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Tanagas com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read

Tanagas com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read >> This report intends to inform you about the legitimacy of the site by highlighting specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of the same.

Tired of looking for authentic electronic gadgets that suit your budget? Then, stop searching and visit the Tanagas website.

It is troublesome to find a store where you can get your desired variety of electronic gadgets at reasonable prices. Tanagas provides you with an opportunity to buy laptops, cameras, video games, and other laptop accessories at a click of your mouse.

Tanagas Com Reviews say that the site is functional is the United State and caters to the public with diverse product’s needs.

One may find it tedious to wander through countless shops and bargain with the shop-keepers to purchase a desirable gadget. Additionally, shipping of those products is another cumbersome task.

Shopping online on this site offers a solution to all the problems mentioned above.

Although, the unexpected price range of items on this website creates a suspicion about the legitimacy of the site.

It is terrific to be tech-savvy, but it is imperative to cautiously check the authenticity of the site before sharing personal details like Mastercard numbers, passwords, etc.

So let us together find out if is Tanagas Com legit? Or not?

What is Tanagas?

Tanagas is an online store that caters to a broad audience and supplies items ranging from LED TVs, Laptops, video games to office merchandise such as printers, cartridge, Ink, etc.

It showcases the latest products on the website to make it easier for the customers to check out the trending gadgets in the market.

Why is Tanagas unique?

Tanagas make sure to grab the attention of its customers entirely by bestowing them with incredible discounts. This site spoils you with choices of electronic gadgets.

The online store delivers you these products for free of cost and the returns are applicable for 365 days from the date of delivery.

Seems unrealistic? Why don’t you go through the entire blog and decide for yourself?

Let’s begin with the features of the website, which are as follows:

 Specifications of Tanagas:

  • Product: Electronic gadgets
  • Email: info@electro.com
  • Contact number: +800856 800 604
  • Address: 17 Princess Road London, Greater London NW1 8JR, UK
  • Shipping/processing time: No information
  • Exchange- Not specified
  • Returns- 14 days from receiving the order(as mentioned in return’s policy)
  • Refunds- Processed within seven days
  • Mode of payment- All debit and credit cards

Now, let’s scan through the pros of this website:

  • Low prices.
  • Wide range of electronic gadgets.
  • It has detailed contact information.
  • Customer care service.
  • Free of cost delivery.

Further, the cons of the site are mentioned below:

  • Unrealistic prices create chaos.
  • Multiple address details prove to be disobliging.
  • Ambiguous info on return policy.
  • Non-functional customer care number.
  • Links like ‘Office Supplies’ redirect you to other items.

After carefully reviewing the specifications, pros, and cons of the website, we would like to enlighten you with the customer feedback.

What the customers have to say?

Customers have huge trust issues as long as the authenticity of the site is concerned. Unsatisfied customers complain about the non-delivery of products. Also, there is no real person to contact in case of queries. 

Customers are disappointed with the lack of information on the “About Us” section. The information that is provided is in a foreign language that they are unable to interpret.

The social media presence is Zero. And the links provided do not seem to work for customers.

Customers tried to explore the addresses given on the site and found them to be fake. Similar is the case with customer care numbers.

One of the customer reviews that the PayPal transactions go to a Chinese guy. The provided number is of a grocery store, which informs that the similar calls have been received in the past.

Final Verdict:

The unbelievable reductions in prices, done by Tanagas, create a huge dilemma in the minds of customers.

In addition to that, the site has a negligible social media presence. The media links provided on the website do not work, thereby leaving the customers high and dry.

The “About Us” section is written in some foreign language, which is not decipherable. The email address is invalid.

A few other links like “Exchange/returns” redirect you to the contact link, which raises questions about the genuineness of the site.

Overall, we are unsure about shopping on this site and would advise you to do proper research before placing an order on this website.

0 thoughts on “Tanagas com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read

  1. I got scammed. They shipped junk to a different address in my same zip code. Since the payment was through PayPal, the scammer would have got to keep my money if I opened an “Item not received” dispute (PayPal only checks to see that the delivery city or zip code is the same). To get my money back, I had to open an “Item significantly not as described” dispute, saying that the seller sent junk.

    The best part is that the shipment was shipped two days BEFORE I ordered. It was then rerouted to a random address in my zip code after I placed my order. The seller didn’t provide a tracking number until after it was “Delivered”.

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