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Termahal Nft {Jan 2022} Read Full Market Stats Here!

If you are interested in investing in NFTs, you will find thousands of them in the market. Read this article about the top three Termahal Nft in the market.

Did you know that Digital artwork and NFT are trending as status symbols in the Cryptocurrency market? Non-fungible tokens are virtual and digital assets authenticated by a digital signature. It makes them genuine and unique. You need not worry about the ownership of NFTs. The record of the ownership is stored safely on a public ledger accessible by anyone who wants to check the certificate of ownership. 

Let’s read about the top Termahal Nft in Indonesia.

What is Termahal?

With the term Termahal, we mean ‘the most expensive. Termahal Non-fungible Token is not a name given to any specific token. Instead, it means the most expensive NFT token. 

  1. CryptoPunk is considered as the number one expensive NFT. A single CryptoPunk was sold for $532 million in October 2021. There were 3,840 female CryptoPunk and 6,039 male CryptoPunk including 9 aliens, 24 apes, and 88 zombies. 
  2. Kevin McCoy-Quantum was created in May 2014 based on a video clip made by McCoy’s wife, Jennifer. The video was enrolled on the Namecoin blockchain, and it was sold at the New Museum, and later it was sold as Termahal Nft for $1.4 million.
  1. XCOPY – Death Drip is considered a super rare NFT valued at $1.58 million. One of the XCOPY was sold for $5.11 million as time passed. The XCOPY artwork shows a loop of images as warnings in the pattern of flashing lights.


  • CryptoPunk was initially launched in June 2017 by Larva Labs studio. John Watkinson and Matt Hall were the founders of CryptoPunk.
  • Anil Dash and Kevin McCoy founded quantum.
  • XCOPY was an artwork created by a digital artist from London. 

Termahal Nft Price:

  • CryptoPunk Lowest Price – 59.95 ETH ($200,463.81 USD)
  • Value of CryptoPunk Sales (24 Hours) – 533.12 ETH ($1.8M)
  • Value of CryptoPunk Sales (Week) – 5.03K ETH ($16.28M)
  • Value of CryptoPunk Sales (4 Weeks) – 9.75K ETH ($113.33M)
  • Price of Kevin McCoy Quantum – estimated to be $1.4 million
  • Price of XCOPY – estimated to be more than $6.03 million

How to buy NFT?

  1. You need to access a digital wallet that supports the Ethereum network. Example: MetaMask.
  2. Buy ETH on any Ethereum network.
  3. Log in to your digital wallet and send ETH to your wallet.
  4. Log in to a marketplace where your preferred Termahal Nft is sold. Example: OpenSea.
  5. Connect your digital wallet to the marketplace.
  6. Search the name of NFT on the marketplace.
  7. Enter the amount and buy NFTs.


Currently, the cryptocurrency market has emerged as a unique dimension of a virtual world where you can buy property, land and buildings, digital artworks including music, pictures, videos, characters Etc. NFT has emerged as a platform for a digital artists to create artwork without compromising their ideas and selling their artworks at a high price.

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