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Tava Network Marketing {Aug 2021} Get Complete Insight!

Tava Network Marketing {Aug 2021} Get Complete Insight! >> This write-up gives information about famous health care supplement MLM Company, its membership and earnings.

As you are aware, that people are becoming more health-conscious. A busy lifestyle and workload do not leave much time to manage our health. Hence, the weight loss and energy supplement market has grown. With this, it unfolds opportunities for a source of income. Whether you want to earn in the comfort of your home, part-time, promote products on the internet, become an affiliate, the solution is to join an MLM program.

Tava Network Marketing is one such opportunity. But, before becoming an affiliate or before paying the membership fee, do you feel the need to review their business? If so, you are reading the correct article which will review all the facts for this Worldwide business.

What is Tava’s business module?

It is an MLM program. But, it is not based on the pyramid or Ponzi module. Recruitment of affiliates under you is the key to profits. Kenny Lloyd is the founder of Tava. The company is centered in Houston, TX.

About Tava Network Marketing membership:

Tava Network will allow you to become a customer if you pay just$49.95. The membership will cost you $49.95 +amount of product pack you take. Check out their product packs below:

  • $100 for Affiliate Pack
  • $300 for Personal Pack
  • $500 for Fast Track Pack
  • $1200 for Builder Pack and
  • $2000 for Founder’s Pack – this pack is for a limited time and not for new affiliates

Once you take such a pack, the first time yearly fee of $49.95 is waived.

About the Compensation Plan:

There are five compensation plans which are offered by Tava Network Marketing as given below:

  1. Retail Profits: $10 discount is given on all products, which becomes your profit. It is generally for retailers
  2. Quick Start Bonus: based on purchases made by your recruit, you get paid between $30 to $800. But, you will have to make a personal purchase of $140 products per month.
  3. Binary Pay:  It is a two-leg module. People you recruit are placed under your right and left leg. The important point here is that you will be paid based on the leg with low sales volume! This article gives you more such facts about Tava Network Marketing. The volume you sell to a customer is accounted for, paying 10% to 25% based on your rank among affiliates.
  4. Binary Check Match Pay: You receive a bonus for new recruits. Executive Directors and higher members will get between ten to fifty percentages of such bonuses.
  5. Profit-Sharing Pools: Company awards triple diamond and higher ranks. They share 1% of total weekly sales.


It is advisable to become an affiliate only if you have strong MLM and sales skills. The product line is expensive and limited. Therefore, recruitment plays a major role to increase your earning. Tava Network Marketing seems a legitimate business Worldwide.  

You can also read more information about MLM by clicking here. .

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