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Super Effective Against Lugia {Nov} Know Character Names

With the creatures that you lead, if you want to defeat Lugia, read about characters that are Super Effective Against Lugia.

Pokemon Go consists of many characters with different types of powers, strengths and weaknesses. When you play Pokemon Go, you will come across Lugia. You need to defeat Lugia, for which you need to have a powerful Pokemon. 

Players from the United States and the United Kingdom are interested to know about a Pokemon which is Super Effective Against Lugia. In this article, we will look at different Pokemon characters which can overpower Lugia.

Who is Lugia?

The Team Rocket boss – Giovanni, was re-included in the Pokemon Go game. With Giovanni, Shadow Lugia also appeared in the game. Your quest is to find Giovanni first and fight him. Once you defeat Giovanni, you can capture Lugia. 

Lugia is a legendary flying and psychic Pokemon. Due to its flying abilities, it is weak against Dark, Rock, Ice, Ghost, and Electric attacks. It is also resistant to Ground and Grass attacks. Lugia uses its Extrasensory and Aeroblast moves to induce 3,703 CP damage to its opponents. 

Pokemons which are Super Effective Against Lugianeed to counter their wings that are very powerful and can blow apart any house. Due to this, it lives in the deep sea. It has an attack rating of 193/500, Defence rating of 310/500 and Stamina rating of 235/500

How to defeat Giovanni?

Giovanni has Persian, Rhyperior, Kingler, Lugia and Nidoking Pokemons. You can weaken Giovanni with a high-CP dynamic punch. Once Giovanni’s shields are weak, you need to use charged moves to defeat him. Once you defeat Giovanni, you will get a chance of capturing Lugia. Therefore, you need to be quick in planning your moves and throwing the ball to capture Lugia.

Five Pokemons that are Super Effective Against Lugia:

  • Darmanitan is 100% effective with its Ice Fans and Avalanche moves
  • Zacian is 94% effective with its Snarl, and Wild Charge moves
  • Chandelure is 89% effective with its Hex and Shadow Ball moves
  • Thundurus is also 89% effective with its Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt moves
  • Gengar is 88% effective with its Lick and Shadow Ball moves

In addition to the above Pokemons, three other Pokemons listed below are also considered a good option to counter Lugia. 

  • Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker and SmackDown attacks
  • Mamoswine with Avalanche and Powder Snow attacks is also Super Effective Against Lugia; and
  • Tyranitar with Stone Edge and SmackDown attacks

Few other Pokemons such as Gengar, Dragapult, Gengar, Gengar, and Thundurus are less than 88% effective against Lugia.


You have to use Lugia Candies to set a trap for Lugia. Lugia Candies can be obtained and increased by using Pinap Berries. One Lugia is lured into taking candies; you can throw a ball to capture Lugia. It has a capture rate of 2% and a flee rate of 4%. But, planned moves can guarantee Lugia’s capture.

Do you wish to know more about Darmanitan? Also, tell us about the Pokemons you feel are Super Effective Against Lugia. 

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