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Sugarom.Com Call Back {Sep} What It Is, Follow Steps

This post on Sugarom.com Call Back will reveal all the necessary information about the game’s latest event.

Have you heard about the latest event of free fire? Free fire just introduced the call-back feature in the game. People from India are excited about this new feature launched by free fire. This post on Sugarom.com Call Back will help you understand this game’s features. 

So, if you are interested in this feature, please read this post.

Why call back feature trending?

Call back option is the most popular feature of free fire. Garena free fire launches its call-back option once a month on every server. The reason why this feature is trending is because call back event provides various rewards to players. Gamers get various diamond royale vouchers depending on the number of friends they call back. For example, it is one diamond voucher for one friend, three diamond vouchers for five friends, and so on.

Sugarom Call Back Event

For new gamers, let us explain the basic features of call back option. Call back option in free fire allows gamers to invite their friends to the game. But only the people who have not played this game for one month are allowed to be invited to the game. After finishing this call-back event, gamers can get a lot of free rewards in return. 

Steps to complete call back event

The following are some of the steps to complete the call-back event

  • Step 1: The first step is to login into the free fire game. Kindly keep reading to know more about Sugarom.com Call Back. Then users have to go to events where they will find call-back event
  • Step 2: Gamers have to invite friends who have not played free fire within one month. Gamers can share the invitation link with their friends through social media platforms
  • Step 3: After gathering all the friends in the game, gamers can continue to plan and win the game.

More about free fire

Free fire is a mobile battle game. It was developed by 111dots Studio (a Vietnamese company). It is available on android and apple. In 2019, it became the most installed mobile game. Since then, it has been breaking records in the games. Sugarom.com Call Back is the most popular feature of free fire. Currently, it has about 150 million daily active users around the world. It also launches new events every month. It is a field game in which around 50 players land on an island where they search for weapons to kill other players. Free fire also has different modes for users, like battle royale and clash squad. 


To end this post, we can say that the call back event of a free fire is really exciting for gamers as they offer a lot of rewards. Please visit this page to know more about this event

Did this post on Sugarom.com Call Back help you understand the features of the event? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi! It is A Free Fire Call Back Event, and to participate in it; you can check the blog for participation-guided steps. Thanks & Regards!

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