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Testergigs Com Legit Or Scam: Check Complete Insights On Testergigs.com Reviews

Get all your answers about Testergigs.com on its legitimacy. Also, learn about its features in this article about Testergigs Com Legit or Scam.

Many stores offer free products for testing and feedback. At many locations, a product tester can visit a physical store and fill out an application to become a product tester. Similarly, on Worldwide websites, there are web applications. 

Product testers are either paid (or) offered to keep the product sent to them for testing. But, not all websites offering jobs to test products are legitimate. Hence, let’s check about Testergigs Com Legit or Scam.

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About Testergigs.com:

Testergigs.com is a website offering jobs for product testers. It gained popularity as it offers Amazon.com products for testing. Another reason for its popularity is that the job profile does not require any specific qualification (or) skill sets to become a tester.

To apply for the job profile, Testergigs.com redirects the users to a third-party website tappco.go2cloud.org, where the applicants must fill in their details. Please note that it is high-risk to provide your personal and payment details on unauthentic third-party websites. 

While filling out the form at tappco.go2cloud.org as ascertained in Testergigs.com Reviews, the applicant needs to specify his residential details to receive the products for testing. Additionally, the applicant must enter his bank/card details to get paid. But how would you know that the website is not phishing out your details (or) if its fake? Let’s find out.

The legitimacy of Testergigs.com:

The DNS server does not recognize the Testergigs.com IP address. Hence, the status of its SSL certification, validity timeline and its DNS address remains undetermined, which clued is Testergigs Com Legit or Scam. Therefore, its Domain Authority remained unascertained.

Testergigs.com gained a terrible 1% trust score and was detected for having malware. The registrar of Testergigs.com, Tucows Domains Inc, is known for having a high percentage of scamming domains. 

Testergigs.com uses a less secure HTTP protocol. Though it is not blacklisted, it gained an awful 100% suspicion score. Testergigs scored high on the threat and malware profiles with a 66% score, 56% on phishing, and 7% on spam score. Testergigs.com has low traffic and a poor Alexa rank of 3,551,519.

The features of Testergigs.com determining is Testergigs Com Legit or Scam:

Testergigs.com is a recent website launched on 7th-November-2022. It is a 26 days old website. The website has a low life expectancy as it will expire on 7th-November-2022. Testergigs.com was last updated on 8th-November-2022. 

The Country of Origin(CoO) of Testergigs.com was also censored. However, its server location points out its internet service provider from London, UK. The identity and contact number of the Testergigs.com owner were censored.

Testergigs.com did not include the terms of usage, privacy policy, payment methods, and essential information of users interests, a negative highlight to check is Testergigs Com Legit or Scam. Testergigs.com only displayed a single page with a button to apply for a job. The website stated that it would respond to the applicant within 24 hours, for which the user needs to mention his contact number and email.

Social media links: Unspecified on Testergigs.com.


Testergigs.com is a scam. Amazon.com has its fleet of product testers and does not outsource the job profile of testing its products. Amazon.com did not endorse (or) authorize Testergigs.com to test its products (or) to take applications. Testergigs.com takes undue advantage of tappco.go2cloud.org services to take applications. Further, it gained a poor business ranking of 38%. Hence, Testergigs.com is not recommended.

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Testergigs Com Legit or Scam – FAQ

Q.1 How much is the salary of a product tester on Testergigs.com?

Testergigs.com did not mention the amount of salary and its terms.

Q.2 What is the mode of Testergigs.com payments and minimum withdrawal limit?

Testergigs.com did not inform about the mode of payments and withdrawal limits.

Q.3 In which country does Testergigs.com delivers products to test?

The countries which Testergigs.com serves were unspecified.

Q.4 Where can we reach the customer service team of Testergigs.com?

The contact number and email of its customer service team were not included on the website.

Q.5 What are the physical address of Testergigs.com?

The physical address of Testergigs.com is unknown.

Q.6 Is Testergigs Com Legit or Scam?

No, it is a scam. Further, no information provided on Testergigs.com suggests that it is only online to get user’s personal and payment information.

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