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Superindo Anniversary {April 2022} Clarify Your Query!

Please read this composition to clarify the Superindo Anniversary offers you may have received on your social media profile involving high prize money.

Do you find shopping from supermarkets convenient? Are you aware of the best supermarket stores near your location?  Then, you must be aware of the largest supermarket chain in the nation. Thus, kindly read this until the end to get the required information.

We have enclosed facts about a popular supermarket in Indonesia in this work. The country’s shoppers want to confirm the latest offers recently. Therefore, please read further to clear your doubts and learn about Superindo Anniversary.

Why are People Searching about the Anniversary of Super Indo?

Many customers recently reported receiving Super Indo offers on their social media profiles. The messages mention that Super Indo is giving out limited-time deals on its 25th anniversary. According to the offer screenshot, customers have to fill out a questionnaire and get a chance of winning 5000000 Rupiah.

Other screenshots reveal that some customers have claimed this offer to be true. They thanked the team and promoted the deals on social media. One shopper has also written that she thought the Superindo Anniversary was a joke, but it was true. 

As such lucrative deals seem too good to be true, many shoppers expressed doubts about these messages. As soon as this information came to the notice of Super Indo, the authorities investigated the matter. They confirmed through an official announcement dated 12 April 2022 that such deals are fraud. 

The Super Indo team stated that they never inform their customers about agendas through social media platforms. The team also requested customers to contact the stores in case of any doubt. They have provided the contact points of the customer care team with the announcement. 

How Can The Superindo Anniversary Offers Deceive Customers?

Super Indo is a popular supermarket chain in Indonesia. Consequently, it has a large customer base who regularly shop from its numerous stores. Fraudsters are aware of the popularity of Super Indo and thus misuse it to deceive buyers. 

Customers may feel that such a large chain of supermarkets may release limited-time deals for promotion. However, according to the official announcement of the Super Indo team, these are fake messages. Also, it is evident that the customers’ feedback affirming these offers is also fraud. 

Does Super Indo Actually Celebrate Its Anniversary? 

The supermarket company celebrated its 20th Superindo Anniversary on 11 August 2017. On this occasion, all staff members came together to commemorate their dedication since 1997. The location of the celebration was in Menara Bidakara 1 in South Jakarta. However, the company has not announced any limited-time offers for its anniversary in 2022. Furthermore, the occasion is on 11 August, which has not yet arrived this year.


Super Indo is the largest chain of supermarkets in Indonesia. They provide their customers with offers, but only at their stores. They do not promote any lucrative offers on social media. Hence, the recent Superindo Anniversary messages shoppers received on social media are fraud. 

Did you receive any such offers on your social media profile? Please share with us below.

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