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Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video: Who Was the Texas Mall Shooter? Explore Full Details On Shooting Aftermath

The article on Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video explained the havoc wrecked on the people outside the Allen Mall in Texas on Saturday. 

Do you know about the recent disheartening news from Texas? Who was the shooter of the Texas Mall shooting? How many people lost their lives in the Texas Mall shooting? In the United Statesa tragic shooting occurred on Saturday in Texas. People are searching for the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video article. Stay tuned to read the article about it. 

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Details on Texas Mall Shooting

On Saturday, in a mall in Dallas, a shooter started shooting at the people passing through the Allen Premium Outlets. Eyewitnesses reported chaotic scenes of people running and screaming, trying to find cover and protect themselves. 

The police quickly arrived at the scene and were able to neutralize the shooter, but not before several innocent bystanders were wounded or killed. This horrific act injured multiple people and caused chaos among those nearby. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the shooter calmly walking through the mall, indiscriminately firing at anyone in sight. 

What was the Texas Mall Shooting Aftermath?

At the site, 8 people were pronounced dead, which involved the shooter. The culprit was also shot down by the cops. Two victims died in the hospital afterwards. The number of people’s sustained injuries is also high. The age of the deceased was from five to fifty-one. 

The authorities took swift action and managed to contain the situation, but the impact of the incident lingered long after. In the wake of this tragedy, questions are being raised about the safety of public places and the need for stricter gun control laws.

Who Was the Texas Mall Shooter?

A man named Mauricio Garcia, wearing all black and exiting a silver car, suddenly started firing at people outside the store. Garcia is 33 years old and has a significant social media presence. In addition, police are trying to identify the reason or motive behind this attack. 

This was the second shooting incident the week after the Atlanta medical facility shooting. 

These senseless acts of violence are becoming all too common in our society, and we need to come together and find solutions to prevent them from happening in the future. In addition, the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video is spreading on social media rapidly.

The Saviour of the Massacre 

Steven Spainhouer, a man whose son was working at the H&M store in the mall, came to the rescue of people in need when he received a distressed call from his son. Without hesitation, he rushed to the mall to ensure his son’s safety, but upon seeing the chaos that had erupted, he quickly began to assist anyone he could. 

Not only did he help several individuals escape to a safe location, but he also remained behind to aid law enforcement officials in identifying the shooter with the help of the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video. But, upon being asked how many lives did he save? He replied, ‘he doesn’t know about the lives he saved; all he knows is that two to three people died in his hands.’


The article explains all the details about the Massacre in Dallas outside a mall on Saturday. A shooter started firing at anyone in his sight outside the mall. Spainhouer witnessed the whole incident and called 911 to inform them. Click here to watch Spainhouer speaking about his experience.

Did you know about the Texas shooting incident? Offer your prayer through the comments below.

Read Updates on The Texas Outlet Mall Shooting Video: FAQs

Q1. What happened in Texas on Saturday?

A1. In Dallas, Texas, a shooter opened gunfire on anyone in his sight outside the Allen Premium store. 

Q2. How many people were affected by the shooting?

A2. A total of nine victims died in the shooting, and several others were injured. Two people died upon reaching the hospital, and seven died at the site. 

Q3. Who helped the people?

A3. A man whose son worked at a store in the mall, Steven Spainhouer, jumped into action as the first responders. He called 911 to inform the police.

Q4. Who was the Texas Mall Shooting Suspect?

A4. Mauricio Garcia, a thirty-three-year-old man, was the suspect shot dead by the police.

Q5. What was the motive behind the mass killing at the Allen Mall?

A5. The police are trying to single out the reason behind this recent shooting in Texas.

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