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Taiju Revengers Tokyo (Aug 2021) Read About Him Here!

In this Taiju Revengers Tokyo post, you will learn about the character of a very famous anime and manga series.

Shiba Taiju is a very famous and interesting character of Tokyo Revengers. But still, most anime lovers do not know about this character. So, in this post, we will discuss this character in detail and discuss a bit about Tokyo Revengers anime. 

Manga has taken over the entertainment industry, and people of all age groups watch anime. The recently released anime series known as Tokyo Revengers is also gaining popularity.

Tokyo Revengers manga popularity is also increasing Worldwide because of its storyline and its interesting characters. One of the most interesting and powerful characters of this Anime series is Taiju Shiba. Let us discuss more Taiju Revengers Tokyo further in this post.

About Tokyo Revengers In Brief

It is a Japanese manga series that is illustrated and written by Ken Wakui. An anime series inspired by this manga is released in April 2021 by Liden Films. The series is getting rapidly popular. The manga had over 32 million copies in circulation which shows thar it is being loved Worldwide. 

As the name suggests, the series is about revenge, and throughout the series, you will experience time travel, adventure, action, love, emotion, and much more things. But, first, let us see more about the famous character Taiju Revengers Tokyo

Introduction to Taiju Shiba

He is Tokyo Revengers’ antagonist, and he is also the former Black Dragon’s 10th leader. Taiju is very brutal, religious, and abusive by nature who doesn’t care much about the wellbeing of others. 

He trained the 10th generation Black Dragon Gang, and he was the leader of the gang. Taiju Shiba has two siblings, Yuzuha Shiba, his younger sister, and Hakkai Shiba, his younger brother. Despite his abusive nature, the personality of this character is quite charismatic and heart-capturing.

Abilities of Taiju Revengers Tokyo

The name Tiaju Shiba shows the ability of this character Tai means great, big, Ju means longevity, one’s natural life, and lastly, Shiba means brush and firewood. He has many abilities that made him one of the strongest in the series. 

Throughout the series, he has done many things that nobody can do, such as knock out Mikey with a single punch well Mikey had its reasons.

Besides power, leadership, and authority, Taiju is also shown to be intelligent and wealthy throughout the series. Presently Taiju Revengers Tokyo has opened its restaurant, which is highly successful. 

The Final Verdict

Manga and Anime series is spreading like a trend because of the series like Tokyo Revengers, and the series only succeeds because of its characters. In this series, Taiju Shiba has played a very important role in the success of this series.  Check out here to know more about the Tokyo Revengers

Now that you know about Taiju Shiba, in brief, what are your views on this character? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, do share this Taiju Revengers Tokyo post to inform others.

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