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Surabaya Zoo Reviews {April} Know The Latest Update!

Surabaya Zoo Reviews {April} Know The Latest Update!>> Are you an animal lover? Are you searching for a place to visit with your family? Then read this article to find it.

Friends, what are the best places to visit with family, especially with kids? The Zoo is the place everyone wants to visit, and kids love to spend time watching different animals that they have seen over books and television.

Surabaya Zoo Reviews is the article that we brought to you to explain the Zoo and people’s views about the Zoo in detail. The news is trending all over the United State and the United Kingdom. 

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About Surabaya Zoo:

Surabaya Zoo is one of the famous Zoos in East Java in Indonesia, also known as Bonbin in Surabaya city in Southeast Asia. Here you can see 351 different species and more than 3,500 animals. You can visit their official website, surabayazoo.co.id, where you get all the information. They also have different programs of Education, Entertainment, Recreation and many more are coming soon. Let’s discuss Surabaya Zoo Reviews later, before that.

Surabaya Zoo History:

Zoo was established in Kaliondo in 1916 by the Governor-General of the Netherlands. In 1920, Zoo was shifted to the Darmo area. In 1927, they found land of 32,000m2 in East Java, and the size is expanded to 15 hectares. Later in 1987, the breeding was renovated in the Zoo. You can see a variety rear animals from several parts of the world.

The Controversy of the Zoo:

A few years back, Surabaya Zoo Reviews were not good. Surabaya zoo got many complaints from the visitors and activist groups about the animal treatment and maintenance of the Zoo. The situation gone worse in 2010, and named Zoo as ‘Surabaya Zoo of Death.’ People’s views were not good; they said Zoo was not being maintained well, animals were not in good condition and look starving, animals who go injured are not cured for so long and don’t have good lives there. Many animals died, which leads BKSDA to conduct an investigation and revoked Zoo’s license. Zoo was taken over by the city Government later, and now the place is better, and it is open on weekdays, including weekends.  

Latest Surabaya Zoo Reviews:

People who have visited the place recently said that they had improvised the place. It is good, well maintained, clean, spacious and perfect for a family visit. There is full of greenery and someplace renovated, which looks nice to visit. Animals look healthier than before. The ticket price is also affordable. Most of the reviews over Google and social media are positive. People say they revisit the place.

Final Verdict:

After a long search on Surabaya Zoo Reviews, we found that the place has improved a lot and attracted many people. The recent reviews are good and made the people of the United States and the United Kingdom curious to visit. Do you have any plans of visiting the Zoo? Or, if you have already visited the place, share your experiences with us.

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