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Storm Eunice Wiki {Feb} Know Whats The Current Condition

Because of the Storm Eunice Wiki¸, the authorities have put certain English cities on ‘Red Alert.’ Read to know the latest updates about the storm.

The streets of London have become empty, and a terror is palpable on every face as the Storm Eunice is making its way through the city. There are reports of damage from the United Kingdomthe United States, and the Netherlands.

As Storm Eunice Wiki threats the city, the authorities have issued a red warning which means a threat to life, and people are directed to remain behind closed doors. A recent report suggested that around a dozen have died as the storm is on horrendous levels in various parts of Northern Europe. 

What is Storm Eunice?

Storm Eunice is an extra-tropical cyclone that has emerged as a danger of life for the people of Northern Europe. There are fatalities and injuries all around. After the year 1987, this storm is reported to be the strongest one to strike the eastern coast of England. Storm Eunice Wiki is not calming down anytime soon. It is reported that the cyclone was formed on 14th February 2022 and exited the sea on 18th February 2022. 

Suddenly, each part of Northern Europe is put under high alert. The countries like the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France, and Belgium were affected by the storm. This storm is named Storm Nora and Storm Zeynep, also in Germany and Denmark, respectively. On 17th February, the authorities in England had issued the red alerts, thereby declaring the storm danger to life. 

The Consequences of Storm Eunice Wiki

In the UK, the places like the Orwell Bridge, Queen Elizabeth Bridge, and various other bridges are closed as significant damage could be caused in case of their fall. There are recorded incidents where a tree fell on a woman’s car, and debris hit a car’s windshield. The O2 Arena of London is damaged significantly, and at several places, the tents have been thrashed by heavy winds. 

It is estimated that 90 000 homes in England are now without electricity. If we combine the power outages caused by Storm Eunice Wiki in France, England, and Ireland, there are around 690,000 power outages. 

In a research study conducted recently, it is proved that winter storms in the coming years will cause severe damage in the UK. The rain levels are also reported to be increasing in Northern European countries. 


The advent of Storm Eunice has caused severe damage in the streets of London, where debris is spread all over the city. As a result, some scientists have become concerned about the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions resulting in storms like Storm Eunice Wiki. According to the latest reports, nine people in England have lost their lives to various injuries. 

Many cities are put on red alert. To know more, see At least 9 dead as Storm Eunice batters northern Europe  

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