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Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams (Feb) All The Teams Revealed!

Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams (Feb) All The Teams Revealed! >> Please get the details of the team participating here below for the big game.

Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams: On Monday, Fortnite Epic games announced an official list of players and teams in Streamer Bowl this year; this news hit the internet fans worldwide, including the United States. Do you want to know teams list?

So, we have researched and brought you a team list, play start time and how to watch? In the below sections, so please keep an eye on the article and stay connected. We will reveal all the crucial information in this post.

The List of Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams is Competing

There are 30 teams that means only 90 competitors are participating in this match other than 100 in tradition. Lists of which is mentioned below for all fans in the United States and globally, please have a look at it:

  • The Shotties: Xacial, Clix, Tarik
  • The Rumblers: Goriadfn, Avante Maddox, StableRonaldo
  • The Long Shots: Ju Ju Smith, Bound-maxo, Scoped
  • Winterset: Jake Burt, Sommerset, Axytal
  • Team 2K:L Reverse2K, UltimateGG-, Mayfield
  • Benchwarmers: Aircool, Grimgnx, Keenan Allen
  • Block Party: Justin Jefferson, Ritix, Fresh
  • GGs Only: EmadGG, Savixc, Lynn Bowden
  • Pew Pew Pews: LosPollosTV, Chase Claypool, CBearFN
  • Loud Ones: Alixxa, Austin Ekeler, jaceimdone
  • Washed Boomers: Tfue, Griffinmat, Aaron Jones
  • The Huckleberries: 32wanted, Kenyan Drake, ops1X 
  • Quack attack: Dalton Schultz, DuckyTheGamer, Senexfn
  • Aniquiladore: JuanSGuarnizo, Rick Lovato, Code-clotzzy
  • Team Losers: Loserfruit, crazyggs, Amani Oruwariye
  • Sparkles: sparkes-qt, Graham Glasgow, norcalnugz
  • Steamy Stackers: aliens-fn, Logan Wilson, Nickmercs
  • Avocado Toast: Maddynf, Jonathan, Nukey 1x
  • Cactus Club: Nevify, Zemei, Calvin Ridley
  • Chuggers Champs: Chap, James, Daniels, Prevalesfnbr
  • Absolute Zeros: elded, Eddie Vanderdoes, adanfn
  • Time In: Ninja, BeastAFK, Corin Kaufusi
  • Three Amigos: Ewok, Kyle Van Noy, Mojo1x
  • Eh Team: NickEh30 Dwanswld, Trey Quinn
  • Living Legends: Prospering, akaseek, Saquon Barkley
  • The Hills: Nate Hill, JonJon69, Christian McCaffery
  • Skull Rangers: Tocata, Malcom, Elmore, Zipknow
  • Beast Mode: Bugha, Kurt Benkert, dnspectfn
  • Skull Troopers: SypherPK, Kyler Murray, Committed
  • The Controllers: Aydan, Jarvis, Toomzy

When Streamer Bowl 2021 Starts?

The second annual Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams started on February 4 at 6 p.m. EST as trios participate for their $1 million charity prize share. Each team contains a three-player one streamer, one community champion (who won on the roaster), and one NFL player. 

We intend to provide the latest updates as it happens, so please stay tuned for further updates; to know which of your favorite player is on the top, you can visit Twitch’s official site, Fortnite trackers, or individual players’ matches shared over the social media.

How to watch Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams?

We all know Twitch Rivals is a central hub for all the action; similar to last year, Streamer Bowl will be streamed via the official Twitch Rivals Twitch channel. Individual players stream their matches as well; you can find those online.

Final Verdict

Fortnite is available now on PS5, Ps4, Xbox Series, XboxOne, Switch, and Android. You can find more details about the standing format and how the $1 million prizes is divided over the internet. We hope the guide was helpful to you to get the team’s list.

Last year’s game was one of the most exciting battles of Fortnite fans ever seen; we hope this year Streamer Bowl 2021 Teams promise to be more entertaining. Do you think the same as us? Then please share your words in the comment section below.

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