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Strawfull Reviews (Dec 2021) Check If It Is Scam Or Not!

Do you want to gain real Strawfull Reviews to prevent capital loss on the website? Then, approach this post for more evaluations.

Are you willing to determine a portal’s legality vending everyday products? Then, kindly let us make you everything in this writing. 

The United States people are searching for an all-in-one site with the best products, from necklaces to face massagers. Also, they desire to buy them at a budget-friendly price. Thus, in this write-up, we will diagnose a website to check whether it is false or not.

Therefore, several Strawfull Reviews are employed in this write-up to conclude all of its important points. 

A Few Lines On Strawfull.com

It is a virtual shopping site made for people who want to buy good items at a low price. In addition, they have sworn to include cool things that will convince the client’s needs. Moreover, they have quoted that their parent company is Strawfull Rice LLC.

Also, their wonderful professionals aim to supply products to beauty lovers. Thus, some of the items cataloged are:

  • Drones
  • Vaporizer steamers
  • Phone cases
  • Smartwatches 

Listing Some Vital Website’s Facts To Survey Is Strawfull Legit?

  • The site’s official URL is https://strawfull.com.
  • The social media icons are devoid. 
  • The site is 11 months and 24 days old, which means it was registered on 20-12-2020. 
  • The phone number is +1 937-833-7139. 
  • ApplePay, PayPal, VISA, etc., are the accepted payment modes. 
  • The company’s return policy is extended only to 45 days. Moreover, the biodegradable items are not eligible for a return. 
  • Every day beauty products and accessories are being sold on the site. 
  • The organization’s address is 214 Independence Ave, Dearing, KS 67340, United States.
  • The Strawfull Reviews have quoted that you will earn a refund if the product purchased is bad or hasn’t received the product within 90 days. Moreover, the refund process might take 3-5 working days. 
  • They are not offering an exchange offer against any order. 
  • The time consumed for the delivery is 7-10 days. 
  • support@strawfull.com is the service mail address. 
  • The newsletter option exists. 
  • The shipping time might take 1-10 business days. 

Positive Aspects of the Website

  • The office address and a calling number are noticed.
  • Strawfull.com offers a free shipping facility. 
  • According to Strawfull Reviews, a mail address is detected. 
  • Compensations are available for some items.

Limitations In Strawfull.com

  • The site has a trust score and a trust rank of 1% and 24.7, respectively. 
  • The newsletter option is omitted.
  • The social media icons are missing.
  • An exchange policy is absent. 

Is Strawfull Safe Or Not?

  • Trust Score- The website poses a 1% trust index which is terrible. 
  • Social Network Links- The connections to social platforms are missing. 
  • Trust Rank- Its trust rank is very low. 
  • Buyer’s View- The website has secured a very little negative feedback, questioning Is Strawfull Legit?
  • Copied content- 68% plagiarism is detected for the portal’s content. 
  • Portal’s Age- Strawfull.com creation date is 20-12-2020. 
  • Policies Cited- We have noticed all-important policies on the site, except the exchange policy. 
  • Domain Suspension Date- 20-12-2021 is its termination date. 
  • Alexa Rank- The website has a 1211416 Alexa rank. 
  • Address Validity- The address in quoted on the website.

Shoppers’ Reaction

The Trustpilot reviews are not seen for the portal that has created suspicion. In addition, we have detected some users’ feedback on different sites, which has helped us inform other online buyers. 

Also, in the Strawfull Reviews, a user has stated that Strawfull.com delivered the item very late; after that, they refused to approve the user’s return application. Also, the company hasn’t refunded the money. 

On another site, a buyer has stated that after buying a ‘Yeezy foam runner,’ the website’s parent company ‘Strawfull Rice LLC’ has refused to pay back and got scammed. Thus, as the site was created almost 11 months ago and hasn’t received more reviews, we can infer you to stay careful while making any transaction over it. Visit here to know about credit card scams


In hindsight, the Strawfull Reviews have reflected that the website is trading everyday items like Vapourizer. Moreover, a few users have quoted the suspicious activity of the site and its parent company. 

In addition, the customers have reflected that they have fooled them by providing poor items. Therefore, we suggest you be aware as it has not captured much attention online and there are not much reviews to validate its authenticity, even after a long establishment. Read here for details about PayPal scams

Have you noticed any doubts about the site? Please give your opinion below. 

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