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Tennessee Police Scandal Video: What Is the Content Of Viral Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

The article on Tennessee Police Scandal Video has provided all the facts about this viral topic.

Have you read about the trending Scandal of the Tennessee police department? Do you want to know some details? Then, if you are interested to know more about Tennessee Police Scandal Video, do follow this write-up.

Everyone in the United States is shocked to learn the details of a recent scandal in the Police department of Tennessee. We will explain how and why the police officers are dismissed.

Details On Tennessee’s Police Department

As per reports, an internal person had filed a complaint about some officers’ misconduct at La Vergne’s small police department. In addition, more than six officers have been in an objectionable and intimate relationship with each other for the past few months. 

After being in trend for some time now, people are searching for its video Viral On Reddit and other streaming details. In December, the news spread internally in the department. After that, the investigation started, and till now, more than six officers have been suspended, mostly without pay. 

Disclaimer: This article contains all the facts about trending news collected from the internet. We are not blaming anyone. We are just providing information. No link to any video will be provided, as our platform does not support such things. 

Detail About The Female Officer Involved

As per sources, Maegan Hall, who is at the centre of all these activities, had been fired from her position. She is accused of having intimate relationships with six fellow officers of the same department. As per online sources, she is married and tells everyone that she is in an open marriage with her husband, Jedidiah, who is also a police officer. 

The news got viral on Twitter and everywhere. As per online sources, her husband wasn’t consent to her shameful acts. He is still standing beside her wife and trying to protect his marriage. Meagan also has drinking habits.

More Details 

As per sources, other officers involved with Hall have also admitted to having such relationships with her after heavy denial. Names of fired police officers that are trending on Instagram are; Juan Lugo Perez (officer), Henry McGowan (Sergeant), Seneca Shields (detective), and Lewis Powell (Sergeant). 

Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holloday, and Gavin Schoeberl are suspended. Everyone has admitted to being involved in immoral acts with Hall. A total of eight officers have been affected due to this Scandal. Out of which, five are permanently fired, and three are on suspension (without pay). They were involved in acts known as “Girls Gone Wild” and some parties that went viral on Tiktok.


The article talked about recent trending news from a police department in Tennessee, where five officers have been fired, and another three were suspended due to a scandal involving intimate relationships. Read more details here.

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Updates On Telegram About Police Scandal Tennessee: FAQs

Q1. Who reported the La Vergne Department’s Scandal?

Internal personnel from the police department reported the Scandal.

Q2. What is the name of the female officer involved in the case?

Meagan Hall is the name of the police officer involved in the Scandal.

Q3. How many officers got fired from the department?

A total of five of the officers, Juan Lugo Perez, Henry McGowan, Seneca Shields, and Lewis Powell, are fired, including Hall.

Q4. How many officers are suspended?

Three officers, Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holloday, and Gavin Schoeberl, are suspended without pay because of this Scandal.

Q5. Is there any Scandal Video of the police department on Youtube?

No, there is no explicit video present on the platform. 

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