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Tds Codes 2022 {Jan} Know Its Redemption And Levels!

This article describes a popular simulation game based on tower defense and its free keys to improve the gaming potential. Read on the Tds Codes 2022.

Are you interested in tower defense-based games and looking to advance in gaming? If yes, keep reading this article till the end to know all relevant information associated with this topic.

Worldwide online simulator game fans are eager to know how to use keys to improve their current gaming skill, which will help them upgrade their gaming potential, increasing by gaming points and ranks. Keep reading this article till the end to know all details about the Tds Codes 2022.

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About Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator is an online simulator game developed by Paradoxum Games on 5th June 2019. The gameplay consists of various players creating teams and involving various fighting modes to defeat their enemies.

The TDS players are rewarded with cash for defeating their enemies in multiple online games that help to acquire gaming bonuses, rewards and in-game achievements. In addition to these benefits, the players are also rewarded with gems, coins and EXP points. As mentioned above, these gaming codes are used to improve gaming potential and skill.

Tds Codes 2022

Unfortunately, there are no active codes for TDS. The expired codes are mentioned below:

  • MERRY2021: Provides Present Skin for the farm tower owners.
  • robloxisback:  Supplies Premium Skincrate.
  • 1BILLION: Provides Deluxe Crate.
  • celebration21: Rewards with 1 Party Crate. 
  • FIFTYK: Supplies 200 Coins.
  • Imababy: Provides 100 Gems.
  • 30k: Rewards with 1 Pumpkin Crate.
  • W33KLICODE: Code for +65 experience.
  • B1RDHUNT3R: Rewards with a Free Hunter Troop.
  • ELECTRO: Provides 100 coins.
  • 02MOMENT: Rewards with Gain XP.
  • MOARXP: Provides Gain XP.
  • SW33TXP: Rewards with 100 XP.
  • ELECTRO: Provides a hundred coins.
  • B1RDHUNT3R: Supplies Free Hunter Troop.

More Expired Codes

  • 5KMILESTONE: This Tds Codes 2022 can be used to redeem Minigunner Twitter Skin.
  • ICYFREEZE: Use this code for Freezer Skin. To use this code, the user must have Freezer Tower ownership.
  • DOUBLEBLOXIES: This code is used to obtain Cowboy Skin. The user with Cowboy Tower ownership is eligible for this code redemption.

Codes Redemption and Levels

  • Launch the game. Make sure that there is stable internet connectivity for smooth gaming performance.
  • Click the “Twitter button” on the screen. The button will be present on the left side.
  • Enter the working code inside the code input box. Learn more about the Tds Codes 2022.
  •  Finally, press the “Redeem” button to claim the reward associated with the gaming code. 
  • The user must submit a working code as non-working codes will not be rewarded.
  • The codes are to be used to level up the gaming levels. Collect more XPs to increase the level up potential.


Tower defense games are gaining many new gamers as the gaming modes are highly interesting and exciting. The popularity of these games is on a rapid rise. To know more about this, please visit.

Have you checked about the Tds Codes 2022? If yes, please comment on your valuable findings below.

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