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Tastemaine Com (Nov 2020) Reveal More About the Site.

Tastemaine Com (Nov 2020) Reveal More About the Site. >> In this article, you explored a campaign to support the restaurant industry!

Have you ever heard of a relief fund to support restaurants? The United States-based “Re Up Maine” has intended to support the state-wide restaurants as they navigated the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Tastemaine Com has come up with the idea to cook and support the state-wide Maine restaurants and its Sunday Supper Series.

This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about the relief fund to support the restaurants.

What is Tastemaine Com?

Tastemaine Com is a platform designed to help the state-wide beverage and food producers by increasing Maine’s sales through funding resources.

These funding resources are committed to creating innovative events to build relations with new buyers and boost the food brand “Maine.”

What is the Mission and Key Strategies of Tastemaine Com?

The mission of the United States-based platform is to grow the economy of the food brand “Maine” by uniting its food regions in sixteen countries.

It aims to expand the sales of every region’s unique products by building sales channels beyond its state.

The key strategies of the Tastemaine include the following:

  • Market the food brand, “Maine”
  • Mentors hosting at Maine’s events
  • Exporting beverage and food story of Maine.

How is Tastemaine Com Committed to its aim? 

Tastemaine Com is committed to bringing together the stakeholders for building a story of an amplified market.

It also identifies the opportunities for all the sales channels that are not expanded so far. Besides, it creates a sponsorship’s finding model and sales of tickets that strengthen the buyer’s and producers’ relationships.

What is the purpose of the “ReUp Maine” Restaurant Relief Fund?

Covid-19 has affected every industry ever since its outbreak in March 2019. The doors of all the restaurants were closed across the globe initially. Gradually, the restaurant industry started getting creative to figure out to serve its customers in this new normal world.

The purpose of the “ReUp Maine” Relief Fund is to support those who find it challenging to re-open, re-stock, and re-hire. It is expected the hospitality economy of Maine’s will take many years.

The Sunday Supper Series will be Live on every Sunday Supper. Many organizations are sponsoring the event to support the event, as instanced by Hannaford. Many contributing sponsors like Cross, Bangor Savings Bank, Oakhurst, It’ll be pizza have come forward to show their support.

Besides, many community sponsors will be showing their support to the restaurant industry by sponsoring the brand.

How long will the Sunday Series of Tastemaine Com run?

The Sunday Series of Tastemaine Com will be aired for ten Sundays until mid-December. It will be ninety minutes of live webcast each Sunday.

The Series is to promote the story of Maine restaurants’ comeback. It aims to drive and evolve donations for “ReUp Me” campaign for fundraising.

The aim is to celebrate people, communities, and food. The Sunday Supper will include the following events:

  • Format to cook-along and interact with Live audience
  • Each show will be the promotion of cook-along’s ingredients lists
  • Mentors and Celebrities’ guests to taste the products of Maine’s
  • Paintings related to mixology and beverages
  • Producers profiles on brewing, farms, distilling, and aquaculture

The details of the Sunday Supper episodes which have been aired till now are the following:

  • Episode One: Maine Summer classics
  • Episode Two: Comfort Food
  • Episode Three: Backyard Barbecue
  • Episode Four: The County

You can get each episode’s recipes from their website and can follow can cook-along with the chef’s signature dishes. Besides, you can participate in the events by filling up the participation form on their website


Tastemaine Com has created an innovative idea to create a Relief Fund through the ReUp Maine campaign for the restaurant industry, which is affected due to Coronavirus. The Campaign started on Sunday, September 13, 2020, and the Live webcast will be aired every Sunday.

You can follow the chefs who will be creating signature dishes each Sunday’s through the mid-December. Besides, purchases can be made for the ingredients, and each Sunday Supper can be checked in advance on their website.

You can also participate in the grant and also can donate to the ReUp Maine Restaurant Relief Fund. So what are you waiting for? Come forward and experience the Live webcast and donate to help the restaurant industry affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help and show your support for this new normal life!

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