER and ICU, I will NOT be bullied or discriminated against, for choosing whats best for me and my family. I say absolutely NOT to this unproven experimantal covid vaccination.

  101. I want support forced Vaccines of any kind like Covid 19. Corona virus Vaccine is dangerous and could kill people. God Bless all to stop the Vaccines until tested on Democrat Leaders and CDC and MHO for couple years. Has to be sfae to take. May God punish the Serial Killers.

  102. Don’t support forced Vaccines until they are tested !! Need major tests to make sure they are safe. God Bless and protect all people from Serial Killers.

  103. Mandating the Covid-19 experimental vaccine is unconstitutional. We The People of The United States of America will have a voice in our choice to receive this vaccine or not. We have a choice of what we put in our bodies just like women who decide to abort their unborn babies do under the law. You will loose millions of customers just like me. We can work and communicate from home or anywhere. We won’t need to patronize your company. Don’t do this.

  104. It is difficult to try to find the petition here- you need to put up a more clear straight link to the petition

  105. This propaganda of selling us that a gene therapy “so called vax” is safe- is totally a lie, and I will push back and NOT allow it. Thank you so much for your work!!

  106. I have long been against the vaccine pretty much for the reasons stated here.
    I do not get flu shots or any of that and thank God, I am never sick.
    We should be able to make the decision as to whether we want to take the vaccine or not, not the government.
    Thast time I check, we did not live in a dictatorship.

  107. Google is hiding you. I had to use duckduck. My body my choice Bitches. I will not ever take your experimental vax.

  108. Cannot find petition to sign I have rights and don’t think this should be forced on anybody who doesn’t want it from what I read the petition was closed says:

    Trying to sign the petition stop medical decisions forcing vaccines on you Cannot find petition to sign I have rights and don’t think this should be forced on anybody who doesn’t want it from what I read the petition was closed

  109. I am a nurse and I totally agree this vaccine is being given and in some cases forced on individuals due to their occupation….we didn’t give vaccines for SARS H1N1 and many others and with a survival rate about the same as the flu why would this be mandatory….can you say money politics and possible population control 😔

  110. Please Stop this Nonsense! I’m not taking this seriously deadly, vaccinations, and it should be my right to refuse.

  111. I believe I have the right to choose what I want for my body and not the government. God is my protector and will take care of my health not the government.

  112. I’m curious to know why RNs were left off the list of professions (petition info). You list NPs and PAs, but not RNs, who certainly do the bulk of hands on medical care in this country. I’m hoping it was just an oversight and not intentional.

  113. I visited this site to sign the petition to stop medical discrimination, and to secure the right of everyone everywhere to say NO to all forms of forced, and/or coerced medical procedures, tests, experiments, vaccinations, and things such as these for myself, and for everyone.
    Is this, in fact, the petition? I think not. Where is it that I may sign? This should have been made simple.

  114. My family and I 100% support your stand. We will not take this experimental vaccine and should not be forced!

  115. I think forcing people to takethe vaccine is against the Constitution. It should be my choice if I take it or not. It is against the law to force medicine on a person against there own free will. There is 99.7 % recovery rate if you get the virus so I think I will take my chances. Something funny about this virus they are trying very hard to force this virus on all of us with a 99.7 % recovery rate doesn’t make since to me. Don’t forget the people pushing this vaccine are the very ones that want to depopulate the world and are not even in the medical field. Just Saying !!

  116. I’ve tried four times to sign your petition and all I get is the video repeating what the petition is about.

  117. Not sure if this is where you sign petition. I clicked several times and nothing opened.
    I clicked the blue sign petition bar and nothing happened. I listened to the video where the Indian Dr spoke & nothing happened. I clicked part of the website name that was underlined and it took mento WIKIPEDIA!
    This is a Very hard site to navigate! Where’s the petition???

