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[Unedited] Tangmo Nida Death Photo: Find Dead Picture, Body Photo Of Her Discussing On Reddit, And Twitter!

This article about Tangmo Nida Death Photo provides you about the death of a Thai actress and her personal Life.

The death of the popular actress Tangmo Nida is the most discussed topic nowadays. Since her death in February, people have been curious to know more about her.

Do you know about Tangmo Nida’s death? Are you wondering about her cause of death? Do you know why she is famous? People Worldwide are discussing her and are curious to know about her. Kindly read this article till the end to learn about Tangmo Nida Death Photo.

What is the cause of her death?


What is the cause of her death

On February 24, 2022, Thai actress Tango Nida famously known as Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong, died unfortunately from falling into the river. Are you wondering how did she get into the tragedy? On February 24, at night, Tango fell into a river near Pibul 1 pier named Chao Phraya. This is not known how she fell into the river, but later her brother discovered her dead body.

You can check the Twitter link in the article to learn more about her photos.

Tangmo Nida viral on Reddit – funeral and passed away information:

Tangmo Nida has not recently died, and it’s been several months since she passed. She has shown her talent in Thai cinemas and dramas. No one can think of her sudden death before age and with no ailments. 

According to news sources, her funeral was scheduled in Sukhumvit alley between March 11 and 13, 2022. Her pictures were all over the internet as people were sharing them continuously.

Do you know the funeral code of Tangmo? Well, everyone present was dressed in white and pink.

Tangmo Nida’s Video – let’s have a look at her Biography:

Official Name Nida Patcharaveerapong
Nick Name Tangmo Nida
Date Of Birth 13 September 1984
Age 37
Profession Actress
Birth Place Thailand
Zodiac  Virgo
Nationality Thai
Partner Divorced 
Parents Panida, Sophon

Tangmo’s Marital status:

In 2013, the thai actress married an actor named Pekin kumwilaisuk. The duo gets separated after two years of tying the knot for unknown reasons. After Pakin, Tangmo didn’t marry anyone, but her dating rumours keep flying from time to time. Her last known boyfriend is Ken Kasper.

Tangmo Nida’s Dead Picture – what is her family’s reaction?

After getting divorced, the young actress lived with her parents. With the sudden unexpected death of the Thai actress, all her loved ones get into some trauma. Her mother, Panida siriyudthayothins, and her father, Sophon Patcharawirapong, were both in shock as it is a nightmare come true for parents to see their children die while they are alive.

Additional information:

  • Tangmo was born on 1984 September 13, in Thailand, to a well-settled family. After she didn’t come for some time, her brother and Caso found her body in the river.
  • She is a bright student during her school days and has completed her graduation from Ramkhamhaeng university.

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On February 24 2022, famous actress Tangmo Nida died after drowning in water. Her death leaves behind her loved ones in shock. For more information about Tangmo Nida, visit the link

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Tango Nida Twitter -FAQs

Q.1 What is the profession of Tangmo Nida? 

She is a Thai actress. 

Q.2 How did she pass away?

She drowns in the Chao Phraya River.

Q.3 When did she pass away?

She died on February 24

Q.4 What is the other name of Tangmo Nida?

She is also known as Nida Patcharaveerapong.

Q.5 What is her relationship status?

She is divorced at the time of death.

Q.6 Where can we find Tangmo’s dead Body Photo?

You can find pictures on the internet by searching with specific keywords.

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