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Target New Years Eve Hours (Dec) Get Appropriate Update!

Please peruse this report to know the Target New Years Eve Hours so that you can conclude your purchases at the Target stores with convenience and in time.

Have you finished shopping for the new year? Do you still have some last-minute purchases left? Are you a regular shopper at Target? So are you looking for the store timings on the last day of this year? Then, please read this article to find out.

In this report, we have discussed the working hours of this store, which shoppers all over the United States and Australia want to know. Thus, please read this article to learn the Target New Years Eve Hours

What is Target?

Target is a famous chain of stores similar to a supermarket. The shops provide various products like groceries, clothes, household items, furniture, video games, toys, electronic items, etc. In addition, the stores also deal with products related to sports, pets, beauty, etc. 

The stores’ logo resembles the bull’s eye symbol used in dartboards. Customers visit the stores in huge numbers as the stores offer a wide variety of items. Despite the availability of online portals, buyers prefer visiting the Target stores physically.

Why do People Want to Know the Target New Years Eve Hours?

Recently, many people wanted to know about the Target stores’ timings on New Year’s Eve. The Target stores offer various items, and shoppers want to visit them even on the year’s last day. Also, after the new variant, Omicron has started spreading, customers want to stock the essential goods at their homes to ensure safety.

Now is the perfect time to bag the necessary items for the upcoming new year. Moreover, Target stores also offer party decoration supplies, so customers can buy the items for celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

What Are the Target New Years Eve Hours?

The Target stores have opened on 31 December 2021, i.e., New Year’s Eve of 2021, at 8 am, which is their usual opening time. However, according to our research, the authorities changed the closing hours. 

Generally, the Target stores call it a day at 10 pm. But, this New Year’s Eve, the officials shall close it at 9 pm. So if you are planning to shop from Target stores around you, you should reach well within time to complete your purchase by 9 pm. Thus, now you know about the Target New Years Eve Hours and can plan accordingly. If you want to purchase party supplies from the store, you should do it well in advance. 

We got these pieces of information via our research over the Net. Nonetheless, you must confirm the actual timings by contacting your nearest Target store. If you are unsure about the store location, you can visit the e-commerce website and use the online store locator. 


The authorities may alter the Target timings due to the current pandemic situations. Thus, please get in touch with your local store to know the correct Target New Years Eve Hours. Also, you may like to learn about party decorations and their techniques.

What do you like best about the Target stores? Please share with us below.

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