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Top 5 Street Foods That You Should Try in Delhi

Delhi, a heaven for food lovers, offers a plethora of street food options. From spicy aloo sabzi to juicy kebabs to sweet kulfi, there is something for everyone. Street food as the name suggests is best enjoyed on the streets. But if you are too lazy to go out after a hectic day and want to savour these dishes at home, you can order them online. Foodies can use a Zomato coupon code to save a quick few bucks. Here are the top 5 street foods to try in Delhi-

  1. Chole bhature- Sunday brunch is about a delectable street food- Chole Bhature. Originally from the Indian state of Punjab, this flavourful dish has made a special place in the hearts of foodies in Delhi. Spicy Chole served hot with freshly made crispy, soft and fluffy bhaturas will surely satiate your hunger. Vendors also prepare special chutney, sliced onions and green chillies making this dish even more appetising. Go for a stuffed aloo bhatura or good old plain bhatura as per your preference.
  2. Gol Gappe- Delhi is famous for street shopping. While you are shopping, you cannot miss mouth-watering Gol Gappe. These hollow bite-sized puris are made from semolina or wheat flour. The puffed balls are filled with a spicy mix of mashed or cubed boiled potatoes, onions, chickpeas and coriander leaves etc., which is topped with different chutneys and flavoured water. Each vendor adds his unique twist to the chutney like Mango and banana or tamarind and jaggery chutney etc. Some have more than a dozen varieties of flavoured water making it hard for you to choose. All the Gol Gappas are prepared in front of their customers and served with great love. Don’t be shy and ask for extra flavoured water or dry puri after you are done devouring them. 
  3. Dahi Bhalla chaat- Soaked dal balls are covered with fresh dahi and sweet, tangy and spicy chutneys. These balls are so soft they will melt in your mouth. The flavour of this colourful chaat is so rich and unique; it lingers in your mouth even after you are done hogging it.
  4. Kachori with curry or chutney- Several varieties of Kachoris are prepared in different parts of Delhi like Matar or onion kachori. Each variety has a unique texture and becomes even more scrumptious when topped with spicy sabzi (curry) and onion rings or a sweet and tangy chutney. A single serving of this crunchy kachori coated with gravy is not enough and you will ask for more. 
  5. Falooda- The perfect way to end the street food spree is to have this summer delight. Creamy Mango or paan kulfis and Rabdis with luscious Falooda is loaded with nuts and will give you immediate relief from the sweltering summers of The capital. If you are ordering online, don’t forget to apply special discount codes like chaat, dessert, pizza dominos coupons, etc.

Summing up

The capital city is a paradise for food lovers. Street food from different Indian states is available here but with a special touch. Try these lip-smacking street varieties and many more if you are visiting or are new to the city.

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