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Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews (March 2022) Is It Legit?

The Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews let you know about the product’s authenticity, functionaries and also know the brand and seller site’s credibility.

Are you on a diet but want to eat your favorite food? Do you want to cut off the extra calories while taking your favorite snacks? If you wish to do so, a branded air-fryer would be a great option for cooking.

Today, we’ve come with a branded air-fryer review that holds good popularity in the United States. We will also check its specifications, brand value, reviews, selling platform’s credibility, and more. Since, if you’re interested in buying an air-fryer, reading this ‘Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews‘ blog will help you choose the brand.

Introduction of the product:

The product is being sold under the brand name ‘Sur la Table,’ which is getting popular in the United States and neighboring areas. This kitchen appliance is perfect for everyone to maintain good health while consuming their favorite snacks. This multifunctional appliance uses a unique mechanism to prepare mouth-watering snacks. With heavy power (17 Watts), the food becomes crispy outside and tender inside. The product includes accessories like-

  • 1 Dripping Tray.
  • 2 Air-Frying Tray.
  • 1 Rotating Drum-Basket.
  • 1 Kebab-Set.
  • According to the Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews, the product is equipped with a Rotisserie Forks and Spits.
  • 1 Air-Fryer basket including Detachable Handle.
  • 1 Rotisserie-Stand
  • 1 Rotisserie-Handle

Specifications of Sur la Table Air Fryer:

  • Brand Name: The fryer is being showcased under the name of Sur la Table brand.
  • Price: As per the seller site, the product is now available for 119.99 USD (Shipping and handling charges are extra).
  • Fryer Type: This appliance comes under the Air-fryer category.
  • Color: Only one color option is available as of now that is silver.
  • Capacity: The capacity is 13 Quarts.
  • Remarks: Yes, the product has got a number of Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews.
  • Maximum Temperature: It can normally run with a maximum temperature of 400 F.
  • Material: The appliance is manufactured with premium quality stainless steel.
  • Model Number: The product model number is SLT-1818.
  • Features: It possesses a unique feature, i.e., dishwasher-safe parts.

Is this air-fryer worth purchasing?

  • The air-fryer comes with a powerful mechanism with 1700 watts.
  • Additional accessories are also included without extra charges.
  • The capacity is pretty good.
  • It has special features like dishwasher-safe accessories.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • The brand has its own popular e-retail site.
  • Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews are valid. It’s not paid or fake.
  • The brand is an old one.
  •  The selling portal also has an excellent credibility.

What are the disadvantages of this item?

  • Shipping charges are extra.
  • The product arrival date is missing.
  • Reviews possess both favorable and negative comments.

Is the product legit?

In this part, we’re going to review the product’s legitimacy and brand credibility, as well as the third-party seller portal’s authenticity.

  • Name of the Brand: The air-fryer comes with the brand name Sur la Table.
  • Product Arrival Date: Not mentioned.
  • Date of Registration: The registration date of this brand’s domain is 23rd April 1997.
  • Seller Site’s Age: The site’s age is around 24 years, and it was built on 17th March 1997.
  • Reviews: Valid Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews are available.
  • Social Activity: The brand has a strong social-media community.
  • Brand Popularity: Sur la Table is a popular brand.
  • Seller Site’s Popularity: The selling site is a famous e-retailer in the USA.
  • Trust Index of the Brand: The index is 96%
  • Trust Index of the Seller Site: The trust index is 99%
  • Address Verification of the Seller Site: You can check the nearest warehouse, and the address is valid.
  • Contact Details: Precise contact details have been provided.
  • Operator Information: The seller site’s owner name is ‘Costco Wholesale Membership Inc.’

Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews:

The fryer is a pretty popular kitchen appliance and received numerous mixed remarks; however, around 90% is positive. People have explained the premium quality, easy handling process, and praise for its capacity. While some have found the delivery service is not so good, and poor design. The brand is a famous kitchen appliance company present on Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram with 5 lac+ followers and likes.

The seller site is also famous in the USA, has good reviews and strong social-media connections. Also, how to analyze the legitimacy of any product.

Final Verdict:

Following the Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews, the product is legit as well as the selling portal. It has a fantastic trust index with popularity on social media. Still, we suggest buyers research more before they buy the product. 

Which brand do you want to recommend to others? Please share below.

3 thoughts on “Sur la Table Air Fryer Reviews (March 2022) Is It Legit?

    1. Hello Dorothy A Mitchell! Thank you for sharing your concern or query here. It is advisable to contact the customer service cell of the company and follow the instructions accordingly. Or, you may check the manual also, if the details are provided. Thank You! Have a Great Day!

    2. I purchased this air fryer from Costco during the Black Friday sale in November 2021, and really have only used it to heat mozzarella sticks and nuggets for the kids until last night. I finally took the plunge and cooked something messier… steak. I was extremely surprised it was able to be cleaned easily. I wiped the inside walls with a damp cloth with soap then dried with a paper towel. Some of the liquid from cleaning dripped onto the counter when the door was opened flat, so I had to lift the oven a little to wipe up the mess that seeped under. As I was wiping the inside though, I noticed there is a heating coil attached to the roof of the oven. I found that it was difficult to clean around it well and it will probably get worse as our use of the appliance increases if there is any grease or splash build-up. Maybe not since you don’t need to use much oil for air frying. I’m new to it, so I can’t say what to expect. The trays are nonstick and came clean easily, but I didn’t let them sit too long after cooking. I washed them after we ate so they had time to cool first. I am here trying to find information on how to purchase backup accessories because I imagine the trays will eventually wear down and need replaced, but so far it doesn’t look like they’re available for purchase. If I had known this before, it probably would’ve deterred me from purchasing this air fryer. So far, though we like it. I wonder if the window will eventually cake up with gunk. Since it’s not self-cleaning and the temp doesn’t go high enough to burn it off like a conventional oven, I imagine this might be an issue in the future. I think I might purchase a drawer style air fryer in the future for our next one. Consumer reports said those cook better in general anyway. We went with this one because we haven’t owned one before, we wanted a rotisserie function and the price was good for me at $70-79 or so.

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