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Tesyhnet Mask Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam!

Tesyhnet Mask Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam! >> In this post, you will get to know about an online site offering masks.

Are you looking for the best quality safety masks to protect yourself from the pandemic Covid-19? Do you think buying a safety mask online is a better option? If you have hundreds of queries and doubts, reading Tesyhnet Mask Reviews will help you a lot. 

Tesyhnet.com claims to sell high-quality safety masks at affordable rates. However, it becomes crucial to find out the website’s complete details before making any purchase because several scam websites in the United States is increasing every day. 

This is the reason that we are reviewing this website so that you do not face any trouble after buying masks from here. Our review will look after all the essential points about the site, including its pros and cons, classification and customer reviews, and ratings. 

Let’s check out all the essential findings of this website below.

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What is Tesyhnet.com? 

Tesyhnet.com is selling breathable air masks online. The website has a variety of breathable masks that can protect you from the virus. All the pictures of masks available on the site seem to be of high quality.

However, it is essential to understand if this website is selling the products it claims to sell. As the scam sites increase, we should first  go through the Tesyhnet Mask Reviews and then only buy anything from this site. 

Read this post till the end to find out if this site is worth buying something or not. 

Specifications of Tesyhnet.com

  • URL of the site: https://tesyhnet.com/
  • Country of operation: USA
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, credit and debit cards
  • Contact Number: NA
  • Shipping facility: Free if the order is above $100
  • Return: accepted only within 30 days of purchase 

Pros of buying from Tesyhnet.com

  • All the masks are of high quality.
  • Prices of the products are highly alluring.
  • Email ID for contact is mention.

Cons of buying from Tesyhnet.com

  • You will not find any company address and contact details on the website
  • The website is recently built and cannot be trusted.
  • All the information regarding the owner is kept hidden
  • The domain name of this website is linked with more than one country
  • Many customer reviews are found with negative feedback. 

Is Tesyhnet Legit? 

We have done thorough research on this website, and we noticed that this website is not legit. Anything good about the site is only the affordability of their masks, which can be a bit to lure customers. 

As scam sites have a common motive of earning financial benefits, and they are ready to do it at any cost. So, it would help if you did not get attracted to this website only by looking at the prices of their products. This website does not have their contact number and return address, which again brings doubt in user’s minds. These many red flags are clear to state that this website is a scam. 

What are customers saying about the website? 

Though this website is less than 6 months old, and the product it is targeting is useful for the people today. Therefore we have found many customer reviews on this website. 

Unfortunately, all the customer reviews available online about the website are negative. Many people have shown their range and stated this website is a complete scam. They have mentioned that their products never reached the destination. 

Furthermore, many customers have even said that they have tried to contact the company, but nobody was available to answer their queries. In this case, you are not recommended to buy anything from this fraud and fake website. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, after doing deep research collecting almost all the information about the website, we are very clear about our verdict. This website is a pure scam. You cannot trust this website because it is new in the market and has kept the entire owner’s information hidden. 

Also, you will not find any contact number and return address on the website which builds more doubt in our mind. Plus, the customers who have ordered some products from this website have told that they haven’t received anything even after paying for the product. 

Though the website managed to maintain everything well by keeping the prices of masks low, it has left some flaws which were easy to find. 

As for now Tesyhnet Mask Reviews are not positive and you should not purchase anything from this website. You are always welcome to share your experience with us in the comment box. 

0 thoughts on “Tesyhnet Mask Reviews [July] Check If It Is A Scam!

  1. I ordered several masks from this company, and paid with my card. That was almost a month ago, and, so far, no masks have been delivered. They sent me an email giving me an order number, then another email giving me the USPS tracking number. When I check the USPS website for tracking, and enter my number, I get a message that the label was created but it was not in the system yet. This tells me they got my payment, but never shipped my order. I would be very careful about buying anything from this company, ever.

  2. Well, i was wrong..jus left my. Mailbox and my mask was there ,except 2..guess something was better than nothing

  3. I placed an order for 3 masks on this website on July 14th, 2020. They took my money, sent me an email that has an order number on it, and an explanation that I would receive a follow-up email with a tracking number. I have never received a second email. I wrote an email to the company requesting a refund, but will be contacting my bank on Monday to see if I can recoup the $$$. If not lesson learned.

  4. NEVER order from these folks! Their masks are ridiculous! How about a mask that comes in two pieces? Guess one is supposed to sew them together? There was no means of tracking the order for these masks so I had to resort to PayPal; how they could allow this company to join them is beyond me! If you have already ordered, do not expect anything for at least a month.

  5. I placed an order for 3 masks on 8/4/20 and received them on 8/15/20. They look just like pictured on their site and are well made.

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