Sympathy For The Devil NFT {Sep} Find Token Detail!

This article gives you information about a Non-fungible token with a unique investment, and trading concept know as Sympathy for the Devil NFT.

Sympathy for the Devil is a newly launched non-fungible token in the United States and Canada. It aims at reducing carbon footprints and building an eco-system where you invest in NFTs for a long period and get a higher return on investment. 

Did you know about Sympathy for the Devil? What is the concept behind its investment? What are the plans for the future? In this article, we bring you all the details about Sympathy for the Devil NFT.

About Sympathy for the Devil Non-fungible tokens?

Unlike other NFTs used in games as virtual cryptos, Sympathy for the Devil goes with the artwork. This artwork is a collection of pictures of the Devil in anime art. In other words, it is similar to the classic collection of unique cards and bottle coins that were traded to earn profit. 

Sympathy for the Devil is traded for virtual cards that have a picture of the Devil with more than 160 attributes like:

  • Devil disguising as a thief, 
  • Devil with cowboys sunglasses, 
  • Devil with ninja mask, 
  • Devil with different hairstyles, 
  • Devil wearing different outfits. 

It is to increase the enthusiasm of collectors.

Sympathy for the Devil NFT market:

  • It is unique virtual artworks cards available in six thousand six hundred and sixty-six for supply.
  • However, 2×66 of Devil NFTs are held in reserve for giveaways.
  • The Devil NFT can be traded in Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains. 
  • The Devil NFT can be bought in exchange for ETH, WETH, DAI, and USDC.
  • The cost of each Devil NFT is 0.0666 Ethereum plus the transaction fee.
  • The Devil NFTs are available on opensea, which is providing a marketplace for sales. Hence, they attract an opensea fee of 2.5 percent.
  • The patent fee is set at 4.16 percent.
  • Hence, the fee of the total sale you will pay on each Sympathy for the Devil NFT will be 6.66 percent.

Future plans:

  • Sympathy for the Devil plans to distribute three percent of royalty to its holders.
  • This amount will be transferred to “Hells Piggy Bank.”
  • NFT holders can claim this amount twice a month.
  • Sympathy for the Devil plans to reward their team 0.5 percent from royalty to keep them motivated.
  • Sympathy for the Devil plans to include 0.66 percent from sales in the community pool.
  • To keep up the good work of their community, they plan to credit the community wallet with 66.6 Ether.
  • Further, 10 Ether will be given to charity.

Benefits to NFT holders:

  1. Sympathy for the Devil NFT holders will get voting rights, 
  2. An entree to secret Discord channels,
  3. Highly valued rarity cards and 
  4. A source of passive income.


The cost of a single Sympathy for the Devil is high. There is no information provided about the area of investment. Sympathy for the Devil does not plan to create new tokens. Therefore it is unclear how the value of the token will increase. Hence, we advise you to wait for a few weeks before investing.

Which is the best Crypto in the market ? Let us know your views on Sympathy for the Devil NFT.

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