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Tayvion Cole {Aug} Are You Interested To Know, Go Ahead!

Tayvion Cole {Aug} Are You Interested To Know, Go Ahead! >> This article will tell you about an incident during the Roblox game house party where someone was assassinated.

Do you also play the Roblox game? Did you ever enjoy the Roblox House party? Roblox has recently gained popularity during Covid 19 pandemic. The tragic murder of the Tayvion grabs the attention of the users across Worldwide. Today we will discuss the Tayvion Cole incident, house party, so be with us to know the details.

Know about Roblox and House Party!

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that allows users to play games in the different environments created by other users across the globe. The users can create purchasable content through game passes. And many in-game purchases are available via a virtual currency called Robux. The game has 164 million active users and is popular among each age group. In addition, Roblox occasionally hosts real-life and virtual events to maintain interest among players. And one such event is the House party; as the murder of Tayvion Cole is related to this event, let us know about the house party.

It is an event where your friends and other players invite you. Here, you can do many fun activities, socialize with other players, stuff your face with the cake, and do many more exciting things. Is not it exciting? Yes, indeed, such a blast at the super fun party? As the party is for fun so nothing wrong can happen, is not it? But a tragic murder at the house party leaves the family, friends, and loved ones in grieve.

Murder in the house party and death of Tayvion Cole

The house party was hosted on Aug 7, 2021, at Shaffer village, and everyone was enjoying the house party. 19-year-old Cole was suddenly shot by Zach Bryson 8 times in his upper body. Asia white in-game member is accused of planning this murder mystery, and she told the location of Cole to Zach Bryson.

Tayvion fellow game members could not tolerate this, and an unknown person assassinated Asian White. Later, the same day Zach Bryson was killed by an unknown person. Now, the person who arranged the party is currently under investigation by Police.

Reason for planned murder of Tayvion Cole

Tayvion was a good guy and a future division 1 college athlete. The reason why the girl planned for his murder is still unknown. Furthermore, the girl who planned the setup and the one who killed him both are dead now. But we pray to God to grant strength to the family members and loved ones. However, if we get any further news regarding his death, we will update you.

How do people react to his death?

People are in extreme grief and pays tribute to him—condolence with the friend and family. Many users comment on Twitter, TikTok and expressed sorrow and want justice for him. Watch video of Cole’s death here. 



Tayvion Cole was shot multiple times, and in the end, he died. But in-game, rival members took revenge by killing both of them. The family will make the official obituary, and the funeral agreement is yet to announce. Our prayers are with everyone affected by his demise.

Do you also want justice for Cole? Please comment your thought about him in the comment section.

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