  118. I have aright not to take this experimental garbage. I should not be forced not to fly. I’m high risk I. My 70s has the virus as some of my family members have it was no nearly as bad as the flu. Dr told us take Tylanol drink fluids and rest. It was Child’s play to many other things we have had. I wi
    L not do a flu shot. I had one in my twenties as my father did .. I will never take one again. I almost died from it. I don’t get the flu I get broncitis .ill take:my chances I was on chemo when I had covid. I’m still here . I’m tired of this now socialist almost communist new America trying to take this right from me when I’m not a risk to anyone nor am I paranoid about this virus. H1n1 was much worse. I could t be treated because I was born before 1955 thanks to Oboma. That almost took me out. So leave us to govern ourselves Americans ar not stupid and we can decide for our self. Sherry

  119. Don’t take our freedoms away!! When airline start to say you MUST have this vaccine before traveling, what will be next? We must stand up for our freedoms, this is why I am against a vaccine being mandatory.

  120. My cell won’t let me sign the petition where it says “Sign the Petition “. I can’t sign it while watching the video either. Help.

  121. Thank you for your work in educating us and your support of life, human and animal. Also, thank you for helping us to keep our freedom to make our on decisions about our health.

  122. Stop force medical descrimination,no one should be forced by anyone to do or to put into their body anything. This my body,no one can touch it without my approval.

  123. no person should be forced to take a vaccine and be excluded from employment, medical care or any other activity involving livelihood.

  124. Myself and my family Demand our freedom to choose!! We will NOT be forced to take any vaccine that we choose not to!!

  125. I will not be forced to take it so what if they stop me from traveling the airline is the one who will loose money not me think about that 🤪

  126. I am against forced vaccinations, I belive this vaccine is not good and will cause long term effects on the inside of the body

  127. I will not be bullied into taking a vaccine experimental or otherwise that is not in my or my immediate family and friends bestinterests. There are no guarantees that this vaccine will help in the event that you get this virus and it will prevent a fatal outcome. Also the government shouldn’t have any say in whether or not to make it mandatory! Our lives our decision. Besides we all know what population control is and what it means to the elite in the world we live in today, take the vaccine be my guest, don’t push your agenda on the citizens like you forced the virus on us!

  128. Health decisions are very personal. NO ONE should be forced to participate in a medical experiment without their consent. My wife and I will not work for nor use the services of enterprises that require a Covid-19 “vaccine”.

  129. I’m a mom of four children, two in which are adults. One is a STNA and she felt the need to protect her seniors, she was told. She’s 27 and got both vaccines. She was very sick with the second and was sick over the summer but, tested negative.
    I wished she just waited, she’s a mommy of a son.
    I begged her to wait, she stated she’s young enough, hopefully that’ll help her, fertility is what I’m worried about, she wants more children.
    Constant lies led to many to drink the cool aid. Sadly

  130. Please stop the mandatory COVID 19 vaccine. As an American, I should have the right to choose if I take it or not. It is experimental and does not stop the spread or keep individuals from getting COVID 19. With the recovery rate being 98- 99 % there is no need to inject my body with an experimental shot!! This is against my constitutional right!!

  131. Thank you a million for providing the session by Dr Simone Gold which taught me about the “experimental vaccine”, the importance of saying “experimental” and the truth about real dangers to be aware of. The media has really downplayed all of this. She also directed us to this petition. We have felt so helpless about stopping mandates of forced anything just to travel, maybe even to go to the hospital to visit in the future.

  132. People should have the FREEDOM to choose what to do for the protection of covid-19 or any other viruses or diseases.
    They should not be forced or demanded to receive an experimental vaccination for any reason.

  133. This vaccine has no proven history of success & the side-effects are too risky for a virus that has a 99%+ survival rate! I will not take it!

  134. This vaccine has not had enough time to see long term side effects therefore I don’t want it in my body “My Body” We don’t even know what the vaccine consists of or if all the vaccines they are pushing are all the same.

  135. I watch the video I want to stop medical discrimination.org and show me another video but I still don’t understand how to get to the petition and sign it

  136. How do I sign the petition????? I would like to be a part of this, because I don’t want to take their vaccines, because I don’t trust them.

  137. No one should be pressured to take the experimental vaccine. This pressure is seen to be put by government bodies on a large scale or even by schools, airlines, and other prominent institutions.

  138. Please continue getting the word out in regards to mandates, and updated information on the results of the vaccine. For example, how many people have received it, to how many deaths, and or negative responses , and side effects.

