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Taukem Reviews [July] Is The Site a Hoax or Legit?

Taukem Reviews [July] Is The Site a Hoax or Legit? -> This article talks about the authenticity of a site offering kayaks at jawdropping prices.

Are you looking for kayaks at great prices in the United States and have you come across the website Taukem.com while doing so? In that case, you must have also noticed the name XINCHEN in the top left-hand corner of the menu bar, which sounds like a Chinese name. 

XINCHEN claims to be the owner of Taukem.com, and in the Covid era, the first note of caution is that if a seller happens to be Chinese and unknown, it’s always better to be extra careful. 

Kayaks are extremely popular in the United States, where the people are in love with water sports. Many youngsters go out kayaking to take part in sports competitions since kayaking is an Olympic sport with many medals at stake. 

Others, including some older folks, use kayaks for fishing in lakes and small rivers. Understandably, these kayaks need to be made of robust and durable material, and Taukem offers them for less than $100, which is an amazing price. 

In this article, we’ll look up various other aspects of this website, including Taukem Reviews and present a realistic view based on visible evidence. 

Taukem website – an overview 

The Taukem website sells kayaks of different make and variants, including those that are inflatable or designed for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. There are also single-seater kayaks and multiple seater kayaks, and most of them are priced below $100. 

The website claims to be selling the kayaks at around one-third the original price, which is a big loss it is enduring. 

However, the company makes a bold claim right on the home page top bar that in these trying times, it has no choice but to sell its products at such a loss just to keep the business afloat. 

The products are presented with a fair amount of details, although users would like the option to seek more information. And this is where a BIG question mark arises because this website offers just an Outlook.com email address. 


  • The Taukem website is owned by XINCHEN, whose own website is “under construction”. 
  • It displays a PayPal icon at the footer of every page, and it also allows payment via PayPal, which many customers prefer. 
  • The website doesn’t make any mention of the shipper it uses and informs that it follows the expedited shipping method, which is faster. 
  • The cost of shipping is provided only after payment for the product is made. 
  • It allows a 14-day return policy, which sounds fine, but with no physical address, customers may be suspicious. 

Is the Taukem website legit? 

The Taukem Reviews show that the website is “Potentially Safe” and “Legit” currently. When it comes to trustworthiness or reliability, there is no information available – good or bad. 

The website is barely a month old, and it has likely had no transactions as yet. This explains the lack of information on the trustworthiness 

For the same reason, there are no customers’ reviews of any of its products. 

It would be too early to call the website a scam operation when it has not transacted any business, but it hasn’t disclosed its office address or phone number, and that raises a BIG question. 

Taukem website pros 

  • The website has integrated the necessary SSL protocol, evident from the padlock icon on its browser bar 
  • It allows customers to make payment via PayPal thereby allowing customers choosing this payment mode, the necessary security 
  • It offers a good deal of information on the products it is selling, which makes it easier for customers 
  • It is offering kayaks at prices that won’t be available in normal circumstances 

Taukem website cons 

  • The biggest drawback of this website is that it offers no office address or phone number for customers to contact; just an Outlook Express email address 
  • It is barely a month old and apparently making a distress sale. It could be that the website is dumping sub-standard products in the market 
  • The site doesn’t offer any scope of sharing information about its products on social media 
  • An unknown Chinese business, XINCHEN own the website, and it could be dumping redundant Chinese merchandise on international customers 

Customer reviews 

Currently, there are no Taukem Reviews for any of its products, and that could be due to the fact that the site is about a month old currently and may not have made any transactions as yet. 


It’s fair to consider a website as scam or fraud in the absence of any customer reviews to that effect. However, the website is walking on the borderline of reliability by not disclosing its office address and phone number. 

It allows payments to be made by PayPal, and this could help it win a few customers, but on the whole, most customers would be hesitant to deal with Chinese a seller whose physical location is unknown. 

Overall, the site is not legit and you are suggested to make purchases here.

0 thoughts on “Taukem Reviews [July] Is The Site a Hoax or Legit?

  1. I just purchased 2 kayaks from this website on july 24th. Fingers crossed they come and we don’t get totally ripped off.

  2. I bought a kayak 7/17/20. Never received it. Just saw a video, which said that this is a scam and they get your bank info that way. I used a credit card so I am going to call and try to get a refund. Wish me luck.

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