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Tactibite Fish Call Reviews {June} Is It Either Fake Or Legit

Tactibite Fish Call Reviews {June} Is It Either Fake Or Legit -> This post provides reviews of a website that sells fish attracting devices. Have you ever bought a fish attracting device online? If planning to, you may come across a website called thefishcall.com, that sells such equipment. But before buying anything online, it is essential to analyze a website. Thus, to provide you with Tactibite Fish Call Reviews, we have written this article.

Here we will give you all the information related to the website and help you judge the webstore that sells fish attracting devices. The site sells such devices by the name of Tactibite. To know more about it, continue reading this article.

We have carefully analyzed the website for customer benefit and have taken intricate details into account, for you to judge. It belongs to the United States and is in existence from the last five years.

What is Tactibite thefishcall.com?

It is a website that sells electronic fish attracting devices. They are used to send vibrations and sounds to attract game fish. It increases your chances of catching a game fish and is easy to use. It is light in weight and is used in both freshwater and salty environments.

There are no products available on the website as such, and the site redirects you to another website, whom they claim to be their partners. Their partner, Clever Training in-turn, redirects you to amazon.com, where you get the product.

The website thefishcall.com has no contact address displayed for contacting them. They, however, have an email address available on the site to contact. All kinds of information is available about using the device on the website. They have provided videos on the working procedure of the equipment and customer reviews as well in the form of videos.


  • Website type – Online store selling fish-catching devices
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping – Not available
  • Returns – Not available
  • Contact address – Not available
  • Email address – info@
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Payment modes – Not available
  • Social media – Facebook

Pros of buying from Tactibite thefishcall.com

  • The website is around five years old.
  • Reviews available on the site as well as amazon.com

Cons of buying from Tactibite thefishcall.com

  • No product is available on the website.
  • Redirects to another website for buying.
  • No contact address and no phone number is available.
  • Social media presence only on Facebook

Is Tactibite thefishcall.com Legit?

For a customer to shop online, it becomes essential to know the legitimacy of the website. One cannot spend his hard-earned money without analyzing the site. Hence, here we provide you with Tactibite Fish Call Reviews, for you to judge it correctly.

The website has been online for the last five years and provides customer reviews for others to see. But only having customer reviews on its website cannot be considered trustworthy. The site has no reviews available on the Trust score and WebOfTrust. That makes it suspicious. It also has no https protocol attached to it, which makes it unsafe to use.

The website belongs to the United States, but the setup involves two more countries.

This information makes it more doubtful for the customer to use. The other drawback is that it no more sells its products and redirects you to its partner site, which in turn sends you to the Amazon website. That is a lengthy procedure and makes it uncomfortable for the customer, making the website less legit.

What Are Customers Saying About Tactibite thefishcall.com?

The customers of this website have given positive reviews for their products. However, the reviews are available on the website itself and not on other sites. Few reviews are available on amazon.com, where their products are sold, and most of them are negative. That creates suspicion in the minds of customers about the website.

How can we trust a website which is unsecure and has negative reviews available on a trustworthy site like amazon? The customers are unhappy with the product and do not find any difference in catching fish on using it and without using it.

The Final Verdict

Concluding, we would like to say that Tactibite thefishcall.com is not an entirely trustworthy site and sells its products through other websites only. It has no contact address available for customers to contact and so cannot be trusted. For the customers to develop trust, a website has to be transparent.

It has positive feedback only on its website, whereas other websites have negative reviews of its products. Hence I suggest users be careful and avoid this site.

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