  139. I am a 71-year-old woman and I had the virus was was in the hospital for a week, it wasn’t a horrific case, but it was bad enough. My main symptom was getting a good breath, I never had a temperature for a couple days I had soreness in my neck and shoulders and when I first got it I thought I just had a cold. It affected my oxygen levels and I’m still after two months dealing with Minor difficulty in getting a good breath when I’m walking and moving around.

  140. I wish to never be made to have to vaccinate me or my children in order to travel or go to school or leave my home.

  141. I feel I don’t want to have this vaccination since you are making us all guinea pigs. Looks like Bill Gates is behind it and that’s the scariest part at all.

  142. In my professional belief, this “vaccine,” which is, in reality, and experimental gene therapy, should be stopped immediately, world-wide. I foresee hundreds of thousands, if not millions of horrific adverse effects, including Gullian-Barre

  143. These shots have been deemed by medical professionals to be unsafe. This is unconstitutional and much worse than the virus.
    never will I submit to taking this hoax.

  144. I tried to sign the petition, but the site would not give me that opportunity. I’ve signed other on-line petitions and never had this problem.

  145. I am very concerned about the unknowns regarding the covid 19 vaccine and will not take it at this time.

    I would be opposed to any organization (airlines, public transportation, arenas, etc) requiring the vaccine to participate in their service.

    We just don’t know the long term affects.

  146. I am scared of this Vaccination and the long term Effect. I have heard so many things about it and I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  147. This website has been made difficult to follow and there was not a clear way to sign the petition. There was a form shown, but talking was stopped when attempted to fill out (and not possible to put any characters or letters on form). The speaker is not speaking clearly to my hearing.
    All sorts of ads and distractions are hindering the site. I have been through the site more than twice and can not find an opportunity to fill out anything but this comment section. Why are there yellow “warning scam” signs on this site in several places?

  148. I have said from the beginning I would not take the vaccine, now I am so glad I did not. So sad how people have been brainwashed.

  149. I agree that the Vaccination is dangerous not only because there are unknown’s but for several other reasons as well. 1. This is a biological attach on the people designed by the idiot researchers here in the USA and then sent to China who either released it on purpose or it got out either way it has devastating results in Wulan and other areas as well as New York. I will not take this shot and I am in my late Sixties and I am healthy except for high blood pressure. I do not trust Pfizer development of this vaccination because it was rushed and there where Chinese employees from China helping to make it. How in the Heck do I know if these people were agents of the Communist Peoples Organization or not. I have not see enough results and studies as to what this Vaccination does nor has the medical society but I do know any time the Government is telling us they are helping us they are liars and crooks who only care about their own pocket book and that is all of them.
    Sooner or later the third element will be released by China and all that stuff 1st shot and then the 2nd shot will react and allow the third virus to enter undetected and bam your dead. Take it for what it is worth. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will have to fight to get our Country back and it will end up being a bloody mess from this Vaccination and what ensues afterwords.

  150. I detest any vaccine ,whereas testing of adverse effects has not been established ,nor its effectiveness to accomplish any medical benefit !
    There WILL be a Civil War ,if the government attempts to forcedly mandate these vaccines .

  151. I have been trying for 15 minutes to sign the petition and you have just about made it impossible…..too many ad, etc. Just NOT clear and simple. Don’t think you will get 1 millions signatures with this format. WAY to complicated. Please simplify if you want to success!! jean white, GA.

    1. I agree with you, I still haven’t been able to sign, and Google keeps inserting I might have viruses on my phone that I should allow them to sweep my phone!! What the heck!! My phone is perfectly fine so im ignoring but i still haven’t found a way to sign this petition!!

  152. Absolutely impossible to simply sign the petition and simply leave the sight. This ridiculous exercise if impossible to just sign. Better report this to Dr. Simon Gold. Totally defeating her entire purpose…..

  153. I have a 30 year old son in a group home and have told to NOT give him the vaccine and I am Legal Guardian. Can I sign his name and if so is there a place where I sign legal gaurdian…Kim

  154. yes please stop medical discrimination and people who are trying to force us to take these vaccines that have not been tested enough …treating us like Guinea pigs or field mice! Thank you in advance …God help us.