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Tastiest Roadtrip Com (July 2021) How To Take Part?

Tastiest Roadtrip Com (July 2021) How To Take Part? >> In this post, you will know about a sweepstakes contest and the process to take part in it.

Do you believe in yourself as a lucky person and want to win exciting prizes? This post will discuss a sweepstake contest that allows you to win up to $100, 000. Sure, these contests are uncertain, but people take part in them because they believe in their luck. 

Now, many people are taking part in this contest from the United States. The platform on which this contest is happening is known as Tastiestroadtrip.com. 

Let us discuss the Tastiest Roadtrip com in brief further in this post. 

What is Tastiest Roadtrip Contest?

It is a normal contest that you will see happening in many parts of the internet. Still, it also has many different things to offer apart from other average contests. You can only take part in this contest between July 5 2021 to August 1 2021.

This contest allows taking part for free and from purchase. You will get a chance to win different instant daily prizes in Tastiest Roadtrip com like cooler, wireless speakers, a $100 gas gift card and many other things.

How To Take Part in This Contest? 

This platform uses codes to take part in this contest. The following are the ways you can get codes to take part in this contest:

  • Purchase from Culver’s Store: Anyone who purchases either a regular Pepsi or a Butter Burger value Basket from Culver’s store will get a code printed on their purchase in the period of this contest. You can use that in Tastiest Roadtrip com. 
  • Get Code without a Purchase: To get a code without making any purchase, you must physically send it to the contest officials at West Bloomfield, P.O. Box 251328, MI 48325. You have to fill in details like email address, full name, your address, phone number and send it in a properly stamped postcard.
  • Use the Promo Code: From July 17 2021, to August 1 2021, you can also use this code MR7V93XYKX3V.

Also, to participate in this contest you must be over 18 years old and the United States resident.

Prize List in the Tastiest Roadtrip com

The prizes are divided into two categories daily small prizes and mega prizes, which are elaborated as below: Daily Small Prizes:

  1. Wireless Speaker and a Charger.
  2. $100 Gas gift card.
  3. $50 Culver’s gift card.
  4. Cooler.
  5. Car Decal Sheet.
  6. Travel Tumbler set.
  • Mega Prize
  • $100,000 RV in a gift. 

Take Away

We hope that we have provided you the sufficient information regarding the contest. But for more details about the contest, check out here.  

This post is only to inform you about this contest and to provide you with the information. Rest, the decision to participate is totally up to you.  

What are your views on this contest and the Tastiest Roadtrip com? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, do share this post to inform others. 

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