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Switzerland New Years Tradition {May} Read Here!

Do you want to know about the traditions celebrated in Switzerland? Then don’t miss the article Switzerland New Years Tradition below.

Do you want to know about the traditions of Switzerland which they celebrate during the new year? If yes, then don’t miss this article because we will be discussing those traditions only. There are many favourite traditions held in Switzerland on New Year’s Eve, 31 December. The traditions of Switzerland seem to be very much living. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the traditions that the people of Switzerland follow or celebrate during New Year. These traditions are famous in the United States and Canada also. So, let’s begin our article Switzerland New Years Tradition.

Names of the famous Traditions in Switzerland

  • Räuchle in Appenzell
  • Sylvester Lantern Parade in Wil
  • Chant da Goita in Bergün
  • Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel in Wald 
  • Silväschter-Trösche in Hallwil
  • Achetringele in Laupen
  • Cathedral illuminations in Lausanne
  • Trychler in Meiringen

 Räuchle in Appenzell – This festival is celebrated mainly to do the prayers against the accidents. In this, the families revolve a pan around their house, filled with hot coal.

  • Sylvester Lantern Parade in Wil – In the Sylvester Lantern Parade in Wil tradition, people mainly lit lanterns in the darkness of the night, and then the inspection is done by the officials of the cities. The school children do a parade during this tradition.

Switzerland New Years Tradition are full of enjoyment.

  • Chant da Gotta in Bergün – In Chant da Gotta in Bergün tradition, the people sing a song together, mainly the locals and the song are meant for both purposes, tradition and enjoyment.
  • Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel in Wald – Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel in Wald is mainly a ritual which is performed by Silvesterchläuse. He wears a dress which has bells, and by ringing those bells, they invite good fortune towards them, towards their place.
  • Silväschter-Trösche in Hallwil is mainly performed near the fire; people revolve around the fire and then celebrate the upcoming new year. 

Switzerland New Years Tradition – What are they for?

Celebrating festivals on new year’s eve brings lots of joy and happiness. These traditions and festivals are not only for grown-ups or older people. Every age person enjoys these festivals because they are a mixture of traditions, joy and happiness. These festivals bring everyone together and enhance the feeling of family among all the people. 

It brings freshness to the environment. These fires and coal pan are traditionally significant and are also beneficial scientifically. Some important Switzerland New Years Tradition are mentioned above.


We have discussed important traditions that Switzerland follow or celebrates during the new year. Know how new years’ eve is celebrated all around the world. Click here. It is very important to celebrate some small festivals in life no matter your region. These festivals bring joy and enjoyment to your life.

Please read the above article and tell us your views on the article and the festival in the comment section.

All the information about Switzerland New Years Tradition is mentioned above.

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